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 Twenty minutes ago.

Thinking for quite some time, Sebastian called one of his men and said," Cancel the meeting or reschedule it to some other day. I have some really important thing to do." before hanging up the call.

" Take a U turn." Sebastian said.

After weighing the pros and cons, Sebastian decided to abandon everything and spend the evening with Dina.

Getting off the car when Sebastian entered the cafe, he frowned when he saw Dina's pale expression.

Walking towards her, Sebastian frowned deeper when he saw blood oozing out of her finger.

Just then he saw a man trying to grab Dina's hand. When Sebastian realised who the man was, he quickly rushed towards him and grabbed his wrist before jerking it off.

Pulling Dina towards him, Sebastian took out his handkerchief and started dabbing her wound.

When Dina saw his expressionless face, she knew he was mad.

Clutching onto his shirt, Dina whispered," Please let's not create a scene here."

" Who told you to bend down and touch the broken pieces?" Sebastian asked.

Dina lowered her head and said," I am sorry."

As Sebastian was about to say something, Stephen Beck interrupted him saying," It's nice to meet you Mr Wu. I have been looking forward to this meeting since a really long time."

" But I wasn't." Sebastian said.

Stephen let out a laugh and said," You know this isn't the right way to talk to your girlfriend's big brother."

Sebastian mocking laughed and said," Do you even know the meaning of being someone's big brother? Brother is really heavy word Mr Beck and words like that doesn't-"

" Seb let's not create a scene here." Yufan said before patting Sebastian's shoulder.

Stephen raised his eyebrows when he saw the infamous Smith along with a woman who had her arms wrapped around his arm.

Seeing Dina's complicated expression, Ling said," Come Dina let's fetch you a glass of water."

Dina nodded her head and left along with Ling and Beth.

After they left, Yufan said," Mr Beck please don't try to create any trouble here. Enjoy your coffee and leave." before dragging Sebastian along with him.

" Dina is a Beck too?" Yutang asked.

" Hmmm looks like she is." Mike said.

" I did not expect to bump into Mr Li here. Ah what a pleasant surprise." Stephen said.

Singtan smirked and said," I was hoping that my men would bump into you when we crashed into your silly base but they didn't."

Stephen froze when heard that. He did not expect Singtan to be so direct and blunt.

" What? You thought I did not know it is you? Tch Tch you should've atleast found out a few things about me before trying to invade my territory." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," I don't give a shit about what are you up to but there is only one thing that I want from you and your father."

Stephen frowned and asked," What?"

Singtan smiled and said," When the time comes, you will know." Before walking towards his wife.

Taking a sip from his coffee, Stephen Beck started looking for Dina all around the cafe.


Outside the cafe.

" Calm down Seb." Yufan said.

Pacing back and forth across the street, Sebastian shouted," How dare he show his face in front of Dina?"

" Seb you need to calm down first." Yufan said.

" Yu you know what he did and-"

" Yes I know but we can't act recklessly right now. There are too many people and it is a big day for Ling, Dina and Beth." Yufan said.

Patting Sebastian's shoulders, Yufan said," We will deal with him together later okay?"

Sebastian took a deep breath and nodded his head.


Inside the cafe.

" You are okay now?" Ling asked.

" Yeah I am fine." Dina said.

Passing Dina a hand towel, Beth asked," Was he your brother?"

When Dina did not say anything, Beth patted her back and said," It's fine. Let's go outside."


Several years ago.

After Stephen Beck started staying in the Beck Mansion, no one other than little Dina used to talk to him. Even the nine year old Leo used to keep his conversation with Stephen to only a few words.

Dina used to play with him, draw with him and used to often fall asleep in his arms or in his room.

Initially Stephen used to care and love her like his little sister but later those feelings and love started turning into a different one.

Watching Dina grow in front of his eyes, Stephen started harbouring romantic feelings for her.

Stephen knew it wasn't a normal thing because they were not full but yet half siblings.

When Leo started noticing Stephens strange behaviour when he was around the ten year old Dina, he forced his mother and father to send her to another city to complete her studies.

Initial Dina did not want to go but when Leo coaxed her and made her understand that it was for her own good, Dina reluctantly agreed.

Though Dina used to spend more time with Stephen, she was actually more close to Leo than Stephen. Dina used to tell her brother Leo everything.

After Dina left, Stephen thought his abnormal feelings for his half sister would also fade away in her absence but he was wrong.

After a few years, Charles Beck decided to send Stephen to another country to complete his education.

Things were going fine until one day when twenty-four years old Stephen and sixteen years old Dina met again.

Stephen was surprised to see how mature Dina had become. All her womanly features and curves made her look much more attractive and alluring.

" Brother Stephen." Dina shouted before rushing towards him and pouncing into his embrace.

Stephen closed his eyes when he felt her soft skin. Breathing in her scent, he took a deep breath and tightened his grip around her.

Leo frowned when he saw Stephens expression.

" Dina go upstairs, mom is calling you." Leo said in a very deep voice.

Wiggling out of Stephens embrace, Dina rushed upstairs.