After hanging up the call, Ling quickly called Yufan and asked," Honey Do you know where Songpa and Beth stay?"

Yufan who was attending a meeting in the Li base along with others asked," Why?"

After Ling told him everything she said," She sounded so upset. Dina and I will go and visit her. I want her address."

Yufan nodded his head and said," I'll send you the address in a minute but don't forget to take the guards with you."

After hanging up the call, Yufan asked Songpa," What happened between you and Beth?"

Songpa took a deep breath and did not say anything.

" Why what happened?" Singtan asked.

" Beth called Ling and told her to transfer all her investments under Songpa's name because she will be leaving the city tomorrow." Yufan said.

Mike, Yutang and Singtan looked at Songpa who was right now staring at the ceiling with an expressionless face.

" So Dina and Ling want to meet her." Yufan said.

" Zechan will give you the address." Singtan said.


Meanwhile in Glory Regency, when Beth was busy packing her things. She decided to take nothing but her clothes and the heart shaped pendant that Songpa had given her on their first date.

She carefully placed all the jewelleries that Songpa has gifted her on the dressing table and sighed. They had been dating for almost three months now and Songpa had already gifted her thirty pieces of jewellery for her.

Just then the doorbell rang.

Zipping the suitcase, Beth started walking towards the door.

When she opened the door, a man was standing in front of her with two bags in his hand.

He respectfully lowered his head and said," Good afternoon lady boss, these are for you."

Giving the man a weak smile, she said," You can take them back because I won't be needing them anymore."

The man frowned and asked," Are you going somewhere lady boss?"

Beth smiled and said," I'll be leaving tomorrow. Since you are already here, help me with something. Please wait." before walking inside.

After sometime, Beth came out with a card in her hand. Passing it to the man, she said," Here this-please help me give this Songpa and tell him that I'll leave the keys at the security desk downstairs and also ask him not to send groceries anymore."

The man slowly nodded his head and said," Yes lady boss." before taking the card and leaving.


Li base.

" Songpa are you fine?" Yutang asked.

Without saying anything, Songpa got up and left the room.

On the way, he met the man whom he had sent to deliver the groceries which he had personally bought for her.

Seeing the bags in his hand, Songpa asked," Why are you still here?"

The man sighed and said," I just came back."

Passing the card to Songpa, The man said," Lady Boss said that she doesn't need groceries because she will be leaving tomorrow and she has asked you not to send groceries anymore and she would leave the keys at the security desk. Also this card-"

Taking the card from his hand, Songpa entered his room.


Inside his room.

Lying down on the bed, Songpa closed his eyes.

So she was really leaving? She was leaving him and going away? Songpa knew this would happen, he was prepared to face everything that would happen but it was ten thousand times more difficult than what he had imagined it would be.

It was painful. The thought about Beth leaving him as well as the city ached his heart. He was feeling dejected, weak and exhausted. What would he do without her? How would he live without her? Songpa had no idea what would happen.

Lying like that for quite sometime, Songpa got up.

Grabbing a piece of paper and a pen, Songpa wrote few things on it before passing it to the guard standing outside.


Glory Regency.

" Why are you taking such a decision all of sudden Beth?" Dina asked.

" Exactly weren't you and Songpa all fine few days back?" Ling asked.

Dina sighed and said," You both look so cute together and Songpa really cares and loves you a lot."

" What happened?" Ling asked.

Beth took a deep breath and said," I don't wanna talk about it." How could Beth tell them about that? She would never want people to think lowly of Songpa. What if people start judging and hating him after knowing what he really does? So Beth decided to keep it to herself.

Ling sighed and said," Okay fine but at least don't leave. Stay here with us."

" Things are very messy right now and I don't want to stay here without him. If we stay in the same city, things are going to be difficult for both of us. So it's best that I leave." Beth said.

Pausing for a while, Beth said," I'm glad that you both came here."

Dina and Ling sighed and said," Okay, if that is what you want then it's fine. But if you ever want any kind of help, don't forget to contact us."

Beth smiled and said," Yes I will."

After talking for quite some time, Ling and Dina left.

After locking the door, Beth entered the kitchen and started baking cookies for Songpa. She wanted to at least send him a big box of his favourite cookies as a token of Thankyou and appreciation for everything that he had done for her before leaving.

After baking the cookies, Beth took out a box from the shelf and placed the freshly baked cookies inside the box and decorated it with some ribbons.

With a Thankyou note stuck on the top of the box, he gave it to one of the guards and asked him to give them to Songpa while they were hot.


Li base.

" What is all this?" Zechan asked.

Two guards who were carrying four big bags said," These are the things that Songpa boss asked us to bring." before entering Songpa's room.


Inside the room.

When Songpa saw the two guards, he quickly rushed towards them and asked," Did you bring everything?"

Snatching the bag from his hand, Songpa opened it and started taking out everything.

Just then Zechan entered the room and asked," Songpa what is all this?"

Grabbing a bottle of shampoo, Songpa rushed towards the washroom.

Zechan sighed when he saw the things that Songpa had asked the guards to bring.

There were almost 15 bottles of shampoo, ladies perfume, body butter and few other things.


Li Mansion.

Caressing Ming's back, Singtan took out his phone and called Han Zihao," At what time is Beth leaving tomorrow?"

" 7:30 in the evening boss." Zihao said.

" Hmmm clear my schedule after 4 tomorrow." Singtan said.

" Yes Sir." Zihao Sir.

" Anything else?" Singtan asked.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Leonardo Beck is trying to take an appointment from you."

" Hmm don't fix a meeting with him now. I'll let you know." Singtan said.

" And Sir there is some weird kind of activity happening in and around our area." Zihao said.

" Send some men to look over it." Singtan said.

" Sir I had sent some of them but they are missing." Zihao said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and said," Ask Robbin to look over it." because hanging up the call.