" You betrayed me." Simon shouted.

" You deserve this." Linda shouted before rushing towards Ming and the rest.

" I will kill you." Simon shouted.

" What's the point of killing her when you were the one who failed to do a teeny tiny task of kidnapping them and luring that Li guy?" Junjop said.

Pausing for a while, Junjop mockingly laughed and said," And you people call yourselves gangsters."

Just then Singtan and the rest entered the room.

When Junjop saw them, he chuckled and said," Ahhh finally you are here."

He then gestured his men to capture Simon.

" You- What are you doing?" Simon shouted struggling to free himself from their gasped.

Just then several armed men entered the house. All the men were tall and were neatly dressed. They had a badge in front of their neatly ironed suit,

" Oska." Singtan murmured before shouting at his men," No one will make a move."

The Li clan men quickly lowered their weapons. Singtan knew there was no way his ordinarily trained men could fight with the Oska men. He did not want his men to die unnecessarily so he decided to stop them from taking any fatal step.

When Junjop heard what Singtan had said, he chucked," Ahh is the little brave Li boy scared?"

Looking around when Singtan saw Ming and the rest standing in a corner, he said," Let them go and then let's talk about what you want."

" Ahh let me think, hmmm." Junjop said.

Pausing for a while, Junjop said," Alright."

When Singtan and Ming's gaze met together, he knew that Ming had no intention of leaving this place without him.

" Songpa take them away." Singtan said.

When Singtan saw Ming shaking her head, he started walking towards.

Cupping her face, Singtan said," Leave along with them okay."

Ming shook her head and said," I am not leaving atleast not without you."

" Ming-"

" Please Singtan don't force me to do this. I am not leaving this place without you." Ming said.

Clutching onto his shirt, Ming said," Call me selfish but either we three live together or die together today."

" Ming don't be stubborn. Take Anna and Yixi with you and leave along with Linda." Mike said.

" And what makes you think that I'll leave without you." Anna asked.

" Babe-"

" Don't argue with me Mike I-"

" Tsk Tsk Tsk so much love." Junjop said.

Pausing for a while, Junjop said," I change my mind, no one is allowed to leave."

" Whoever you are, you are going to pay for this." Sebastian said.

Simon widened his eyes in shock when he saw Sebastian Wu standing with Xie Yufan who had a gun in his hand.

" Mr Wu-Why? I mean how?" Bewildered, Simon asked.

Sebastian mockingly smiled and said," Dont tell me your partner in crime did not tell you about this? Ahh I pity you Simon. This old man is just toying you and you failed you notice it."

Simon frowned and shouted," What is happening? Will anyone explain?"

" We are a team Simon, the Wu clan and the Li clan." Yufan said.

" Mr Xie you-" Simon widened his eyes in shock when realisation hit him.

" Smith?" Simon murmured.

Yufan chuckled and said," Your partner really did not tell you anything."

" This-" Simon's could feel a throbbing pain in his head.

For the entire time, he had been planning to take help from the Li clan to make the Wu clan surrender in front of him and in the end it turned out that the Wu and Li clan were working together. Not only that but the infamous Smith that Simon wanted to meet since a really long time, turned out to be Xie Yufan. This big piece of information was too much for him to handle.

Turning towards Junjop, Simon asked," You knew?"

Pausing for a while, Simon shouted," You old bastard, how dare you use me like that? Why didn't you tell me about this?"

Simon was feeling dumb and stupid at the same time. How could he not know about this and fall into the old man's tricks so easily?

Just then a loud explosive sound was heard. After sometimes, the marching of footsteps were heard.

" What is happening?" Junjop shouted.

Suddenly several men dressed in neat black suits with their hair neatly set marched into the room and quickly  pinned the members of Oska down and shot a bullet right into their skulls without giving them a chance to do or react.

When Junjop saw the little badge stuck on their suit, he widened his eyes in shock and murmured," Yunos but-"

Taking advantage of the situation, the Li clan men quickly captured Junjop.

Just then Grandpa Li entered the room along with Yutang.

When Junjop saw him, he narrowed his eyes and shouted," You lied to me back them."

Grandpa Li smiled and asked," Did you like the surprise?"

Junjop was very proud of his Oska team because he thought that the Li clans Yunos did not exist anymore.

Several years back when Yunos was activated, it created a huge chaos that the Li clan decided to completely dismantle the entire team. At least that was what the Li clan told everyone.

When Junjop joined the Li clan, he asked Mosen about Yunos. Mosen told him that Yunos did not exist anymore and that is the time Junjop decided to create Oska.

Junjop knew that if Oska and Yunos were to face each other, it would be a child's play for Yunos to wash off the existence of Oska but since Junjop thought that Yunos did not exist, he was chill and happy and thought that everything would be under his control.

He used all his resources to train the Oska. But what did he get in return? The men on whom he had invested his everything were killed right in front of his eyes within a second.

Junjop was even ready to sell his daughter back then because he wanted to provide the best resources for his Oska and now it turned out that all his efforts and sacrifices were for nothing.