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 " They sold the drugs to few big drug dealers of country S." Zechan said.

" Robbin contact the drug dealers and ask them to hand over to drugs to us also ask them the source of the drugs." Singtan said.

Mike took a deep breath and said," Were Junjop and Simon less that we now have one more person to deal with."

Yutan sighed and said," Exactly. I just want to go home and stay with my wife."

" Alright now let's talk business." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan continued," I want all of us to accept Leonardo's Becks proposal."

" Hmm I received his proposal and it isn't that bad." Yutang said.

Mike chuckled and asked," Now in the love of God Singtan, what the hell are you up to?"

Singtan laughed and said," You will know."

" Why are you being so mysterious?" Robbin asked.

" Just go through the proposal and accept it." Singtan said.

" Is he vouching for Xie Enterprise as well?" Yutang asked.

" I think he is." Robbin said.

" Hmm I'll talk to Yufan later." Singtan said.

Mike sighed and said," I feel so lost here."

" When are you planning to take over Zhang biotech?" Yutang asked.

" After Anna gives birth." Mike said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes you shouldn't burden aunty much. Let her enjoy her life."

" Yeah I know. Mom and grandpa told me that they will disown me if I don't take over after mom comes back." Mike said.

" Aunty isn't in town?" Robbin asked.

Mike nodded his head and said," Yes, she is on a business trip right now."

" Mike let's go for baby stuff shopping tomorrow." Singtan said.

Mike chuckled and said," I was about to ask you the same thing but then I thought it would be too girly."

" Let's go tomorrow." Singtan said.

Mike nodded his head and said," Okay."

" I want to join too." Yutang said.

" Yixi still has a long way to go. It's too early for you to shop right now." Mike said.

" I want to buy things for my daughter." Singtan said.

Mike nodded his head and said," Me too."

Robbin chuckled and said," So you both think that you will have a baby girl."

Singtan smiled and said," Yes I want a little princess."

" Same and Anna wants a daughter too." Mike said.

" Ming wants a son." Singtan said.

" Hey Singtan let's make a bet." Mike said.

" What kind of bet?" Singtan asked.

" Whoever will have a daughter between us, that person will win and the one who will have a son will have to give the other person a wish." Mike said.

Singtan thought for a while and said," Deal."


Flexi compound.

" Why did you let him in?" Sebastian asked.

Dina sighed and said," I just let brother Leo in."

" I don't care Dina. I don't want anyone one of them to come anywhere near you." Sebastian said.


Without saying anything, Sebastian dashed into their room.

Waiting for quite some time, Dina followed him.


Inside the room.

When Dina entered the room, Sebastian was sitting on the couch with a very gloomy expression.

Walking towards him, Dina sat down beside him and said," You don't look nice when you are angry."

Pausing for a while, she continued," I don't like it when you are angry." Before wrapping her arms around his.

Sebastian sighed and wrapped his arms around her.

Snuggling against his chest, Dina said," I was missing brother Leo since a really long time."

" What did he tell you?" Sebastian asked.

" He said that it's time to take back what is rightfully ours. He also said that I don't have to do anything, he will take care of everything." Dina said.

Tightening his grip around her, Sebastian said," I won't let anyone harm you this time."

" Hmm I know. That's why I am not worried about anything because I have my hero with me this time." Dina said.

Pausing for a while, Dina said," Seb."

" Hmmm."

" I miss my mom. Brother Leo said that she misses me too." Dina said.

" If you want then I can take you there." Sebastian said.

Dina shook her head and said," I don't want to go back to that place."

Kissing her forehead, Sebastian said," Don't worry you have me."

Dina chuckled and said," Yes and that is the best part."

" When are you new entrepreneurs planning to open your new cafe?" Sebastian asked.

" Hmm we haven't thought about that yet." Dina said.

" Do tell me if you need any help." Sebastian said.

Dina nodded her head and asked," What do you want to have for dinner?"

Getting up from the couch, Sebastian scooped her into his arms and said," I would like to have dessert first." before walking towards the bed.


Slowly getting down from the bed, Sebastian grabbed his car keys and wallet before slowly walking out of the apartment.

After entering his car, Sebastian drove his car out of the compound.

After driving for quite some time, Sebastian stopped in front of a big gate.

Taking out his phone, he called someone and said," I am outside. Ask your guard to open the gate."

After few minutes, a guard opened the gate for Sebastian.


Inside the villa.

When Sebastian entered the villa, Leonardo Beck was sitting on the couch sipping wine.

Sitting beside him, Sebastian asked," What do you want to talk about? You better finish this fast because if my fiancé wakes up not to find me beside her, she will panic and I definitely don't want that to happen."

Leo raised his eyebrows and asked," Do you realise that you are talking about my sister sleeping with some other man right on my face?"

Sebastian smirked and asked," What makes you think that I care?"

Leo chuckled and said," Well I never had high expectations from you Mr Wu."

" Good for you." Sebastian said.

Without saying anything when Leo kept on drinking his wine, Sebastian raised his eyebrows and asked," Did you call me here in the middle of the night to watch you drink?"

Sebastian received a call from Leo few minutes after Dina had fallen asleep. Leo asked Sebastian to meet him whenever he is free because he had something very important to discuss with him.

Thinking for quite some time, Sebastian decided to meet Leonardo Beck and discuss everything with him.

Leo chuckled and said," Mr Wu seems to be in a hurry."

" Where is Stephen Beck?" Sebastian asked.

Leo laughed and said," Please don't tell me that you are planning to kill him and make things easier for me."

Sebastian smirked and said," Killing him after whatever he has done will be a very easy death for him. He deserves a painful death."

" I don't know where Stephen is but he is in country S." Leo said.

" Did he contact you?" Sebastian asked.

Leo shook his head and said," He didn't but his assistant Delila did. She did not tell me where exactly he is but they are in country S."

" If he tries to go anywhere near Dina, he is dead." Sebastian said.

Leo smiled and said," Well I have a plan but I want your help to execute it."

Sebastian raised his eyebrows and asked," What is it?"