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 Somewhere in country S.

" So What do you want?" Junjop asked.

Stephen Beck chuckled and said," I was at least expecting a how are you, but it's fine because expectations hurt."

" Does your father know that you are here?" Junjop asked.

Stephen let out a laugh and said," He doesn't have to know."

" What do you want Stephen?" Junjop asked.

" I want to establish a clan again." Stephen said.

Junjop raised his eyebrows and said," Clan? I thought that the Beck family was no more interested in this business."

" The Beck family isn't but I am 100% interested in this." Stephen said.

" Well, you still have some hold in the US and-"

Cutting Junjop off, Stephen said," I want to establish a gang here in country S."

" Country S? But why?" Junjop asked finding it very strange. Once upon a time, the Beck clan used to be at par with the Wu clan in the US but when Charles Beck decided to stop everything, the Wu clan completely took over. But even after Charles Beck left, he still had connections with the underworld of US. So if they want to establish a gang, why not establishing it in a place where they have connections rather than in a new completely foreign place?

" Years ago Beck clan was first established in country S. After three or four years, father decided to shift it to the US because of better resources." Stephen said.

" You know that the Li clan-"

Stephen laughed and said," Li clan could dominate country S because we decided to leave." Stephen said.

" So you want to challenge the Li clan?" Junjop asked.

" May be, may be not." Stephen said.

Junjops lips curled upwards,"And I assume you are here to seek my help."

Stephen chuckled and said," Help? Help someone who needs help? I am not that stupid. I just wanted to see you and the condition you are living in."

" What if you Charles-"

" My Father was stupid back then to leave everything back then." Stephen said.

" Your Father left everything because if your mother, you know that right?" Junjop asked.

Several years ago, Charles Beck left the underworld after his mistress was brutally killed by one of his enemies. After that day, Charles Beck decided never to step foot into that brutal and cruel world.

Getting up from the couch, Stephen said," I will be staying at country S for quite some time. If you need any help you can contact my assistant." before walking out.


Li Mansion.

After taking rest for quite some time, Singtan brought Ming home.

After feeding her with some healthy soup, he cuddled her to sleep.

After making sure that Ming was fast asleep, he got down from the bed and started walking towards his study room.


Inside the study room.

Picking up his phone, Singtan called Han Zihao and said," Who?"

" Sir those people were some local thugs but they had been bribed to hurt Madam, Ms Rushi and a small boy." Zihao said.

Pausing for a while, Zihao said," Taina Jople."

Pausing for quite sometime, Singtan said," You know what to do." Before hanging up the call.

Just then Quin entered the study room and said," Elder brother I want to talk to you about something."

" What is it?" Singtan asked.

" It's about that little boy, Samuel." Quin said.

" Did his parents come looking for him?" Singtan asked.

Quin shook his head and said," No, I don't think they will." Before passing Singtan a small piece of paper.

" Rose found this when she was helping him change his clothes." Quin said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows when he read the note which was written in a very hasty manner.


" Hmm okay, let him stay in the mansion until I solve everything." Singtan said.

Quin nodded his head and left.

After Quin left, Singtan called Zihao and said," Find out who that little boy is and what was he doing in that event."

" Sir I just received the boys report and it turns out that the kid is the son of one of our men who was brutally killed by the mysterious gang who was responsible for smuggling illegal drugs into our country." Zihao said.

" Who?"

" His name of Josh Mathews and he was specially brought from Germany along with few other men and were undergoing intense training to join Yunos next year. Josh married a women from country S who was a budding actress. They had a son three years ago." Zihao said.

Pausing for a while, Zihao said," Josh's wife left Samuel in that event. Boss I guess she knew that Mrs Li and the rest would be attending the event."

" Where is she?" Singtan asked.

" She committed suicide few hour ago. She was found dead in her apartment by her assistant." Zihao said.

" May she knew Josh worked for us so she wanted us to handle Samuel."Singtan said.

Zihao nodded his head and said," I also think it is that sir."

" Did you find out anything about that mysterious gang?" Singtan asked.

" We still don't have any idea sir but whoever it is wants the Li clans attention." Zihao said.

" If he wants attention, we will give him attention." Singtan said.

Zihao nodded his head and said," I'll make preparations sir." Before hanging up the call.


Next day.

Stephen Beck woke up with a big news that almost exploded his mind.

His mysterious base had been invaded, looted and later exploded by the police and Li clan.

Stephen knew that he could never establish the Beck clan again in the US because Sebastian Wu and Smith would never let him do that so he decided to establish it in country S which he thought would be much easier. To Stephens surprise, dealing with the Li clan was also tough and he had taken the Li clan really very lightly.

Sitting on the couch with an expressionless face, Stephen was listening to Delila's reports.

" Everything is gone Sir. If we want to start again, we have to start from zero." Delila said.

Stephen took a deep breath and asked," Where is my little sister?"

" Madam and her friends are opening a cafe together. So Madam is busy as the opening of the cafe is scheduled to be today." Delila said.

Stephen smiled and said," Let's go and cheer her up in her new cafe today."