Hitting him on his chest, Beth said," Why didn't you stop me when I was leaving?"

Pressing their foreheads together, Songpa said," I was scared, I was very scared. I thought what if I stop you and you leave ignoring me. I am sorry."

Beth shook her head and said," I am sorry. I shouldn't have reacted like that."

" It's all my fault and-"

Cutting him off, Beth said," I love you Songpa irrespective to who you are. I shouldn't have reacted like that. I am sorry."

Cupping his face, Beth said," But now I am not leaving. I will never leave and I'll always stay with you no matter what."

" Really?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and said," Really."

Pulling her closer, Songpa said," You have no idea how sacred and worried I was. I thought that even you will leave me alone just like other's. I thought you-"

Songpa swallowed his words when Beth presses her lips against his. This time the kiss wasn't sweet but it was passionate one. It was so intense that it ignited the fire within them.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Beth pulled him closer.

They finally let each other go when they were running short of breath.

Panting, they pressed their foreheads  together and stood there lying in each other's embrace.

" You are not leaving right?" Songpa asked.

Looking at him, Beth pouted her lips and said," If you want me go, I still have time. If I rush to the airport, I can still catch my flight."

Tightening his grip around her waist, Songpa said," No I am not letting you go."

Placing her hand on his neck, Beth said," Then make me yours tonight."

" Beth-"

Cutting him off, Beth said," Let's not think about anything tonight. It's just you and me and I want to."

" Are you sure?" Songpa asked.

Without saying anything, Beth crashed their lips together and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Grabbing the hem of her dress, Songpa started caressing her soft smooth thighs.

Beth shivered when she felt his warm fingers against her skin.

After helping him take of shirt, Beth started running her hands against his firm chest.

Lifting her dress up, Songpa was about to take it off but he stopped midway.

Breaking off the kiss, Songpa said," Wait."

Beth frowned when Songpa started running towards the door.

After locking the door, Songpa checked it twice before rushing towards her.

" Yes now I am ready." Songpa said.

Beth chuckled and asked," How could you still care about that?"

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Songpa said," I would never want anyone to see you like that." before scoping her into his arms and walking towards the bed.


Li mansion.

When Singtan entered the room, Ming was watching a movie.

When she saw Singtan, she closed her laptop and asked," Why so late?"

Passing her a box of brownies, Singtan said," Straight from the oven for my beloved wife."

Staring at the brownies, Ming asked," You baked them?

" Come on taste and tell me how are they." Singtan said.

" I wanted to eat brownies since morning." Ming said before placing a small piece inside her mouth.

" Hmm this is tasty." Ming said.

" Huh has to be tasty because I made them." Singtan said.

" Hmmm I did not know that Mr Li had such great baking skills too." Ming said.

Lying down beside her, Singtan said," You have no idea how great your husband is Mrs Li."

Ming rolled her eyes and said," Why do I feel like you are becoming more and more Shameless day by day?"

" Did you take your medicine?" Singtan asked.

Ming shook her head and said," I forgot."

Singtan sighed and got down from the bed.

" Ohh Singtan Anna was asking me whether we want to know the gender of the baby or not." Ming said.

" She has asked me the same question several weeks ago and I had said no." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," Even I said no."

" Just few more weeks and the little thing will be out of my wife's stomach." Singtan said.

Ming chuckled and said," Yes few more weeks."

Passing a capsule to Ming, Singtan said," You should not forget to take your medicine."

" Ahh I was about to but then Leo call in the afternoon and-"

Singtan frowned  and asked," Who called?"

" Leo from college. He said that he is in country S now and will be staying here for a while. Oh and he took your number too." Ming said.

Singtan took a deep breath and said," Dont receive his call from now on."

Ming chuckled and said," You don't have to feel jealous of Leo. He is just a friend."

" But still I don't like him." Singtan said.

" Okay Okay fine but why is he in country S?" Ming asked.

" Leo company is trying to open a bracnch in country S and Leo is the incharge of that branch. They want to collaborate with Li Corporation and Yang Enterprise." Singtan said.

" Ahh I see." Ming said.

" What do you want to have for dinner?" Singtan asked.

Ming chuckled and said," You."


Next morning when Songpa woke up, Beth was still sleeping in his embrace.

Caressing her bare back, Songpa kissed her forehead and murmured," Good morning."

Snuggling against his chest, Beth slowly opened her eyes.

" What do you want to have for breakfast?" Songpa asked.

Moving closer, Beth said," I want to go home."

Songpa smiled and said," Hmm we can go home after sometime."

" I don't have any clothes to wear." Beth said.

Songpa chuckled and said," I am sorry." Last night after locking the door, Songpa became so impatient that he ripped off Beth's dress.

" You go and freshen up, I will go and get clothes for you." Songpa said.

Covering herself with the sheets, Beth slowly got down from the bed.

" Ahh Songpa leave." Beth said when Songpa decided to grabbed the hem for the sheet.

" Why do you have to cover yourself like that? It isn't like I haven't seen anything." Songpa said.

Glaring at him, Beth said " Stop."

Pulling the sheet towards him, Songpa said," Well last night you did not ask me stop then why-"

" Stop dont talk about last night." Beth said before burying her face on a pillow.