Twelve years ago.

Lebu, country S.

Carrying his heavy school bag, seven year old Songpa was dragging his tired body home.

After he arrived home, he dropped his bag on the floor and ran inside shouting," Mom I am home."

A young woman came out of the kitchen and said," Hey you little thing mom isn't home." before tickling Songpa's stomach.

Songpa heartily laughed and said," Sister Jil don't do that."

Kissing Songpa on his cheek, Jil said," Go and freshen up. I made your favourite choco chip cookie."

Songpa jumped in excitement and shouted," Yeaahh I'll go and come back very fast."

After dressing up, Songpa was busy eating his cookie when his mother and father arrived.

Rushing towards his father, Songpa hugged him and said," What did daddy bring for me?"

Pretending to search for something inside his pockets, Luke took a lollipop and said," There it is. A sweet lollipop for my sweet son."

Grabbing the lollipop, Songpa hugged his father and said," Thankyou daddy."

" Now you are going to eat that only after dinner." Helen said.

" Helen let him eat it. He is just a kid." Like said.

Opening the wrapper, Songpa said," Yes mom I am just a kid."

Helen sighed and said," Luke you shouldn't pamper him so much."

Luke rolled his eyes and said," As if you don't. Do you think that I don't know about the big chocolate bar that you are hiding inside your bag?"

" Chocolate bar?" Songpa shouted.

Helen chuckled and said," Since you already ate the lollipop, no chocolate bar for today."

" But chocolate bar is more tasty." Songpa said.

" Mom just give it to him." Roma said before placing her bag on the couch.

" Big sister Roma." Songpa said before rushing towards her.

A smile bloomed across Roma's face when she saw her happy pill.

As Songpa was the youngest and cutest member of the family, everyone loved him a lot. They used to bring new toys, chocolates, clothes and other things for him everyday.

Songpa's Mother Helen, his father Luke and his elder sister Roma used to work while his second sister Jil used to take care of the house. The living condition of the Lui family was quite nice. So they never had to face any problem.

Everything was going well until one fine day when everything changed especially for Songpa.


As usual, Songpa was going home after school all excited and happy because his sister Jil had promised to bake his favourite cookies for him.

Dropping his school bag at the door when Songpa entered his house, he widened his eyes in shock when he saw his father, mother and his big sister kneeling on the ground with their hands crossed behind their backs.

"Mom dad." Songpa said in a low voice but before he could even take a step forward, he saw a man slit his Dad's neck with a sharp object followed by his Mom's and his elder sisters in one go.

" No." Songpa shouted before rushing towards them but before he could go anywhere near that man and his parents dead body, Jil dashed out from where she was hiding and ran out for the house along with Songpa.

" Catch them." The man shouted.

Little Songpa who could not understand what was happening. He could not believe what he saw.

Without looking left or right, Jil kept on running along with Songpa.

After running for quite sometime, Jil stopped when they reached a dark lane

Cupping Songpa's face, Jil asked," Are you fine?"

Wiping Jil's tears away, Songpa said," I don't like when you cry."

Hugging him tighter, Jil started crying even harder.

" Sister Jil are mom, dad and elder sister dead?" Songpa said.

" Don't think about them Songpa." Jil said.

" That man who did that who was he?" Songpa asked.

" They are bad people and you must never go near them. They deserve to die." Jil said.

" Bad people deserve to die?" Songpa asked.

Jil nodded her head and said," Yes they deserve a torturous death."

Just then someone shot a bullet right into Jil's head.

Songpa closed his eyes when Jill's blood splashed all over his face and clothes.

The man who shot the bullet smirked and said," Now that what you call a shot. Now your turn you little boy."

The other man who was standing beside him chuckled and said," Spare the little kid, his life is ruined anyway."

Putting his gun down, the man said," Yeah you are right."

" Let's go before anyone finds us." The other man said.

After they left, Songpa shook Jil's shoulder and tried to wake her up but she did not move.

He tried to drag Jil's body along with him but failed.

Wiping the blood off Jil's face, Songpa said," Sister Jil you stay here, I'll go and bring dad and we will take you to the hospital." before rushing towards his home but little Songpa has no idea where he was.

After struggling for quite sometime, Songpa finally found his way.

When he entered his house, the floor was covered with blood.

Walking towards his father, Songpa tried to wake him up but he did not move.

Wiping his father's blood from his hand, Songpa tried to wake his mother and elder sister up but nothing happened. They did not move nor did they say anything.

Grabbing his mothers hand, Songpa said," Mommy wake up, I am hungry."

After sometime, Songpa got tired and dozed off to sleep beside his parents dead body.


Next morning when Songpa woke up, he was lying in a hospital bed.

After sometime, a woman entered the room and sat beside him.

" Hey there, I am Dr Runi. What is your name?" Runi asked.

" My name is Songpa."

Runi smiled and said," Now that's a pretty name."

" Where are my parents? And my sisters?" Songpa asked.

Caressing his cheeks, Runi said," They are someone nice and they are happy and they want you to be happy too but not with them here, in this world."

Pausing for a while, Runi asked," So Songpa, why don't you tell me what you did yesterday."

" I don't remember." Songpa said before turning his head to the other side.

Runi nodded her head and said," Okay it's fine if you don't but whenever you remember, you have to tell me okay?"

Without saying anything, Songpa closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.