Trying to free herself from the Li clan men's tight gasp, Junjop tried to pounce upon grandpa Li.

" You liar. Will you ever stop lying? Years ago you lied to Quanci and-"

" What lie are you talking about?" Grandma Li asked.

Grandpa Li widened his eyes in shock and murmured," Quanci."

Walking towards Grandpa Li, Grandma Li said," What lie is he talking about?"

Grandpa Li panicked and asked," What are you doing here Quanci? I had asked you to stay at home it's not safe here, you should go." Before grabbing her hand and taking her away.

Smacking his hand away, Grandma Li said," I was worried about my grand-daughters okay? When all of them are here, how can you expect me to relax at home? I called you several times but you idiot did not receive my call. So I came here myself."

" Ming and all are fine, let's go." Grandpa Li said.

" Mosen, What are you hiding?" Grandma Li asked.

Grandpa Li shook his head and said," Nothing."

Junjop mockingly laughed and said," What you are scared now? Why don't you tell Quanci about-"

" Shut up." Grandpa Li shouted.

Grandma Li frowned and asked," Mosen did you have a mistress back then?"

" What? No not at all." Grandpa Li said vigorously shaking his head.

" Did you ever cheat on me?" Grandma Li asked.

" Quanci you know that I would never do that." Grandpa Li said.

" Did you have a lover before me?" Grandma Li asked.

" No, you are the only woman in my life." Grandpa Li said.

Satisfied with Grandpa Li's answer, Grandma Li towards Junjop and said," Tell me what lie of Mosen are you talking about."

" Quan-"

Cutting grandpa Li off, Grandma Li said," If you haven't done anything wrong, what are you scared of?"

" Remember back then in college, Mosen used to give you letters?" Junjop asked.

When grandma Li  nodded her head, Junjop added," Those letters were not written by him."

Grandma Li frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

" Those letters were written by me. I had asked Mosen to give them to you on my behalf but-"

Cutting Junjop off, Grandma Li smacked Grandpa Li's head and shouted," You did not like those letters?"

Shaking and nodding his head at the same time, Grandpa Li kept on gritting his teeth.

" He didn't I wrote those letters." Junjop said grinning at himself.

" Ahhh the letters that I have kept safely inside my cupboard were not written by my husband but by this pathetic man?" Grandma Li shouted.

Turning towards Grandpa Li, she said," That means you never wrote any letter for me? And here I am still married to you."

Grandpa Li grabbed Grandma Li's hand and said," Quanci though I did not write those letters but my feelings for you have always been genuine."

Smacking his hand away, Grandma Li turned towards Junjop and said," I accepted those letter because I thought Mosen was writing them for me. If I had known that it was from you, I would've never accepted them. Forget accepting it, I would've beaten the shit out of the person who would've brought them."

" You-"

Cutting Junjop off, Grandma Li said," Li Mosen, you are sleeping in the garden tonight." Before dashing out of the room along with her guards.

" Quanci wait." Grandpa Li shouted before rushing after his wife.

" Let go me, let go of me." Junjop shouted.

" Singtan What was that?" Ming asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," Well Grandpa's little secret has been revealed."

" What do you mean?" Ming asked.

Just then, Junjop clenched into his chest and collapsed on the floor.

" What happened there?" Mike said.

" Let's go and check." Singtan said.

Gesturing the guards to step forward and guard Ming and the rest, Singtan, Mike and Yutang started walking towards Junjop.

When Junjops men who were holding Simon saw their master collapsing on the ground, they let go of Simon and rushed outside and before the Li clan men would catch Simon, he snatched a gun from one of the guards and pointed it towards Singtan.

Ming widened her eyes in shock when she saw that.

Placing the gun on Singtan chest, Simon said," If anyone tries to act smart, I'll shoot him."

" Simon don't try to act smart." Mike said.

" Everyone, go and stand in a corner leaving Mr Li, now." Simon said.

" Do as he says." Singtan said.

Nodding their heads, they slowly started shifting to different corners.

" My life is already ruined but I will definitely not let you live in peace. Your family has always targeted my family and every time my family had to stoop low but not this time. I'll not let your family win this time." Simon said.

Singtan let out a laugh and said," And you think I care? You've already lost everything Simon. I have already taken everything from you. You have nothing. Even if something happens to me, my wife and my child would be able to live in peace for the rest of their lives and that is all I want. But what about you? Imagine what lowly kind of a person are you that one of your daughter doesn't want to acknowledge you as her father and the other is ready to kill you anytime, anywhere. I have a loving family, a beautiful wife and people who love me but what do you have? The woman you loved died because of your negligence  and-"

" Shut up, just shut up." Simon shouted.

Ready to pull the trigger, Simon said," I'll kill you."


Dropping the gun on the floor, Simon arched his back and groaned in pain.

Yufan who was all ready to shoot Simon was a far end widened his eyes in shock.

" Damn Yu how could you miss such an easy shot." Sebastian complained.

Yufan shook his head and said," I did not shoot."

Turning towards Mike when Yufan saw Mike shaking his head, he frowned deeper.

If neither he nor the other group fired the shot, then who did?