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 After Dina left, Leo said," I hope that you'll never forget that Dina is our little sister."

" Of course." Stephen said before walking towards his room.

Leo also told Dina that she shouldn't stick around Stephen much and used to maintain at least a forearm distance with him.

Without objecting, Dina promised Leo to do as he said.

From that day onwards, Dina started staying away from Stephen.

The cold and aloof side of Dina agitated Stephens abnormal feelings and he started becoming impulsive.

He started sleeping around with different kinds women fantasizing about Dina.

Not being able to control his feelings, Stephen started making small advances. He never missed a chance in which he could touch her.

At first he started with touching her hands, then her shoulders and finally her waist.

Dina found it weird too but she shrugged her feelings off thinking that Stephen was also her big brother just like her brother Leo.

Stephen used to restrict himself from doing anything impulsive until one day when he entered the house only to find Dina sitting on the couch reading a magazine.

" Where are mom and dad?" Stephen asked.

" Mom is our with her friends and won't come back today. Dad has gone out of town and brother Leo has gone out with his friends." Dina said.

" So is it just us?" Stephen asked.

Dina shook her head and said," There are maids preparing dinner inside the kitchen."

Sitting beside her, Stephen inched closer and asked," What are you reading?"

Dina frozen when she felt his warm breath on her skin.

Getting up from the couch, Dina said," I-I should go." Before rushing towards her room.


Inside Dina's room.

Taking a tissue paper, Dina was busy wiping the part where she had felt Stephens warm breath. She was feeling disgusted as well as irie.

Just then someone grabbed her waist and pinned her into the wall.

" Ahhhh." Dina shrieked.

" Sshhhh don't make any noise. I'll finish it fast." Stephen said.

Dina widened her eyes in shock and shouted," Brother Stephen What is wrong with you? Let me go."

Tightening his grip around her, Stephen lifted her up and threw her on the bed.

Quickly pinning her down, Stephen started touching her all over body.

" Stop." Dina shouted kicking and hitting him on his back but Stephen did not show any sign of stopping or letting her go.

As Stephen was about to slide his hands inside her thin t-shirt, someone harshly grabbed his nape and threw him against the wall.

Stephen groaned in pain when the wall hit his back.

Grabbing his collar, Leo lifted him up and threw a punch on his face and shouted," How dare you touch her?"

Wrapping herself with a blanket, Dina burst into tears.

When Leo's mom told him that Dina is alone, he started feeling uneasy.

Letting everything go, Leo rushed back home.

Leo's expression turned dark when he saw Stephens car parked outside the mansion.

The first thing Leo did after entering the mansion was to look for Dina but when he entered Dina's room, he could feel his blood boil. All he wanted to do was kill Stephen.

Hitting Stephen with whatever he could, Leo would've seriously killed him if the servants wouldn't have stopped him.

The servants quickly sent the unconscious Stephen to the hospital and called their master.

" Brother Leo." Dina shouted before pouncing into his embrace.

" Sshhh shhh calm down. I am here now, I will never let him harm you again." Leo said.

After coaxing Dina to sleep, Leo was called by his father to the study room.

As soon as Leo entered the study room, Charles Beck greeted him with a tight slap," How dare you hit your elder brother?"

" He is lucky that he survived otherwise I was determined to kill him today." Leo said.

" You-Go right now and apologies to him." Charles said.

" He tried to rape Dina dad, do you still want me to apologise him?" Leo asked.

" Stop lying because I'll never believe you." Charles Beck said.

" Brother Leo is not lying father, Brother Stephen he really-" Dina said in between her sobs.

Cutting her off, Charles Beck shouted," Shut up. How can you lie about something like this?"

" Dad I am not-"

" Dina let it be. The man standing in front of us is Stephens father not ours." Leo said before walking out with Dina.


Inside Dina's room.

" Brother Leo I don't want to stay here." Dina said.

Patting Dina's head, Leo packed Dina's belongings and took her away without telling anyone.

The very next day even Leo left the mansion.

Leo kept Dina with him until she finished her school. After sending her to college, Leo decided to join Beck Enterprise to take back what actually belonged to them.



Flexi compound.

" Are you still mad at me?" Dina asked.

" Silly why would I be mad at you? It isn't your fault." Sebastian said.

Sebastian met Dina when they were in high school.

Sebastian had confessed his feelings to her back then, Dina has politely rejected him saying that she wasn't ready. But later when he met Dina again, Sebastian confessed his feelings again but this time she decided to give it a try.

After dating for quite sometime, Dina told Sebastian everything about her past and what had happened in the Beck Mansion.

Sebastian was so angry and frustrated that he wanted to kill Stephen Beck and he did have the ability to do so but Dina stopped him and told him not to do anything.

Tightening her grip around her, Dina asked," Do you think he is here because-"

" Sssh don't worry, I will take care of him and you also have your other stupid brother protecting you." Sebastian said.

" Hmm I know." Dina said before slowly closing her eyes.


Later that night, a small piece of news created an uproar in the whole Li mansion.

The news about Father Li being hit by a speeding car when he was out inspecting a project sight, made everyone panic and anxious.