Hugging her waist, Songpa placed his head on Beth's lap and said," What are you shy about Beth? You should get used to walking naked in front of me."

" Songpa." Beth shouted.

Snuggling in her lap, Songpa said," Let me sleep for a while."

Running her fingers through his hair, Beth said," I should be the one saying this Songpa. You did not let me sleep for the whole night."

" Who told you to be so beautiful? It's not my fault." Songpa said.

Pulling his cheeks, Beth said," You have become so skinny."

" Beth it has just been two days." Songpa said.

" Ya but you have become skinny." Beth said.

Pausing for a while, Beth said," I'll cook your favourite dishes after we go home."

Songpa took a deep breath and said," You know Beth for a moment I thought that I lost you."

" I am sorry, I know I was being unreasonable." Beth said.

" Hmm so were you really leaving the city and staying with that pawn guy?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and said," Shawn."

" Ya whatever his name is." Songpa said.

" Shawn is my high school friend and he works at the same restaurant that I was gonna join but I wasn't going to stay with him. I was going to stay with my friend Stella who helped me find this job." Beth said.

" Why did you lie to me?" Songpa asked.

" Well I just wanted to scare you a little bit because you scared me a lot that day with your deadly moves." Beth said.

Songpa sighed and said," Beth about that I-"

Cutting him off,  Beth said," You don't have to say anything Songpa. That is your job so I don't have a problem with that. Let's just forget about everything and just love and support each other to the fullest."

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Songpa buried his head on her stomach and said," I love you."

Beth chuckled and said," Now stop being a baby and bring some clothes for me."

Getting down from the bed, Songpa picked up his shirt from the floor and started buttoning it.

Wrapping herself with the sheet, Beth helplessly shook her head and said," Take that paper off your chest Songpa, it's irritating."

Scratching his head,  Songpa said," Ehh I was so excited that time that I did not realise something."

" What?" Beth asked.

" Ehh the glue that I used was super glue." Songpa said.

Beth chuckled and said," I'll help you take it off with hot water later."

Kissing her forehead, Songpa said," I'll get food and clothes for you. Lock the door from inside and freshen up a bit."

" Where is your phone?" Beth asked.

" It's inside the drawer." Songpa said before walking outside.

After Songpa left, Beth locked the door and took out the phone from the drawer.

Turning it on, Beth took out a number from Songpa's phone and copied it in her phone.

Tossing Songpa's phone aside, Beth typed a message to that number and entered the washroom.


Singtan was about to enter the meeting hall when his phone buzzed.

Taking out his phone from his pocket when Singtan read the message, his lips curled upwards.

The message said: Thank you big brother :) I'll surely send you a big box of brownie tomorrow.


Somewhere is US.

Beck Enterprise.

Sitting inside his lavish office, Stephen Beck was sipping wine while caressing a photo frame with his thumb.

Just then a young woman entered the office and said," Sir Mr Leo has settled in country S and everything is happening according to our plan."

Stephen Beck smirked and said," Tch Tch I knew that stupid brother of mine would fall for this."

Delila nodded her head and said," And Sir about young misses."

Stephens eyes sparkled," What about her?"

" She is staying in country S with Mr Wu in Flexi compound." Delila said.

Stephen chuckled and said," Ahh so she is still with that Sebastian Wu. That is interesting."

" Actually sir they are engaged." Delila said.

Stephen smirked and said," Ahh that even more nice."

Pausing for a while, Stephen asked," So tell me Delila, shouldn't I pay them a visit? I mean shouldn't I visit my would be brother-in-law and little sister?"

Delila nodded her head and said," Yes Sir."

" Make preparations Delila. Let's visit my little sister and give her a surprise." Stephen said.

Delila nodded her head and left.

After Delila left, Stephen caressed the photograph of a young girl and said," Too much running Dina. Now it's time to stop this game my little sister." before laughing out loud.


Country S.

Flexi compound.

Caressing Dina's back, Sebastian took a deep breath before picking up his cell phone.

Thinking for quite some time, Sebastian called Yufan.

" Stephen Beck is coming to country S." Sebastian said.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yufan said," Lets talk about this after sometime."

Tightening his grip around Dina, Sebastian said," I don't want him to come anywhere near Dina."

" Don't stress over that Seb, I'll take care of it." Yufans aid.

Pausing for a while, Yufan said," Leonardo Beck wants to meet me. He wants to collaborate with Xie Enterprise in something. I'll talk to him and clarify everything."

" Hmm okay do whatever you want but Dina should not know about his arrival." Sebastian said.

" Hmm you don't worry about that. I'll take care of it." Yufan said before hanging up the call.