Li Mansion.

" Mom don't worry everything's gonna be okay." Singtan tried comforting his mother who was crying over the phone.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," I'll be flying over tomorrow so don't worry Okay?" Before hanging up the call.

Placing her hand on his shoulder, Ming asked," Is dad okay?"

Singtan sighed and said," They have taken him into the operation theatre. I have to fly to Germany tomorrow early in the morning."

Ming nodded her head and said," Hmm you should."

" Ming-"

" Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." Ming said.

Singtan took a deep breath and said," I'll go and make arrangements." before walking out of the room.



" How is he?" Grandpa Li asked.

" We don't know yet." Singtan said.

" Your Grandma's Brother is very serious in the hospital, so we have to go to her hometown tomorrow morning." Grandpa Li said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay."

" Keep updating me about Chuangs condition." Grandpa Li said before walking towards his room.

After Grandpa left, Singtan called Zihao and said," Get the plane ready. We have to fly to Germany today and also find out what exactly happened with my father. I want the entire report before we board the plane tomorrow."

" Yes Sir Anything else?" Zihao asked.

" That is all for now." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Just then a maid stepped forward and said," Young master, Mr Zhang is here to see you along with his wife."

Singtan raised his eyebrows and said," Ask him to wait." Before walking inside his room.


Inside Singtans room.

When Singtan entered the room, Ming was folding his clothes and placing it into a bag.

" You should rest Ming." Singtan said.

" It's fine." Ming said before zipping the bag.

Hugging her from behind, Singtan said," Mike and Anna are here."

" This late? But why?" Ming asked.

Singtan shook his head and said," I don't know."

" Come let's go down and see." Ming said.



When Mike saw Singtan, he took a deep breath and said," Mom met with an accident today so I have to fly there right now and see what happened."

" Is auntie okay?" Singtan asked.

Mike shook his head and said," I don't know yet."

" Even Father met with an accident today and I am flying to Germany tomorrow early in the morning." Singtan said.

" Even uncle met with an accident?" Mike asked.

Staring at Mike for quite some time, Singtan slowly nodded his head.

How could bother their parents meet with an accident at the same time? Could it be a coincidence or was someone trying to distract and send them away?

" I have to leave soon and I don't know for how many days I will be gone so I want to leave Anna in the Li Mansion with Ming." Mike said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes, that would be the best."

Buttoning his suit, Mike said," I have to leave now." before walking towards Anna.

Pulling her into his embrace, Mike said," Be good and stay here. I'll come back and take you home."

Anna nodded her head and said," Okay, I'll be waiting for you and do take good care of mother."

Mike nodded his head and left.

After Mike left, Singtan said," Ming why don't you help Anna unpack?"

Ming nodded her head and guided Anna towards the guest room.

After they left, Singtan picked up his phone and called Yutang.

" I am leaving for Germany early in the morning tomorrow and Mike already left. Anna is in the Li Mansion. Though Quin and the guards are here, I still want you to take care of them and see that nothing goes wrong." Singtan said.

Yutang nodded his head and said," Yeah sure don't worry about them. I'll come to Li Mansion tomorrow in the morning Along with Yixi."

" I'll leave them to you then." Singtan said before hanging up the call.


Early in the morning.

After getting ready, Singtan said," Yutang and Yixi will be coming over too so you don't have to worry about anything and don't go out alone. Take Yutang or Quin with you. Do you want me to call Yufan too?"

Ming shook her head and said," It's fine, I'll manage you just go and get Mom and dad back home safely."

Kissing her forehead, Singtan said," I'll be back soon."

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

Just then Quin entered their room and said," I have to fly to the US right now. One of our artists and the American director that we had appointed got severely injured. Now they are blaming us for not being careful. It's chaotic there and our incharge out there is not being able to handle."

Singtan thought for a while and asked," Okay. Rose will be staying here right?"

Quin shook his head and said," Rose will be leaving for her show today. The kids will stay."

" Did grandpa and grandma leave already?" Singtan asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes."

" Hmm I'll arrange for something." Singtan said.


After Singtan left, Songpa and Zechan arrived at the Li mansion. Singtan had asked them to stay there with their lady boss.

" Songpa, you should go and spend some more time with Beth." Ming said.

Songpa shook his head and said," Duty first big sister."

Ming sighed and said," Come let's have some breakfast together."

While they were having breakfast, Yixi and Yutang entered the mansion.

When Ming saw a small bag in Yutangs hand, she asked," Yutang are you going somewhere?"

Yutang nodded his head and said," Mom and dad met with an accident in Paris. So I have to go and check it out. I tried calling Singtan but his phone is off."

" He is in the plane right now. Is it serious?" Ming asked.

" I have no idea. I will go there and let you all know." Yutang said.

" We will take care of things here Boss. You should leave." Zechan said.

Yutang nodded his head and left.