It had already been an hour but Anna did not come out of the OT which made Zechan suspicious as well as worried.

When Zechan entered the OT along with the hospital staff and his men, he frowned when an empty OT room greeted him with two or three people lying on the floor in an unconscious state.

Cursing himself, Zechan started looking for Anna all over the hospital.


Li mansion.

After receiving the MMS, Ming thought for a while before telling Yixi everything.

" What do we do now?" Yixi asked.

" We can't tell anyone about this. Whoever it is definitely has an eye on everyone we know." Ming said.

" Let's call Yufan." Yixi said.

" I have a better idea." Ming said.


Outside the mansion.

After almost an hour of planning out everything when Ming and Yixi came out of the mansion, a car was waiting for them at the door.

When Ming saw a new chauffeur, she narrowed her eyes.

When Songpa saw Ming and Yixi, he quickly rushed towards them and asked," Where are you two going?"

" We have to go to the supermarket. We need a few things." Yixi said.

" And we also have to pick Anna up from the hospital." Ming said.

" Hmm wait for me and the other guards, Songpa said before asking someone to get the car.

Ming and Yixi slowly boarded the car and as soon as they closed the door, the car drove out of the mansion at full speed completely shocking everyone.

" Stop." Songpa shouted before running towards the speeding car.

Just then the other guards arrived with another car and said," Songpa Boss quick."

After boarding the car, Songpa asked the driving to increase the speed and chase Ming's car.


Inside the car.

Ming and Yixi were very nervous and were holding each other's hands tightly.

Caressing her baby bump, Ming murmured," We are going to get through this baby, don't worry."

" Ming do you think our plan will work?" Yixi whispered.

" I don't know Yixi but let's hope for the best." Ming said.

Glancing at the chauffeur, Ming said," You know that Singtan will kill you if he finds out what you have done right?"

The chauffeur lowered his head and said," I am sorry but my hands are tied."

" Where are you taking us?" Yixi asked.

The chauffeur shook his head and said," You will know."


Mike was the first one to arrive at the Li mansion.

When he saw Sebastian and Yufan standing outside the mansion, he asked," Did you find them?"

" We are trying." Yufan said before gesturing Carl to keep trying. They were trying to track the GPS of the car in which Ming and Yixi had left.

" All this happened because you two weren't cautious enough." Mike shouted at Songpa and Zechan.

Both of them lowered their heads and did not say a word. Yes, it was indeed their fault.

Sebastian sighed and said," There is no point blaming anyone right now. We have to first find them."

" Did they send any message?" Mike asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," Not yet, I think they are waiting for big boss to arrive."

Sitting on the couch, Mike massaged his templates. He was feeling frustrated and angry at the same time. It was because of their security failures that his wife's and child's life was at stake right now.


Inside a half broken house.

When Ming and Yixi were brought inside the house, their eyes were blind folded.

As soon as they entered the house, someone placed a cold metal like thing on her neck and said," Don't try to act smart otherwise-"

After guiding them inside a room, they tied them up in a chair and took off their blind folds.

Adjusting her vision when Ming saw someone sitting on a couch right in front of them, she couldn't help but let out a mocking life.

" Of course, who else it had to be other than you?" Ming said inwardly rolling her eyes.

Simon chuckled and said," It's nice to meet you again Mrs Li."

" An?" Yixi shouted when she saw her tied up in a chair in an unconscious state.

" What did you do to her?" Ming shouted.

Simon chuckled and said," We did not do anything, she is probably tired and is taking some rest"

" You-" Before Ming could say anything, her eyes landed on an old man who was sitting beside Simon.

Junjop chuckled and said," The Li family sure know how to choose their woman. I mean just look at all of them. Quanci, her daughter-in-laws Lu Meili and now this lady. Oh and also that fashion woman. Everyone are beauties and of course have their own charm."

" Who are you?" Ming asked.

Junjop smiled and said," I am your grandpa's best friend, Mo Junjop."

Ming frowned and said," So you were the one who kidnapped Ben."

Just then a woman entered the room saying," Ahh finally I get to meet Ms Xie."

Ming and Yixi almost puked at the appearance of the woman standing in front of them.

From her hair to her shoes, everything about her was weird.

Her hair was messily braided into thick dreadlocks, she was wearing a black lipstick along with a really thick makeup.  Her hair was funny and messy at the same time and her shoes definitely did not go with her dress.

Walking towards Ming, Kiara glanced at her baby bump.

" What are you staring at?" Ming asked.

" Ms Xi-"

Cutting her off, Xie Ming said," It's Mrs Li."

Taking a knife out of her bag, Kiara slowly ran her fingers over it.

Placing the knife on Ming neck, Kiara slowly started dragging it down stopping it on her baby bump and said," Well after you die, you'll become Ms Xie again and someone else would become Mrs Li."

Ming froze when Kiara slight pressed the knife on her baby bump.

" Kiara not now." Simon shouted.

" Kiara?" Ming murmured. She remembered hearing this name somewhere but she couldn't figure out where?


Several hours later.

By the time Singtan arrived at the mansion, it was almost morning.

" Did you people find anything?" Singtan asked.

When Yufan shook his head, Singtan frowned deeper and was about to say something when a car entered the mansion in full speed.

Leo quickly got down from the car and said," I know where they are....."