Songpa stayed in the hospital for almost three days without uttering a single word.

Later he was shifted to an orphanage until anyone from the Lui family would come and take him away.

Before leaving the hospital, Songpa demanded for his blood stained t-shirt that he was wearing when he had arrived at the hospital.

The hospital staff had discarded his clothes but when Songpa refused to leave without his t-shirt, they retrieved it back for him.

After arriving at the orphanage, Songpa never made any friends neither did he talk to anyone. He was an introvert and quiet child.


Five years later.

Twelve year old Songpa was an introvert who did not talk to anyone in the orphanage. He stayed inside his room and came out only when necessary. He often had nightmares and anxiety attacks and was going through a therapy.

When asked about what had happened that day, Songpa still said that he did not remember anything.

Dr Runi was his psychiatrist who used to visit me him every weekend. She used all the methods that she could to know what exactly she happened that day but Songpa refused to utter a word.

One day, a few kids of the orphanage suddenly got abducted by a mysterious gang. Among the few kids, Songpa was one was them.

When the police were called, the incharge of the orphanage told them that the kids were taken out for a walk when a black van stopped in front of them. Within a second few armed men got down from the van and captured the kids.

The police tried their best to find the kids but failed.

From that day onwards, several kids started getting abducted from various places of country S. This created an uproar within the country.

Parents stopped sending their kids to school. Some even stopped them from stepping out of the house.

No matter how hard the government tried, they could neither find the kids nor the people who were responsible for it.

That is the time when Li Zhehan stepped forward with a lead about the mysterious gang who were doing it.

Joining hands with the government, the Li clan planned to raid the place and rescue the kids.

Since Li Singtan was about to take over his father's place, Li Zhehan decided to let his son take part in the mission so that he can learn how things work.


Dressed in an army print joggers and a grey t-shirt, the nineteen year old Singtan was all ready to take part in his first mission along with his father.

This mission was extremely important as almost thirty to forty kids were under the mysterious gangs gasp. They had to make sure that they rescue each and everyone safe and sound.

It took less than fifteen minutes for the armed men of the Li clan to completely take over the mysterious base.

Singtan along with few men quickly found the room where the kids were kept.

When Singtan entered the room, all the kids were crying and happy after knowing that they had been rescued except for one.

Walking towards the boy who was sitting in one extreme corner with an expressionless face, Singtan squatted down and asked," Aren't you happy?"

The boy did not say anything and kept on staring at the ceiling.

Picking the boy up, Singtan asked," My name is Li Singtan, What is your name?"

Keeping quiet for quite some time, the boy said," Songpa."

After handing over all the kids to their parents, Singtan took the remaining kids to the orphanage.

When Singtan asked the incharge about Songpa, the incharge told him about everything that had happened with Songpa several years back.

Singtan took a deep breath and asked," Can I meet him?"

The incharge nodded his head and guided Singtan to Songpa's room.

When Singtan entered the room, Songpa was sitting on the floor holding an old t-shirt in his hand.

Sitting beside him, Singtan asked," What is this?"

Lifting the t-shirt up, Songpa said," This t-shirt has my parents and my sisters blood in it."

Singtan raised his eyebrows and was about to ask something when he saw Songpa pointing towards the t-shirt and say," My father's blood, my mother's blood, my elder sisters blood and my sister Jil's blood."

Pausing for a while, Songpa asked," Did you kill the man who abducted us?"

" You want me to kill them?" Singtan asked.

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes, bad people deserve to die. They deserve a torturous death. If you need help, I can help you torture them."

Singtan chuckled and said," You are too young to say all that."

Without saying anything, Songpa kept on hugging his t-shirt.

After talking to Songpa, Singtan started feeling very uneasy. He kept on having this feeling that the little boy has seen and experienced much more serious than the people around him thought he had. And Singtan knew that Songpa needed help.

The very next day, Singtan contacted the orphanage authorities and requested them to hand over Songpa to him so that he could receive proper treatment.

Singtan had to sign many documents in which it was stated that he would take care of Songpa until he became an adult. Singtan would educate him properly and let him do whatever he wanted to.

After completing all the formalities, Singtan entered Songpa's room and asked," If I ask you to go with me, will you agree?"

When Songpa slowly nodded his head, Singtan stretched his hands forward and said," Let's go I'll take you away from here."

Placing his hands Singtans hand, Singtan and Songpa walked out of the orphanage hand in hand.

After that day, Songpa's life changed for the better.

Singtan, who had thought that things would not be so difficult was later shocked when he realised that Songpa's condition was much worse than he had thought it would be.

After taking him away, Singtan took Songpa to one of the best psychiatrists of U.S.

Initially Songpa refused to say anything, but after four or five sessions, when Songpa started telling the psychiatrist everything, everyone was shocked.