Outside the Chen Mansion.

" So did you like it?" Robbin asked while opening the passenger door for Linda.

Linda chuckled and asked," Are you talking about the necklace or the love letter?"

Robbin sighed and said," I knew you would tease me."

Cupping his face, Linda said," It was cute. My first love letter."

" Huh I wrote a love letter for the first time." Robbin said.

Wrapping her arms around her waist, Linda said," I loved it, you should give me a love letter every week."

Pressing their foreheads together, Robbin asked," Are you sure you just want a love letter?"

Hooking her arms around his neck, Linda said," That depends on what you can give me Mr Chen."

Robbin took a deep breath and said," Consider yourself lucky because I have a really important meeting today otherwise-"

" Young master there is lady outside the Chen Mansion who wants to meet young Madam." The guard said.

" Who is it?" Robbin asked.

" She is saying that she is young madams sister." The guard said.

" Kiara." Linda murmured.

Robbin raised her eyebrows and said," Ask her to leave."

The guard nodded his head and left.

" You are taking guards with you." Robbin said before helping her enter the car.

Robbin knew who Kiara was. The talks about Simon's youngest daughter viciously harming and killing people was all over the place. Robbin had heard of her several months back.

He knew that Kiara was an insane, stubborn woman. There was no way he would let her come anywhere near Linda.

After boarding the car, Robbin asked," Are you okay?"

Linda nodded her head and said," Yes it's just I never met Kiara for so many years. I wonder why she wants to meet me all of a sudden."

Robbin sighed and said," That woman is dangerous and I want you to stay away from her okay?"

Linda nodded her head and said," I'll listen to you."

As their car drove out of the mansion, Linda saw Kiara standing outside talking to guard.

" Young Madam said that she doesn't want to meet you so please leave." The guard said.

Kiara frowned and asked," Who Young Madam? I am here to meet Linda, my sister."

" Yes, and she said that she doesn't want to meet you." The guard said.

Kiara raised her eyebrows and asked," So Linda is your Young Madam?"

The guard nodded his head," Yes Ms Linda is our Young madam and the future Mrs Chen. Now please go from here." before walking away.

Kiara gritted her teeth when she heard that. Wasn't Chen Yichan just toying her?

Glancing at the luxurious mansion in front of her and the countless numbers of cars parked inside the estate, Kiara couldn't help but feel jealous of Linda.

How could Linda get everything while she was struggling to pay her bills?

Since Simon refused to give any money to Kiara saying that he had none, she decided to visit Linda and ask her for some money for her makeover.

When Kiara heard that Linda no one living in her old apartment, she asked someone to find out about her whereabouts and this is how she came to know that she was living in the Chen Mansion.

When Kiara heard about the relationship between the new CEO of Chen enterprise and her sister, initially she thought that Chen Yichan was just toying her but things were different.

Currently things were so hard for Simon and Kiara. Their businesses were stalled, their consignments were being rejected and they were running out of cash too and her father was doing nothing.

Kiara knew that her stupid father is good for nothing, so she decided to take charge and get herself out of this situation.

Thinking about the possible things Kiara could do, her lips curled upwards.


Glory Regency.

By the time Beth and Songpa arrived home, it was almost 7 in the evening.

As soon as Songpa entered their apartment, he frowned when he saw Beth's suitcase lying in the living room.

Taking off his coat, Songpa started dragging the suitcase inside their room.

Beth chuckled and said," Let it be Songpa, I'll do it tomorrow morning."

Songpa shook his head and said," No, I will only be at peace after arranging everything."

Beth sighed and said," Let me help you."

" You were complaining about your back pain right? So why don't you go and rest or if you are feeling okay we can-"

Cutting him off, Beth said," No Songpa, I am very tired." Before rushing towards their room.

" I'll order something for us." Songpa said before taking out his phone.

Just then Songpa received a call from someone which completely changed his mood.


Inside the bedroom.

Beth was taking out their night wears when Songpa entered the room.

Seeing his gloomy and strange expression, Beth asked," What happened?"

Songpa took a deep breath and said," Julia is in the hospital."

Beth froze when she heard that.

When Songpa saw her pale expression, he pulled her into his embrace and said," Don't panic okay. I had asked a few men to follow her just to make sure that she doesn't do anything bad to harm you. So an hour ago, they found her in an unconscious state and then rushed her to the nearby hospital. I've already informed brother Peter about this and if you want to go, I'll take you to see her."

Burying her face in his chest, Beth slowly nodded her head.

Rubbing her back, Songpa said," Come let's go."


" Sir we are about to land." Delila said.

Placing the business magazine down, Stephen said," Send someone to find Mo Junjop."

" Sir-"

Cutting her off, Stephen said," I am 101% sure that Mo Junjop is hiding in country S."

Delila nodded her head and said," I'll immediately send someone to look for Mr Mo."

"Hmm contact my brother too." Stephen said.

" Yes Sir."

Stephen smiled and said," Find out a way through which I can meet my little

sister when her little boyfriend is not around."