Several hours ago.

" I have a better idea." Ming said.

" Like?" Yixi asked.

" Let's not take a risk and tell our family members about this. Instead let's inform someone who is not related to us but will surely help us. See all we have to do is let Singtan and the rest know where we are and they will save us right?" Ming said.

Yixi nodded her head and said," Yes."

" So let's take Leo's help." Ming said.

" Do you think he is reliable?" Yixi asked.

" Well Singtan had asked him to accompany us during the event so may be he is." Ming said before picking up her phone, she quickly called Leo.

" Ming." Leo said.

" Leo, Yixi and I need your help." Ming said.

" Ya sure. What kind of help?" Leo asked.

After telling Leo everything, Ming asked," Can you do something?"

" Ming this is risky. Singtan will literally kill me if I help you in this." Leo said.

"Anna's life is in danger." Ming said.

" We should just tell this to Singtan and let him save her." Leo said.

" And What makes you think that they won't hurt Anna? Anna is pregnant Leo." Ming said.

" And so are you and Yixi." Leo retorted.

Pausing for a while, Leo said," One pregnant lady is easy to save rather than three."

" Okay so what other alternative can you think about other than we going there and you people coming for our rescue?" Ming said.

" Well I can think about nothing but your husband the great will definitely have great ideas in his head." Leo said.

" Singtan is in Germany right now Leo and we don't know when he will be back. We can't leave Anna there." Ming said.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Leo said," Alright, But you have to promise me that both of you will be careful?"

" Ya we will. You just have to tell Singtan and the rest where we are okay?" Ming said.

" I am sending someone at the backside of the mansion with a small tracking device. Attach it in the inner side of your clothes. I'll track down where you people are." Leo said.

" Hmm okay send it fast." Ming said before hanging up the call.



Grabbing Leo's collar, Singtan shouted," And you let them go there? How could do that? You should've stopped them."

Mike quickly pulled Singtan away and said," There isn't time for this. We have to save them."

" Where are they exactly?" Songpa asked.

Showing them his tab, Leo said," They are in this region."

" Region? You just know the region? How do you expect us to find them in that large area?" Singtan shouted.

" My people are currently trying to-"

" Seriously I'll kill him today." Singtan said.

Just then Robbin and Linda arrived at the Li Mansion.

" I heard about what happened when I came back in the morning so we rushed here. Did you all find them?" Robbin asked.

Mike shook his head and said," No not yet."

" Do you think it's Junjop?" Robbin said.

" I think it's Junjop and Simon." Zechan said.

Linda tightened her grip in Robbins hand when she heard that her father's name.

" When will you give me the exact location?" Singtan asked.

" As soon as they find out." Leo said.

When Linda glanced at the tab which was in Leo's hand, she said,"Can I see this?"

Taking the tab from Leo's hand when Linda saw the location, she raised her eyebrows and said," I think I know where they are."

" What do you mean?" Mike asked.

" Simon owes a house in this location. He used to stay there with my mother after they got married. Later he bought a new place and left the old one." Linda said.

Pausing for a while, she continued," My mother used to take me there quite often when I was a kid."

" Get the team ready." Singtan said.

" I think I should go too, maybe I can help." Linda said.

Singtan nodded his head and started making preparations.


Half-broken house.

Tapping her foot on the ground, Kiara was getting irritated and impatient seeing Ming, Yixi and Anna quietly sitting on the chair.

" How long do I have to wait?" Kiara shouted.

" We have to wait until Li Singtan tries to contact us." Simon said.

Kiara frowned and asked," Contact? What contact are you talking about? Aren't we here to kill?"

" We want a hefty money and Li Singtan help to deal with the Wu clan. I am not intended to kill anyone." Simon said.

Kiara mockingly laughed and said," You gotta be kidding me dad."

Just then a guard appeared and said," Master Elder Young Madam is here to see you."

Simon raised his eyebrows and asked," Is she alone?"

The guard nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Hmm send her in." Simon said.

" What is that bitch doing here?" Kiara shouted.

" Mind your language Kiara, she is your elder sister." Simon shouted.

After sometime, Linda entered the room.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Ming, Yixi and Anna tied up in a chair but they looked fine.

" What are you here for?" Simon asked.

" Why are you doing this Father?" Linda asked.

When Simon did not say anything, Linda continued," Don't do this, you know you cannot win against them. This is lead you to nothing. Just free them up and end all of this. Don't invite unnecessary trouble."

" Shut up you bitch." Kiara shouted before pouncing into Linda with a knife in her hand.

" Linda be careful." Yixi shouted.

Swiftly dodging Kiaras attack, Linda took out a knife from her pocket and 'SLASH'

When the sharp knife passed through Kiara's face vertically, she flinched in pain.

Covering her face with hands, Kiara shouted when she felt blood oozing out.

" What do you think that only you know how to attack? Don't forget that we were taught to fight together." Linda said.

" Daddy." Kiara shouted before rushing towards him.

Simon gasped when he saw Kiaras terrible condition.

The guard who was standing beside them said," I think madam lost an eye."

When Kiara heard that she let out a scream before rushing outside.

After Kiara left, Simon shouted," How could you do that to your sister?"

" She attacked me first." Linda said.

Just then loud gunshots and bombarding sounds echoed throughout the house.

" We are being ambushed." A guard shouted.