Ming gasped when someone lightly pushed her towards Zechan helping her dodge the bullet.

" Madam." Daina Rushi's bodyguard shouted before rushing towards Daina who was now covered in blood. The bullet was shot right into Diana's right arm.

One of the guards quickly grabbed the two kids and guided them towards the car.

Anna and Yixi who had seen everything wanted to step out and help Ming but the guards did not let them do that because that would've created more chaos and trouble.

Clutching onto her arm, Daina leaned against a nearby car and groaned in pain.

After getting rid of the man, Zechan said," Lady Boss we have to leave."

" But-"

" Please lady boss we can't stay here. It's dangerous." Zechan said.

" We can't leave her here and-"

Cutting her off, Zechan said," Ms Rushi has her guards to accompany her. They will definitely help her. Please lady boss don't make things difficult for me."

Ming reluctantly agreed with Zechan and half heartedly entered the car.


After Ming's car left the place, Zechan rushed towards Daina and said," Let me take you to the hospital."

Daina shook head and said," You should go and follow your lady boss, I will be fine."

" But-"

" Zechan go with Ming and the rest, I'll take care of things here." Leo said.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Okay." Before boarding his car.

After Zechan left, Leo took out a handkerchief from his pocket and asked," Who do you think you are? A superwoman?" Before grabbing her wrist.

Daina jerked his hands off and started walking towards her car.

" Boss this-"

" Take me to the hospital." Daina said before boarding the car.


Li Mansion.

After Zechan told Singtan about everything that had happened, he quickly rushed back home.

When Singtan entered the room, he frowned when he found the room extremely dark.

Switching on the lights, Singtan frowned deeper when he did not see Ming sleeping on the bed.

Looking around, Singtan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Ming sleeping on the couch.

Walking towards her, Singtan sat beside her and held her hand.

Sensing someone's presence when Ming slowly opened her eyes, she got up and hugged him tight before bursting into tears.

After Ming arrived home, she was feeling very uneasy and guilty. It was because of her recklessness that someone had got hurt.

She so badly wanted to see Singtan but he wasn't there but now that he was right in front of her, she could cry her heart out and forget about everything because she knew that with him around, nothing bad could happen.

Patting her back, Singtan said," Don't worry. I'll fix everything."

Clutching onto his suit, Ming said," She got shot and-"

" Sshhhh I'll take care of everything. Nothing will happen to her." Singtan said.

" I want to see her." Ming said.

Singtan thought for a while and said," Okay, I'll take you there."



" No dad you don't have to come." Daina said.

" But-"

" It's not so serious okay and I have doctors and nursing helping me here so you don't have to stress over it. And yes I am fine." Daina said.

Just then Ming and Singtan entered the room.

When Daina saw them, she gave them a smile and said," Dad I'll talk to you later." Before hanging up the call.

Sitting beside Daina, Ming asked," How are you feeling now?"

" Oh It's nothing serious. I just can't use my right hand for quite sometime but that shouldn't be a problem." Daina said.

" What you did there-I-"

Cutting her off, Daina said," You don't have to thank me Mrs Li. I did what I left was right at that very moment."

" Thankyou for saving my wife and child." Singtan said.

Daina chuckled and said," If you want to thank me, Mr Li can ask his brother to return the double investment that he had tricked me into."

" Consider it done." Singtan said.

Daina smiled and said," You should go home, it's not convenient for you to stay out so late in this condition."

" Thank you once again." Ming said before walking out with Singtan.



" I'll go help her clear the bills. You wait for me here." Singtan said.

Ming nodded her head and started walking towards the nearby seat but as soon as she took a few steps, everything turned black and she stumbled.

Singtan quickly rushed towards her and caught her.

When Singtan saw her pale expression, he panicked and tried to wake her up. When Ming did not respond, he quickly scooped her into his arms and rushed towards the emergency room.


Somewhere in country S.

" So you want me to kidnap them?" Simon asked.

Junjop nodded his head and said," Yes, both of them."

" And you think it's easy to kidnap two heavily guarded pregnant ladies right in front of their overly protective husbands?" Simon asked.

Junjops lips curled upwards as he said," Nothing is impossible."

" If you think that it's so easy, why don't you do it?" Simon asked.

" Neither can I go outside openly nor do I have the power to do so. Right now you are the only person who can do this." Junjop said.

" What is the plan?" Simon asked.



" Her B.P is too low and this is not good for her and the baby as well and may be she is very stressed too and too much stress is not good for the pregnancy as well." The doctor said.

Staring at his wife who was sleeping on the hospital bed right now, Singtan sighed.

" You can take her home after she wakes up." the doctor said before walking out of the room.

Walking towards her, Singtan sat beside her and held her hand.

Lightly kissing the back of her hand, Singtan caressed her hand with his thumb and patiently waited for Ming to wake up.


Somewhere in country S.

After listening to Junjops plan, Simon left after saying," Hmm I'll take care of everything just give me a few days to prepare everything."

Leaning against the couch, Junjop gulped down the whole content of the wine.

Just then a subordinate entered the room and said," Boss some Stephen Beck is waiting outside to see you."

Junjop raised his eyebrows when he heard that. How many years has it been since he last heard from the Becks? Nine to ten years.

Mo Junjops and Charles Beck's father's were maternal cousins. Though the connection between the two families completely broke after Charles Beck decided to leave the underworld and never step foot into it again.

At times when Junjop was in great trouble he had approached his cousin, Charles Beck who had refused to help him.

And now after several years when the most loved and trustworthy son of his had come to visit Junjop out of the blue, Junjop found this surprising as well as strange.

" Send him in." Junjop said.



When Ming woke up, Singtan was sleeping holding her hand.

Slightly shaking his shoulder, Ming woke him up and said," Sleep beside me."

Taking off his shoes, Singtan slept beside her hand wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her chest.

" You scared me." Singtan said.

" I am sorry." Ming said.

Snuggling against her chest, Singtan said," I am not letting you go anywhere without me starting today."

" Okay." Ming said before kissing his forehead.

Lifting his head up, Singtan said," Comes let's go home."

Snuggling against his chest, Ming said," Let's stay like this for a while."


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