Xie Ming wanted to get up but her legs felt weak. She wanted to say something but could not. All she could feel were tears running down her cheek.

As Ming was trying to get up, she saw Xie Yurin walk towards her. Offering her hand to Ming, Xie Yurin said," Get up elder sister."

Placing her hand on Yurins hand Ming got up huge she frowned but she saw Yurin wiping her hands with a tissue paper.

Xie Ming looked at her sister and then at Chen Siquan and asked,"You two..." before she could finish her sentence Xie Yurin interrupted her saying," Since the very beginning elder sister."

Xie Ming furrowed her brows trying to understand what Yurin was trying to say. As she was busy with her own thoughts, she heard Chen Siquan say," Did you really think that I would marry you and I was really interested in you? Haha.. you think to highly about yourself Ms Xie. I was just fooling around with you. You just a piece of thrash in front of my Yurin."

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Xie Ming froze when she heard Chen Siquans words. Anger started building up within her. Gritting her teeth, Xie King caught Chen Siquan shirt and shouted ," Why Siquan why? Why are you doing this? I had really loved you don't do this please st...."

Suddenly Xie Ming was pushed by Xie Yurin.

"Keep your hands away from my Husband."Yurin shouted.

Everyone present in the hall gasped in surprise. Loud murmurs echoed throughout the hall.

Father Xie who was standing beside his eldest daughter was still in daze. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Quickly composing himself, Father Xie started walking towards Xie Yurin and then

then *Thasss* A loud slapping sound echoed throughout the hall .

As Xie Yurin was trying to balance herself *THASS* another slap landed on her face.

When Father Xie raised his hand to give his younger daughter one more slap someone caught his hand and pushed him on the ground," How dare you slap my wife in front of me?"