How the little seven year old Songpa had seen his family members die in front of him and how he had spent an entire night lying beside his mother's dead body, Singtan was shocked as well as worried about the little boy soundly sleeping in his arms.

It had just been a month since he had brought Songpa with him from the orphanage but Singtan was already very attached to him.

He used to spend almost his entire day with Songpa. He used to take him outside, bring toys for him but strangely Songpa never played with toys. Even if he did, he refused to play with ordinary toys. He used to like playing with complicated assembling toys, guns, artificial swords and other things.

The constant nightmares and anxiety attacks that Songpa was having kept on increasing day by day worrying Singtan even more.

The psychiatrist that Songpa was being treated under told Singtan that Songpa was suffering from PTSD [Posttraumatic Stress disorder] which would take lots and lots of time to heal.

As the number of sessions that Songpa was attending kept on increasing, his conditions slowly started improving. And finally one day Singtan saw Songpa smile for the first time. It was one of the brightest and loveliest smile he had ever seen.

Slowly slowly Songpa started opening up and started talking to everyone especially to Singtan. Songpa used to chat with Singtan non-stop.

After a whole year of intense therapy and medication, the psychiatrist gave Songpa a green card.

After his last session, the psychiatrist Mr Jones called Singtan for a chat.

" Mr Li as you can see that Songpa's condition has completely been healed." Dr Jones said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes and I am very thankful to you."

Dr Jones smiled and said," It's my job Mr Li so you don't have to thank me but are you sure that Songpa is completely healed?"

Singtan frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

Dr Jones sighed and said," Songpa doesn't cry Mr Li, have you noticed that?"

Singtan frowned deeper when he heard that. Yes, he had never seen Songpa cry.

" The incident that happened several years back has forced him to lock up all his emotions. Naturally when a seven year old baby will see blood they will cry but even after Songpa saw his family members die in front of his eyes, he did not shed a single drop of tear."

Pausing for a while, Dr Jones continued," Genrally during the sessions, patients cry when they tell me about the traumatic thing that they have been through but when Songpa told me everything he did not shed a single drop of tear."

" What does this mean? Is he still not okay?" Singtan asked.

" You see Mr Li, when his parents and his elder sister were killed in front of him, his other sister, Jill ran away with him. Before dying, Jil told him a few things which has been deeply engraved in Songpa's mind. When Jill was shot dead when she was talking to him, Jill's death has affected him the most. His mind has forced him to believe what Jil told him and to follow it for the rest of his life. Bad people deserve a torturous death." Dr Jones said.

Pausing for a while, Dr Jones said," Though Songpa is laughing and behaving like a normal kid now, he isn't completely normal. He is an emotionally dead person right now. Though his attachment with you is deep but I am afraid that there are very little chances of him feeling any kind of romantic or sentimental emotions with anybody else."

" Is there anything that we can do?" Singtan asked.

" Unfortunately we can't do anything. We can just wait and see how things go." Dr Jones said.

" So If Songpa cries, he will be okay?" Singtan asked.

Dr Jones nodded his head and said," Songpa needs to break the thick wall that he has created in his heart and only he can do that. I can give medicines to ease him when he gets an anxiety attack in the future but to build different kinds of emotions within him, Songpa has to do that himself."

Pausing for a while, Dr Jones said," The day he cries, it means that he has already started building up emotions inside him and is slowly letting go his traumatic past and moving on life. I don't know when will that happen but I believe that under your care, Songpa will surely lead a healthy life in the future."

" Is it fatal?" Singtan asked.

" Oh no Mr Li, Songpa's condition is not fatal or life threatening. He has already passed the most dangerous state. When you brought him to me, he was just a few steps away from falling into a very severe depression. He is lucky that you found him." Dr Jones said.

" Hmm I'll take care of him." Singtan said.

" Just make sure that nothing serious happens which will bring his anxiety attacks back." Dr Jones said.


Songpa resumed his studies again. Singtan arranged home tutors for him.

As Songpa was growing up, his interest in guns and sharp objects kept on increasing worrying Singtan even more.

After Songpa turned sixteen, he insisted Singtan on joining the Li clan.

At first Singtan directly refused because he wanted Songpa to complete his education and join Li Corporation but when Songpa stubbornly refused to eat or drink, Singtan had to reluctantly agree with him.

As the years passed by, Songpa's dangerous ways and techniques started scaring Singtan a lot. The way Songpa used to love torturing people and extract information from them scared Singtan a lot.

When Singtan contacted Dr Jones and told him about Songpa's condition, Dr Jones told him not to worry and let Songpa do what he wants to.

And this is how Songpa became the Songpa he was today. The now Songpa was the result of his traumatic childhood. The last words that Jill told him were engraved so deep inside his heart that it was almost impossible to take it out.