Singtan took a deep breath and said," Songpa had a really tough childhood and he was still suffering and was having anxiety attacks from time to time until he met you."

Passing his handkerchief to Beth, Singtan said," After Songpa met you, he has changed a lot. He is developing the emotions which his doctor thought that he would never."

Clutching onto the handkerchief, Beth asked," Who did that to his family?"

" Later when I asked someone to investigate, I found out that Songpa's dad used to work as a secret agent and he had found something about a very powerful man. So in order to save his reputation, the man planned to kill him and his family members." Singtan said.

Tears were rolling down Beth's eyes when Singtan finished talking. She could not believe that her man had gone through so much when he was young.

After knowing everything, she clearly understood why he was like that. Beth clearly understood how it must have felt while seeing is dear once die in front of his eyes. When she had seen her father's body lying in a pool of fresh blood, she was terrified. Her heart ached for Songpa.

Singtan took a deep breath and said," Even I never expected Songpa to fall for someone but he did. I understand how you must have felt when you saw all that but that is what Songpa does and he wanted to show you everything. Everyone asked him not to do that. They asked Songpa to hide his real self from you but he refused. He said that you deserve to know. And after knowing everything even if you choose to leave, he will not stop you. And he didn't right?"

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," I don't have to tell you this but even you know how much he loves you. Right now, you are is everything."

Wiping her tears away, Beth said," Songpa adores and respects you a lot. You have no idea how much he talks about you all day. He always says that you'll always be the first person he loves and for you, he will do everything that he can. Now I understood why he used to say that."

Singtan smiled and said," Songpa is my little brother and I cannot see him sad. Though he is not saying anything right now, I know how heartbroken and sad my little brother is. He doesn't want to come in between you and the decision that you are taking."

Covering her face with the handkerchief, Beth said," I don't know what to do and I feel like an idiot."

" Beth please don't leave my little brother like that. He won't be able to handle it. He has already seen and lost many things when he was young. It took me years to stabilise him but I could never bring back the emotions that he had completely buried deep down in his heart but you could." Singtan said.

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," After you left that day Songpa-he cried."

" He cried?" Beth asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said,"Yes he did. Songpa never cried after his parents death. Even after going under severe treatments, hypnosis and many other things, he never cried. The thing that we could not do in so many years, you could do it. The thought of losing you made him cry. Now you must know how important you are to him."

" I am such a horrible person." Beth said. Yes she was a horrible person. She was about to leave the person whom she loved. Songpa loved her irrespective to who she was and what she did. He never made her feel that she was someone who was inferior to him. He always protected her and dotted on her. But what did she give him in return? Pain, suffering?

She was about to leave him and go away after knowing what he really did. How could she be so selfish? Why didn't she ask him the real reason for doing something so inhuman? Why did not she insist on knowing about his past? How could she never see that the man whom she loved was in so much pain?

Guilty. Yes that is what Beth was feeling right now. She was feeling horrible and heartbroken at the same time.

" Songpa needs you Beth and I know you need him too. You both are meant to be together and I know even you want that. Don't let these external things affect your relationship with him. What matters the most is that Songpa is a really really nice person and you love him." Singtan said.

Yes, that is what matters. If Songpa could accept her with all her flaws, why couldn't she? If he could accept her and support her knowing all the troubles that she would face in the near future because of her twin sister, why couldn't she? If he was ready to give everything that he had to her, why couldn't she? When Songpa was never bothered about what she does or who is really is, then why should she bother herself with that?

Everything that Songpa gave her was love, love and love without asking anything in return. He gave her a place she could call her own. He gave her the respect and adoration that she had always wanted. He gave her everything that she wanted.

So after everything that Songpa did for you, couldn't she just ignore that tiny tinie flaw that he had? Couldn't she just let go of everything and embrace her man for who he is and not for what he does? Couldn't she just hug him tightly and stay with him forever? Was it so difficult to do that? No, it wasn't. How could she even think about leaving him?

Beth's mind was about to explode with all the mixed emotions that were building inside her. Right now all she wanted to do was place her head on his chest and cuddle with him all night.