" If wanting to have a daughter is being unreasonable, then I am unreasonable. Daughters are cute Ming and sons are not. You don't know how hard it was for mom and dad to raise Quin and me. I don't want us to go through all that." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," So you were a naughty kid?"

Singtan shrugged his shoulders and said," I was an intelligent kid."

" Hmm I see let's just wait for few more weeks Mr Li." Ming said.

Singtan sighed and nodded his head.

" Ahh by the way Leo had called me again this morning. He told me that you aren't receiving his calls." Ming said.

" I did not see." Singtan said.

" Call him and talk to him once." Ming said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay, I guess I can spare a minute or two for him."


Flexi compound.

Helping Sebastian with his tie, Dina asked," What is wrong with your mood today? Did something happen? Did you do something and now you are scared that I'll scold you?"

Sebastian shook his head and said," No."

" Then what happened? Are you not feeling well?" Dina asked.

Sebastian sighed and said," It's not like that."

Dina frowned and asked," Seb are you hiding something from me?"

Pulling her into his embrace, Sebastian said," Just don't go out without the guards and stay close to Ling okay?"

Dina nodded her head and said," Okay but why?"

" It's nothing. I'll take care of it." Sebastian said before leaving.

Few minutes after Sebastian left, a guard entered the house and said," Madam there is someone waiting for you downstairs."

Flipping through the magazine, Dina asked," Who is it?"

" He said his name is Leonardo Beck." The guard said.

Placing the magazine down, Dina thought for awhile and said," Send him in."

" But Madam Boss said-"

" Just send him in." Dina said.

The guard nodded his head and left.


" So you left the States." Leo asked.

Stirring the coffee, Dina said," I always wanted to leave the States anyway."

Leo chuckled and said," You know how difficult it was to find you. Your boyfriend has seriously used all his powers to keep you safe."

" Fiancé, he is my fiancé." Dina said.

Leo's lips curled upwards when he heard that," So my little sister already got engaged with the most despicable and cold hearted man all over the US. Should I be happy that you are in safe hands or should I be worried about you?"

Dina rolled her eyes and said," Don't bother feeling or saying anything."

Taking the coffee from her hand, Leo said," Hmm I will be staying here for quite some time. Ahh I guess your fiancé already told you about my arrival in the country, didn't he?"

" What are you here for?" Dina asked.

" I am taking over the branch that Beck enterprise is establishing in country S." Leo said.

" Why would you leave everything and come here? I am 101% sure it's not as simple as you are making it look." Dina asked.

" Yeah you can say that." Leo said before sitting on the couch.

Taking a sip, Leo said," Stephen wanted me to come here."

Dina froze when she heard the name that she didn't want to. It had been years since anyone had mentioned this name in front of her.

Seeing her pale expression, Leo quickly grabbed her hand and said," Pumpkin you know that I'll never let him harm you again."

" I-Is he also here?" Dina asked.

Leo shook his head and said," No he is not here but he will come here soon."

" You know that he is luring you away right?" Dina asked.

Leo nodded his head and said," Yes and I am pretending to fall in his trap."

Pausing for a while, Leo said," It's time to take back what is rightfully and legally ours pumpkin."

" I don't want anything. I already have enough of whatever I want. Just let me stay out of it." Dina said.

Leo shook his head and said," No, everything that he has now is actually ours. You and I should've been the heir and heiress of Beck Enterprise not him."

" What are you planning to do?" Dina asked.

" Hmm just wait and see. You don't have to do anything. Oh yeah get a nice outfit ready for the board meeting that we will have after a few months. You still have 12% shares of Beck Enterprise and that makes you the fourth biggest shareholder. You still know that right?" Leo asked.

Dina slowly nodded her head and asked," How is Mother?"

Leo sighed and said," She misses you a lot."

Getting up from the seat, Leo said," Now give your brother a hug before your fiancé comes back and drags me out of your apartment pointing his gun at me."


Beck Enterprise.

" Sir we are ready to leave." Delila said.

Grabbing his coat, Stephen Beck said," Let's fly to country M first and visit my evil uncle."

Delila nodded be head and said," Okay Sir."

" What about the things that I had asked you to start in country S?" Stephen asked.

" It's all done sir." Delila said.

" How did the Li clan react?" Stephen asked.

Delila shook her head and said," No reaction yet sir."

Stephen raised his eyebrows and said," Start smuggling drugs to country S. Let's see how long can they ignore it."


Li Corporation.

After meeting Dina, Leo decided to visit Singtan directly in his office.

Just then he received a call from Han Zihao who told him that Li Singtan wanted to meet him.

Leo smiled and asked," Is Mr Li free now for the meeting?"

Zihao nodded his head and said," Mr Li has 15 minutes before the financial meeting starts."

" Great I am coming to his office." Leo said before hanging up the call.


Placing the phone inside his pocket, Han Zihao was about to enter his office when someone told him that Mr Leo Beck wanted to meet the CEO.

Zihao raised his eyebrows and said," Send him up."

When Leo stepped out of the elevator, Zihao said," That was fast. Please follow me."


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