Xie Ming was still in daze because of what she had heard the word MY HUSBAND was still ringing in her ears ' Husband Yurin called Siquan her husband. That means that they are... Nono that is not possible no that cannot happen.' Just as Xie Ming was fighting with her thoughts she heard a loud noise .As Xie Ming lifted her head she saw her father has fallen on a glass table and was his forehead was bleeding,"Father" Xie Ming shouted as she rushed towards her father to help. Father Xie lifted his gaze and as their eyes met, Father Xie felt embarrassed. He did not know how would he face his daughter after all this. He started blaming himself for everything that was happening today. If not for him his beloved daughter would've never met this ungrateful Chen Siquan.


The Xie family and the Chen family were two influential family of country S. Father Xie and Second son of the Chen famliy, Chen Seini were best friends.

One day when Chen Seini suggested father Xie about marrying his eldest daughter, Xie Ming and his First nephew, Chen Siquan, Father Xie did not think twice before agreeing with it as it was beneficial for their business and his daughters future as well.

He remembered how he had forced his daughter, who was studying in aboard, to come back home and marry Chen Siquan.

Initially Xie Ming was against the idea of getting married so early but because of her fathers continuous nagging she had agreed to meet Chen Siquan and date him for a while so that she could understand him. Father Chen had happily agreed to this.

After meeting Chen Siquan, Xie Ming found him interesting and started liking him. Chen Siquan was also very sweet to her and treated her very well. After dating for 3 years she had agreed to marry him.


Looking that his beloved daughters pitiful state Father Xie could not help but blame himself as he lowered his head and said ," I'm sorry Xiao Ming, forgive your father."

Xie Ming was taken aback by her father apology. Tears uncontrollably started flowing from her eyes ," it's okay dad don't blame yourself it's not your fault. I would never blame you for this."

" Tsk.tsk how sad my most beloved elder sister and father crying together. Come come let me join you. How nice would it look? You both crying together and I laughing at you both?" After saying this Xie Yurin started walking towards them.

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After hearing what Xie Yurin had said Xie Ming felt anger building up from within. She felt her legs getting stronger. She closed her eyes and after gathering all her strength she got up and glared at Xie Yurin," Don't you dare come near us."

Everyone present in the room were taken aback by the look in Xie Ming's eyes. Even Yurin subconsciously took few steps back.

As Xie Ming saw Xie Yurin take few steps back she said ," why Yurin why? Why did you do this? I have never wronged you in any way. I have always loved you and cherished you ? Why did you do this?"

Xie Yurin smirked," Are you sure elder sister that you have never wronged me?"

Xie Mings thoughts were running wild she could not think of anything that might've pissed her sister off.

As she was meddling with her thoughts,Yurin sneered and said,"You have always taken everything away from me. You never gave me anything because you always looked down on me and thought lowly of me. Everyone has always thought highly about you. Everyone thinks that I am no one in comparison to you. You took everything that I deserved. You always got more than you wanted. And I...I never got anything that I wanted. You even got the privilege to see mom during her last times but I never got to see her as dad had sent me away to my aunts place just because of you. After Mom's death you even took Dad away from me. I hate you elder sister I hate you from the core of my heart"

Xie Ming didn't know what she was suppose to say. She was taken aback by whatever her sister had said ' Did she really feel like that? Have I really done all this?' Just as she was thinking Yurin spoke again," Father has always loved you more just because you resemble mother he has always dotted on you. He has always given you more importance. Even I wanted to go to abroad for my studies just like you but father never gave me a chance he never let me go."

After hearing this Father Xie got up and held Yurin's hand ," No Xiao Yurin this is not true father loves both of you equally. Father did not want to send you to aboard because back then you used to fall sick very often so Father was worried about you and wanted to keep you by his side. Don't blame your elder sister like this."

" No you are lying father. It's all because of her. That is why.. that is why I decided to take back everything at once. I wanted her to feel the pain that I felt for so many years at once. I wanted to make her life living hell. That is why I planned everything with the help of my husband."