Global Regency.

Beth chuckled and said," Songpa stop that is ticklish."

Poking her stomach,Songpa said," I don't know what you are talking about."

" Stop Songpa I have to leave." Beth said.

Songpa sighed and let her go.

Quickly getting down from the bed, Beth said," Ling and Dina will come to pick me up and then we will go straight to the cafe to arrange everything."

" At what time do I have to come?" Songpa asked.

" In the evening around 6. Oh and don't forget to bring Zechan along with you." Beth said before entering the washroom.


Li Mansion.

" So his parents are dead?" Quin asked staring at Samuel who was playing with Ben.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes and he has no one. Josh was an orphan and his wife's parents died several years ago. So he actually has no one."

Quin took a deep breath and said," He is so small and yet he has to experience such brutal things."

" Let's keep him here with us until we find a place for him to stay." Singtan said.

Without saying anything, Quin kept on staring at Samuel.

Samuel was a cute little boy with beautiful blue eyes. He was of Ben's age and had a really fair skin. He was a nice, quiet and well mannered kind of a boy.

Just then Ming stepped into the garden with the help of a maid.

The two boys ran towards her and hugged her leg.

Ming chuckled and said," Ahh what are you two handsome men doing?"

Ben laughed and asked," Auntie are we handsome than daddy and uncle Singtan also?"

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes. You are a hundred times more handsome than them."

" Even me?" Samuel asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes even you."

" Ben, Samuel step aside let your auntie sit down." Singtan said before walking toward his wife.

Ben and Samuel immediately stepped aside and ran away.

Grabbing Ming's hand, Singtan asked," Why did you come down?"

" I wanted to take a walk in the garden." Ming said.

Wrapping his hands around her shoulders, Singtan said," Come."

" We have to go for the opening as well." Ming said.

" Ming-"

" It will be rude and they will feel bad if we don't." Ming said.


Trinity cafe.

" Yeah yeah right there. Yes just place it." Ling said guiding her appointed employees. Everything was almost ready for the opening of their cafe.

Beth sighed and said," This is much more difficult than I thought it would be."

Dina took a deep breath and said," I know right."

Glancing at the watch, Beth said," It's almost six, we should quickly finish everything."

Just then Yufan and Sebastian entered the cafe.

" Woah everything looks so beautiful." Sebastian said.

" Seriously you girls did a great job." Yufan said.

Fixing his tie, Ling said," Thank you for your little compliment Mr Xie."

" My pleasure Ms Yang." Yufan said.

Dina frowned when she saw a cut on Sebastian's right cheek.

" How did that happen?" Dina asked before rushing towards him.

" Hmm?"

Lightly touching the cut, Dina said," This."

" Oh it's nothing. I don't even know-" but before he could complete his sentence, Dina dragged him out for the cafe.


Outside the cafe.

" Stay here." Dina said before walking towards the pharmacy across the street.

After buying a disinfectant and cotton, Dina came back and shoved the cotton into Sebastian's hands and said," Why are you so careless? And how can you not know that you are hurt?" Before taking a piece of cotton.

Blowing on the cut, Dina slowly applied the disinfectant and asked," Does it hurt?"

Sebastian's lips curled upwards and he slowly nodded his head.

" Serves you right." Dina said.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Sebastian said," You know how beautiful you look with that worried expression? You are lucky that we are in the middle of a street otherwise-"

Smacking his arm, Dina chuckled and said," Stop Seb."

" You never say stop when we-"

Burying her face against his chest, Dina pinched him and said," Stop it."

Tightening his grip around her, Sebastian said," Hmm I have to go somewhere, so I don't think so I'll be able to stay here with you."

" But you promised you will stay." Dina said.

Sebastian sighed and said," Yes but it's important. There is this important meeting and either Yufan or me are suppose to attend it. But since Yufan is already tired, I have to go."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Dina said," Okay fine."

Kissing her forehead, Sebastian said," I'll try to finish everything fast."

Giving her a peck on his lips, Dina said," I'll be waiting for you."

Touching her hands, Sebastian frowned and asked," Why are you wearing so little? Your hands are already so cold." before taking off his coat.

Wrapping it around her shoulders, he said," Be good and wear this."

Pulling the coat closer, Dina said," Alright, go fast and come back fast."

Sebastian nodded his head and left.

Giving him a flying kiss, Dina entered the cafe again.


Not every far away from where Dina and Sebastian were standing, a man sitting inside his car had a very complicated and dark expression plastered across his face.

Sitting inside his car, Stephen Beck had his hand curled up into a fist. Seeing Sebastian and Dina standing so close to each other made him feel angry and frustrated at the same time.

How many years had it been since he had seen Dina? The last time Stephen saw her was the night when Dina left the Beck Mansion forever.

Taking a deep breath, Stephen started thinking about the past where Dina used to care and worry about him.



When Charles Beck brought Stephen home, he was eleven years old while Leo and Dina were nine and three years old respectively.

The first that Stephen saw when he entered the mansion was a cute little girl who ran towards his father and hugged his legs.

Charles Beck usually stern expression softened at the sight for his only lovable daughter.

" Dina, this is your elder brother Stephen." Charles Beck said.

Blinking her big round eyes, little Dina asked," Just like elder brother Leo?"

" Yes just like him." Charles Beck said.

Little Dina chuckled and said," Elder brother hug." Before stretching his hands towards him.

Taking her into his arms, Stephen slowly patted her back.



Inside the cafe.

" Congratulations to you all." Ming said.

" This cafe is really very beautiful." Anna said.

" Thank you so much and we are glad that you all came here. Let me get coffee for all of you." Dina said before walking towards the counter.

" Prepare coffee for everyone." Dina said an employee.

After sometime, when the waiter brought the coffee, Dina grabbed two cups and said," You go and I'll get these."

After the waiter left, Dina was about to follow him when a man said," Can I get a cup too?"

" Ya sure why-" *BAM* Dina let go the coffee mugs when she saw who it was.

Beth quickly rushed towards Dina and asked," Are you okay?"

Dina slowly nodded her head and said," Ya let me just-" before squatting down but as soon as she touched a broken piece, she hissed in pain when it pierced her skin.

Stephen quickly squatted down and stretched his hands but before he could even touch her hair, a large pair of hands harshly grabbed his wrist and jerked him off.....