Inside Singtans office.

When Leo entered the office along with Zihao, Singtan was sitting on the couch.

" Boss Mr Beck is here." Zihao said before walking out of the room.

Walking towards the couch, Leo sat beside Singtan said," I am glad that you-Hey ouch."

Smacking his head, Singtan said," Never call my wife ever again even if you are dying. Did you understand?"

Rubbing his head, Leo said," You were not receiving my call so I called Ming."

" I wasn't receiving your calls so wasn't it evident that I was ignoring you?" Singtan asked.

" Well isn't it because I called Ming and kept on bugging her, you reluctantly agreed to meet me?" Leo asked.

Singtan rolled his eyes and said," You have ten minutes to-"

Placing a file on the table, Leo said," Here is the proposal and-"

" I am not talking about the proposal Leo. You and I we both know that the so called being an incharge and proving yourself is shit." Singtan said.

Leo chuckled and said," You are exactly like people say, cunning and extraordinarily smart."

Singtan smirked and said," People also call me a vicious cold hearted man who doesn't think twice before killing people whom I don't like and right now you are the one who is topping that list."

Leo helplessly shook his head and asked," Does Ming know about this vicious side of yours?"

Singtan chuckled and said," What if I say no? Wait are you planning to go and tell my wife about how cruel her husband is?"

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Why don't you tell Ming about my vicious side and I tell you brother-Ahh please pardon me, your illegitimate brother about your small yet quite impressive little plan of pretending to fall into his trap?"

" YOU-"

" Know?" Singtan asked.

When Leo nodded his head, Singtan laughed and said," What? Are you scared that I know something that was actually supposed to be one of the many secrets that the Beck family has?"

Leo took a deep and sighed. So whatever he had heard about Singtan was correct. He was without any doubt as people said, dangerous and vicious.

From that very moment, Leo decided not to mess with him in the future.

" Since you know everything, will you help me?" Leo asked.

" Depends." Singtan said.

Leo frowned and asked,"Depends on what?"

" Depends on what will I get." Singtan said.

" What do you want?" Leo asked.

Singtan smiled and said," After you take over Beck Enterprise, I want some shares."

" You already have all the wealth in the world Singtan." Leo said.

" I am about to start a family now and you know how expensive things are. So I need to increase my income." Singtan said.

Staring at him for quite sometime, Leo said," Fine."

Getting up from the couch, Singtan said," Leave the proposal on my table. I'll go over it and then let you know."

Leo nodded his head and said," Okay and please help me get an appointment from Yutang and the CEO of Chen Enterprise as well."

Singtan chuckled and said," I am not helping you with that."

" You-"

"Oh and make sure that the shares are under my wife's name." Singtan said before walking out of the office.

After Singtan left, Leo sighed and left the office as well.

Now that he had Singtan's support, he could think about taking his next step.

All Leo wanted to do was to take everything that was actually belonged to his little sister and him because they were the real Becks while Stephen was an illegitimate vicious son of his father's mistress.


Stephen Beck was the illegitimate son of Charles Beck the founder and chairman of Beck Enterprise. Stephen was the son of Charles Becks only mistress Runi Delmon whom he had met several years ago and had fallen for her.

Charles Beck was already married to Hannah Fortura, his legally wedded life before he met Runi.

Charles and Hannah were lovers and belonged to influential families before they got married. Leonardo Beck and Dina Beck were the legitimate son and daughter of Charles Beck.

Everything was good until one day when the sudden death of Runi Delmon forced Charles to bring Stephen to the Beck Mansion.

Hannah felt shattered as well as heartbroken when her husband introduced a boy who was just a couple of years older than Leo as his son from his mistress.

At first Hannah decided to leave Charles and take her kids with her but later her mother-in-law told her that if she did that, the illegitimate son would take away everything that actually belonged to her kids.

After thinking about it for quite some time, Hannah decided to swallow her pride and stay with Charles and fight for what belonged to her kids. She stayed in the Beck mansion but never shared the same room with her husband.

As the years passed by, Hannah started accepting Stephen too but things were not as simple as they thought it would be.

Stephen Beck was a cunning and vicious kind of a man since he was young. He used to act all nice and innocent in front of his father but in reality, he was a very cruel man.

As the time passed by, many things happened which forced Leo to help his little sister elope from the Beck Mansion.

After Dina left, even Leo left them Mansion leaving Charles, Hannah and Stephen behind.

Before taking his retirement, Charles made Stephen the CEO of Beck Enterprise instead of Leonardo who was much more capable and deserving.

Hannah fought with her husband day and night for treating his legitimate son unfairly but Charles Beck never changed his decision. In addition to the CEO's position, Charles gave Stephen several plots of land and villas that he had, leaving almost nothing for Leo and Dina.

If not for the shares that grandma Beck had given Leo and Dina before she died, their names would not even exist amongst the Becks Enterprise's shareholders.