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 Placing the handkerchief on the cabinet, Beth asked," Where is he?"

Singtan's lips curled upwards as he said," A car is waiting for you outside."

Without wasting a single second, Beth dashed out of his apartment.

After Beth left, Singtan took a deep breath and murmured," Well done Mr Li, you deserve a good pat." before patting himself.

Staring at the ingredients, Singtan rolled his sleeves and said," Alright now let's bake brownies for my beautiful wife."


Li base

Sitting inside his room with the choco chip cookie box in his hand, Songpa was staring at the clock.

" She might be at the airport by now." Songpa said.

Zechan who was sitting with him, sighed and said," Will you stop staring at the clock like an idiot?"

" Did you upgrade her ticket?" Songpa asked.

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes I did."

" Did you check the restaurant that she is going to work in and that friend of hers?" Songpa asked.

Zechan took a deep breath and said," Everything is safe."

Shoving a cookie into his mouth, Songpa said," Did you book a ticket for me too?"

" No I didn't." Zechan said.

Songpa frowned and asked," Why?"

" I won't let you go there and hurt yourself. Now Songpa since you have decided to let her go, then why bother flying there just to look at her?" Zechan asked.

" But I have to see her." Songpa said.

Zechan rolled his eyes and said," You already smell like her."

Songpa sighed and said," You've no idea how much I miss her Zechan. She is everywhere. Like right now I can see her standing right in front of the door. I've started hallucinating things. Hey do you think I have gone crazy?"

" You- idiot you are not hallucinating things. She is standing right in front of the door." Zechan said before getting up from his seat.

Songpa widened his eyes in shock when he saw Beth walking towards him.

" I'll leave." Zechan said before rushing outside.

Walking around the room, Beth said," This is room different than the one we stay in."

Keeping the cookie box aside, Songpa got up and tidied his clothes before saying," Yes I used to stay here before we moved in together."

" Oh so you are going to move back after I leave?" Beth asked.

Songpa sighed and slowly nodded his head.

" Hmm then what will happen to our-I mean your apartment?" Beth asked.

" Beth that is our apartment and it was always remain our apartment." Songpa said.

Beth nodded her head and said," I see."

Walking towards Songpa, Beth said," I just wanted to see you once before I leave."

Songpa lowered his head and said," Hmm."

Pausing for a while, Songpa asked," Where are you going to stay?"

" Oh I am going to stay with Shawn." Beth said.

Songpa frowned and asked," Shawn? Who is Shawn?"

" He is my friends friend who helped me get the job. He has this empty room in his apartment so I'll stay there until I find a new place for myself." Beth said.

" And Shawn is a woman?" Songpa asked.

Beth shook her head and said," Shawn is a man."

Songpa frowned deeper and asked," How can you stay with a man alone Beth?"

" As I was staying with you." Beth said.

" But that is different okay. You don't even know that pawn." Songpa said.

" Shawn." Beth said.

" Ya whatever his name is as if I care." Songpa said.

Beth smiled and said," I'll be okay you don't have to worry about me."

" There is no way I am going to let you share an apartment with a male stranger." Songpa said.

" And who are you not to let me do that?" Beth asked.

" I am you boy-" Pausing for a while Songpa continued," Dont you say that I am your saviour? So yeah as your saviour I forbid you to share an apartment with another guy."

Giving him a sweet smile, Beth said," I have to leave now."

Songpa lowered his head and said," Okay."

Beth helplessly shook her head and started walking towards the door.

As she was about to touch the door knob, Songpa grabbed her wrist and said," Beth."

" Hmm."

" You are not gonna stay with another man right?" Songpa asked.

" Is that all you want to say?" Beth asked.

When Songpa did not say anything for a really long time, Beth took a deep breath and said," Goodbye." before leaving the room.

After Beth left, Songpa leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

After sometime, his shoulders started trembling and tears started rolling down his eyes.

Songpa was wiping his face with his t-shirt when he heard someone say," So you can sit here and cry alone but you can't stop me?"

Walking towards him, she continued," You can feel jealous but you cannot stop me."

Cupping his face, Beth said," You can cry like a baby but you cannot stop me."

" Beth I-" Songpa swallowed his words when Beth tiptoed and pressed her lips against his.

The kiss was soft and slow and one the best for both of them.

After letting his lips go, Beth started kissing his eyes, his cheeks, his nose.

Giving him a quick peck on his lips, Beth said," You have no idea how cute you are looking right now."

Songpa who was still in a daze caressed her cheeks and asked," You are really here right? I mean I am not seeing things right?"

Cupping his face, Beth kissed the tip of his nose and said," I am right here standing in front of you and you are not seeing things."

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Songpa pulled her closer. Burying his head on her neck, Songpa took a deep breath and said," Don't go please, I won't be able to stay without you. I need you Beth. I need you here with me. I cannot see you stay with some other man. I want to be the only man in your life. Please don't leave, please don't leave me."