Before Yumi could say anything, she saw Zixin jog towards a black car which was parked not too far away from them.

Just then a man stepped out of the car and gave Zixin something.

After discussing a few things with him, Zixin patted the man's shoulder and started jogging back.

"Okay, I am back." Zixin said before grabbing her hand and guiding her towards the cliff.

Rubbing his hands together, Zixin took a few deep breaths and murmured something.

"What are you saying?" Yumi asked.

Zixin vigorously shook his head and sighed before holding both her hands.

Pressing his lips on her knuckles, Zixin said, "Yumi, from the very day we met, you have been the only one for me and you are the only woman I have in my heart and mind. My dreams and thoughts are always filled with you. I think about you when I am sleeping and also when I am awake. In short, everything is about you. My whole life revolves around you. I know I've messed up a lot. It's all my fault for leaving you alone for three long years. But I promise that starting today, I am not leaving you alone ever again. I'll always stay in with you."

Fishing out a dark blue velvet box from his pocket, Zixin continued, "I promise to keep you happy and love you till my last breath. My heart beats only for you Yumi and I love you to the moon and back. So my love-" getting down on his knees, Zixin took out a ring from his pocket and asked, "Will you marry me?"

Stretching the ring towards her, Zixin added, "You have five minutes to decide."

Yumi chuckled and vigorously nodded her head before getting down her knees.

Kissing her left hand, Zixin smiled and quickly slided the ring into her ring finger and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you for saying yes, for a second I thought you wouldn't accept my proposal. And I was ready to jump off this cliff if you didn't."

Smacking his arm, Yumi frowned, "Don't say that, why would you jump out of the cliff? And why on earth wouldn't I want to marry you? I have been waiting for this as long as I can remember Zixin. Becoming yours forever is something that I have always wished for."

"I know the proposal is a bit off but I'll give you a grand wedding and-"

Cutting him off, Yumi said, "This is the best proposal ever honey. This is the same place where dad proposed mom twice. Mom always says that the best of her life happened right here and even the best thing of my life is happening right here. I feel like our relationship is already blessed."

"I am blessed because you are a part of my life." Rubbing their nose together, Zixin places his hands on her neck and clashed their lips together.



"Ahhhhh you both got engaged too." Mian shouted before rushing towards them.

Giving Yumi a tight hug, Mian squealed in excitement. "Oh my God now we can do so many things together. Ahhh first let's choose the venue of the wedding and then-"

"Alright, hold on for a second. Are four of you planning to get married together?" Mike asked.

Wrapping his arms around Yumi's shoulder, Zixin nodded his head. "Yes, we have already discussed everything and we will let Yumi and Mian decide the location and everything."

Turning towards Singtan, Mike smiled. "You see man, you are taking my daughter away and someone is taking yo he daughter away so guess we are even."

When Singtan grinned from ear to ear, Mike frowned, "Why are you smiling? Why are you not sad?"

Patting Mike's cheeks, Singtan grinned harder. "You'll see mate."


Next morning.

Pressing his lips in between her brows, Guang caressed her cheeks and sighed. He knew what happened last night was wrong but when Qiang took the initiative and kissed him, he couldn't stop himself from kissing her back and at the end, they ended up kissing and cuddling all night.

How could he stop himself from cuddling with someone so adorable? Guang loved the way she melted in his embrace and he couldn't stop himself from hugging her tightly. Only if he could freeze this moment and keep her in his arms forever. But he knew this wasn't possible and no matter how much he hated it, he had to let her go.

Snuggling closer, Qiang slowly opened her eyes and smiled at him. Burying her face on his neck, she sighed. "Morning."

Closing his eyes, Guang took a deep breath before slowly detaching himself from her.

When Guang suddenly got up, Qiang frowned. "What happened?"

Without saying anything, Guang picked his shirt and started wearing it.

Picking up his blazer, he opened the door and left before saying, "I am waiting for you near the car."

"Wait what-" Qiang frowned deeper when Guang walked out completely ignoring her presence.

Kicking the blanket off, she grabbed her coat and quickly rushed after him.



Near the car.

Tossing her coat on the bonnet, Qiang asked, "What was that? Why are you ignoring me?"

"I am not ignoring you I-"

"Stop lying Guang, I have known you since I was born. You think you can deceive me with your lies?" Qiang asked.

When Guang did not say anything, Qiang asked, "Is it about yesterday? Are you afraid of dad?"

Without waiting for his response, Qiang added, "Look don't worry about anything okay? I will talk to dad and you know that he likes you a lot right? We can figure out this together and-"

Cutting her off, Guang snapped, "It's not about your dad or my dad okay? And there is no us or together."

"What do you mean?" Qiang asked. She could feel a change in Guang's behaviour. He wasn't behaving like he used to and something was off about him. Weren't they okay last night?

"Look let's not create a scene here okay? I'll drop you home." Taking out his keys Guang was about to unlock the car when Qiang snatched his keys away.