" Are you fine?" The woman asked.

The little boy shook his head and said," It hurts."

The woman smiled and said," Come let's apply some ice on your little knees."

" Are you his mom?" Taina shouted.

Daina Rushi frowned and said," Stop shouting, you are scaring the small kid."

Taina gritted her teeth and said," This bastard ruined my shoes."

Daina smirked and said," Are you talking about your dirty white sneakers? Ohh that needed some cleaning anyway. At least now you will think about cleaning them."

" You bitch. Keep your mouth shut." Taina shouted.

" Why don't you go and take your seat and stop irritating this innocent soul?" Daina said.

" Innocent soul? Are you calling this ill-mannered monster an innocent soul?" Taina shouted.

The little boy burst into tears when heard those hateful words.

" How can you say such things to a little child? Don't you have some ethics?" Daina shouted.

Without saying anything, Taina snatched the plastic toy from the kids hand and broke it into several pieces.

Throwing the pieces at the little boy, Taina chuckled and said," Well now we are considered even."

Seeing someone crush his favourite toy right in front of his eyes, the little boy started crying harder.

" Don't you have a heart? How can you do that? Don't you know how sensitive kids are?" Daina shouted.

Taina laughed and said," What? Isn't this fair."

" You- Get out of here Before I seriously kill you." Daina shouted.

Taina mockingly laughed and said," Ohh aah and who do you think you are to kick me out of here?"

Daina pursed her lips and was about to say something, when someone said in a firm," She doesn't but I definitely have the right to kick you out of here."

When Daina saw Ming walking towards them, she lowered her head and did not say anything. She was actually feeling very ashamed to face Ming. After whatever had happened in the past, how could she even look at her?

" Mrs Li." Daina greeted her.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

Holding the little boys hand, Ming wiped his tears and said," Big boys don't cry ."

" What actually happened here?" Ming asked.

A woman in green stepped forward and said," The kid was walking around holding his water bottle and his toy and this weird lady was into her phone and walking around recklessly. They bumped into each other and the water spilled on the lady's shoes and then she broke his toy."

The little boy cried and hugged Ming's legs.

Patting his back, Ming said," Dont cry don't cry. I'll punish this aunty for breaking your toy."

Turning towards Zechan, Ming said," Zechan call Quin please."

Zechan nodded his head and left.

" What do you mean by punish? Who the hell are you to punish me?" Taina shouted.

" Auntie." Ben shouted before rushing towards Ming.

" Ben What are you doing here?" Ming asked caressing his cheeks.

" Daddy brought me here. I also want to see Jack." Ben said.

Pointing towards the other little boy, Ben asked," Who is he?"

" Ben why don't you take him and sit somewhere else." Ming said.

Ben nodded his head and said," Okay." Before grabbing the little boys hand.

" Are you also here to see Jack?" Ben asked before walking away with him.

Just then Quin arrived there and asked," What happened sister-in-law? Are you fine?"

Ming nodded her head and said," I am fine but I want you to do something."

Pausing for a while, Ming pointed towards Taina and said," Kick her out now."

Without waiting for a single second, Quin nodded his head and said," As you say sister-in-law." Before gesturing the guards to guide that person out.

Taina gritted her teeth and shouted," hey, you can't do that. I have the tickets and you don't know who I am."

Without saying anything, Ming started walking towards Yixi and the rest.

" Girl did you realise what you did just now?" Yixi aksed.

Anna chuckled and said," You just kicked a person out using your powers."

" That was so cool." Linda said.

Kiara, who was standing in a corner observing everything smirked when she saw everything.

She had to admit that Xie Ming was indeed very beautiful in reality. Kiara did not fail to observe the big baby bump that Ming had.

" This is going to be interesting." Kiara murmured before walking out.


Outside the hall.

Taina was shouting and throwing tantrums outside the hall.

Kiara chuckled when she saw her stupid so-called best friend acting like that.

Placing her hand on her shoulder, Kiara asked," Wanna take a sniff?"

Taina sighed and said," I really need one."

" Come let's go." Kiara said before walking towards the washroom with Taina.


Inside the washroom.

After taking out some white powdery substance from her bag, Kiara took out a small small silver foil and rolled it.

After dividing the powder into multiple parts, Kiara gave the silver foil roll to Taina and said," Go on."

After sniffing everything high, Taina leaned against the wall and closed her eyes.

Waiting for quite some time, Kiara leaned forward and whispered," She insulted you by throwing you out like a garbage bag. Don't you want to take your revenge?"

When Taina slowly nodded her head, Kiara said," Then kill her. Kill her baby."

Taina nodded her head, before stumbling and walking out of the washroom.

After Taina left, Kiara picked up the silver foil and laughed," Stupid."


By the time the event ended, it started raining heavily outside.

Walking towards the exit door, Yixi said," I cannot believe that I touched Jacks Hardsons biceps."

" I touched his pinky." Linda said.

Anna frowned when she saw beads of sweat on Ming's forehead," Ming what's wrong?"

Ming shook her head and said," I am fine. I am just feeling a bit uncomfortable."

" Do you want to go to the hospital?" Anna asked.

Ming shook her head and said," No I am fine."

Just the Quin arrived there and said," Sister-in-law please take Ben home with you. I have to stay here for sometime."

After Quin left, Ming asked Ben," Where is that little boy?"

Ben shook his head and said," He had gone to the washroom but he never came back."



Zechariah frowned when one of his guards told him that all tiers of their cars had been punctured by someone.

" Stay alert and-"




Multiple gunshots echoed throughout the area.

The guards quickly surrounded the four women.

" What is happening?" Ming asked.

Just then Leo arrived and said," A group of thugs have invaded this place. They are all fully armed. Quick escort them home." Before taking out a gun from his pocket.

" But our cars-"

Passing the chauffeur his keys, Leo said," Here take this and send them home."

The chauffeur nodded his head and quickly boarded Leo's car.

As Linda and the rest were entering the car, Ben jerked Ming's hands off and ran away shouted," Hey Samuel."

" Ben stop." Ming shouted.

Just then a guard collapsed on the floor when someone shot a bullet at him.

" Quickly everyone take you position." Zechan shouted.

Ming widened her eyes in shock when she saw a man dressed in black holding a gun in his hand walk towards Ben and that little boy.

Without thinking about anything, Ming shouted," No stop." Before rushing towards them.

" Lady Boss no." Zechan shouted before rushing towards Ming.

The man who was pointing his gun towards the two little boys shifted his target when he saw Ming rushing towards them and pulled the trigger.




I can see that many are complaining and saying that the story is getting boring.

Well, I can do nothing about it. I will surely write and include everything that I have planned. I don't want to skip parts and confuse my readers.

As you all know by now that this story is like a web, it's interconnected. All the characters are connected to each other and are equally important.

As this is my first novel, I want to write whatever I want to for self satisfaction and of course because I have a special attachment with each and every character. I don't want to leave anyone hanging and I want each and everyone to lead a happy life or at least have an end.

You guys have been really supportive of me since the very beginning and I hope you all will continue to support me till the very end :)