Li Mansion.

" Stay near Zechan. I don't want you to loiter around here and there alone and-" Singtan swallowed the rest of the words when Ming tip-toed and captured his lips.

Letting his lips go, Ming kissed Singtan all over his face and said," You worry too much these days Mr Li. If you continue this way, you'll grow old fast. Now you don't want your child to call you grandpa, don't you?"

Helping him fix his tie, Ming said," Instead I should worry about my handsome husband."

Singtan sighed and said," I don't want anybody to hurt you."

" Baby and I, both of us will be just fine." Ming said.

" Just stay close to Zechan and the rest okay?" Singtan said.

" Okay Okay I'll stay closer Zechan or do you want me to hug him the entire time or hold his hand?" Ming said.

Singtan frowned and asked," Why would you hug or hold his hand?"

" You said stay close so-"

" Stay close to Anna and Yixi." Singtan said.


After Singtan left, Ming was busy getting ready when she received a call from Yixi.

" Ming we will pick you up in an hour." Yixi said.

" Hmm okay." Ming said.

" Oh did I tell you that Linda is joining us too?" Yixi asked.

" Ahh she is? That is nice." Ming said.

" Get ready fast." Yixi said before hanging up the call.


Instead of going to the airport, Singtan headed towards Global Entertainment to pay a surprise visit to his little brother.

" Is the event that your artist is holding sponsored by the company?" Singtan said.

" Are you talking about the live chat kind of a thing?" Quin said.

When Singtan nodded his head, Quin said," Ahh yes we are sponsoring it."

Singtan breathed a sigh of relief and said," Great. Your sister-in-law and others are going to attend that event. I want you to attend that event as well and take care of her."

" I wasn't planning to go there but since sister-in-law is also going, I'll go too." Quin said.

" I'll leave Ming under your care then." Singtan said before leaving Quin's office.


The event was held for a popular actor who was more popular and loved amongst the females, Jack Hardson who was an artisee under Global Entertainment. The main purpose of the event was to boast Jacks fan following before his upcoming movie.

When Ming and the rest arrived outside the hall where the event was taking place, a large number of people were already present outside impatiently waiting for their turn to enter the hall.

" I cannot believe that I am actually about to meet Jack Hardson." Yixi said.

Linda chuckled and I said," I am super excited."

Anna chuckled and asked," Do you think he will let us touch him?"

" Ahhh I wish I could atleast poke him." Yixi said.

Just then Zechan opened the car door and said," Lady Boss."

Ming nodded her head and stepped out of the car.

Cameras flashed at Ming almost blinding her. The fleet of reporters were constantly snapping pictures of the would be mother.

When Singtan revealed about Ming's pregnancy, the reporters were looking forward to snap photos of the would be mother but Singtan never gave them a chance to do so. But now that Ming had made a public appearance without Singtan, the reporters didn't want to let go this opportunity.

Maintaining her posture, Ming placed a hand on her baby bump and gave everyone a very sweet and genuine smile.

Standing beside his lady boss protectively, Zechan gestured the guards to clear the path.

After making sure the guards were all over the place, Zechan helped Anna out.

Just then another man stepped out of his car and stood beside Xie Ming.

Ming frowned and asked," What are you

doing here?"

" Your husband asked me to come here. Oh no no no let me rephrase that, your husband threatened me to come here and accompany you." Leo said.

Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Singtan asked you to accompany me? What makes you think that I'll believe you?"

Leo sighed and murmured," As husband as wife."

" What did you say?" Ming asked.

Leo shook his head and said," Fine your husband asked me to come here and guard you ladies."

" Ahh so you are our body guard. Alright alright why don't you stand with the other guards as well." Ming said.

Leo gritted his teeth before walking forward. He would've never agreed to come to such a boring event but when Singtan told him that he had no choice other than accompanying the ladies, Leo had to helplessly agree.

After Leo left, Anna chuckled and asked," Isn't he too handsome to become a bodyguard?"

Yixi laughed and said," I know right? He was one of the most handsome men in our college and he was after Ming."

" Oh my God and nothing happened?" Linda asked.

Ming chuckled and said," No nothing happened and Yes he is handsome but Mr Li is 100 times more charming and handsome than him."


Inside the hall.

When Ming and the rest entered the hall, Quin was obediently waiting for his sister-in-laws arrival.

As soon as he saw Ming, Quin rushed towards her," Sister-in-law."

" Quin? Don't tell me even you are here to see Jack." Ming asked.

Quin chuckled and said," This event is sponsored by Global Entertainment."

" No wonder Singtan allowed me to come here." Ming said.

" Big Brother has asked me to take care of you." Quin said.

Ming sighed and helplessly shook his head. First Zechan, second Leo and now Quin, how many people did Singtan exactly ask to take care of her?

" I have carperated the entire hall so that you pregnant ladies don't slip or fall anywhere. Alright, now let's go inside. I have arranged a big and comfortable seat for you ladies."Quin said  before guiding them towards their seat.


" Lady Boss." A female attendant greeted Ming.

Ming smiled and nodded her head.

" Sister-in-law she is Lucy. If you need anything, she will get it for you." Quin said.

" Fine Fine I get it. Now will you please stop treating us like porcelain dolls and let us enjoy the event." Ming said.

Quin nodded his head and said," Yes Yes. I am sitting right over there. So if you need me, just call out my name." before walking towards his seat.

After Quin left, Ming and the rest started talking amongst themselves when they heard a shrill and sharp voice," You idiot, don't you know how to walk?"

Turning towards the direction of the voice, Ming frowned when she saw a woman who had a very weird hairstyle on and was wearing some really weird clothes shouting at a small chubby kid who was not more than three years, like a mad woman.

Continuously rubbing his red swollen knees, the little boy had tears threatening to fall down from the corner of his eyes.

Ming's heart pricked when she saw the little boy. Getting up from her seat, she was about to go and check the little boy out when a lady dressed in casual pants and t-shirt stepped forward and started examining the little boys injured knees.

Ming widened her eyes in shock when she saw who it was....