Taking out the things from the bag, Beth took a deep breath when she saw a box of her favourite candy and few bottles of chocolate Milk yogurt that she liked.

Looking around when Beth did not she anyone, she sat on the couch. Covering her face with both her hands, she started crying.

Who else could it be other than that one person who knew everything about her? So he just dropped by, kept the things and left without talking to her? So that was all left between them?

Helplessly crying on the couch of quite some time, Beth wiped her tears and entered her bedroom to wash her face.

When Songpa, who was hiding behind the big self heard her walk inside the room and close the door, he stepped forward.

Pursing his lips, Songpa kept on staring at the room. His heart ached when he saw her cry like that. How much he wanted to hug her and kiss when he saw her but he couldn't. He did not have the guts to face her and talk to her.

Staring at the room for quite some time, Songpa reluctantly left with a heavy heart.



When the two guards saw Songpa coming out of the apartment, they asked," Boss did you talk to lady boss?"

" Yes What did she say? Everything is okay now right?" The other guard asked. Everyone in the base were sad for Songpa and Beth. It was very rare for them to see Songpa genuinely smiling and happy. They knew how much Songpa loved and cherished Beth. When they suddenly heard about their separation, everyone was shocked and felt worried as well as sad for Songpa.

Songpa took a deep breath and said," Just stay here and guard her." before walking out.


[Few hours ago.]

Tossing and turning on the couch, Songpa couldn't catch any sleep.

He was thinking about Beth and was missing her. He wanted to see her and hug her for a while and calm himself down.

After thinking for a really long time, Songpa got up and quickly freshened up before leaving his room.

On the way to Glory Regency, Songpa dropped by a departmental store and bought a few things that Beth would need. Songpa knew that Beth would no longer use the card that he had given her and neither would she stay at their place. Songpa did not want her to start working at public places which was not at all safe for her. The thought about not being able to protect her if something bad happened, made him feel sour. He wanted to request her to at least stay at Glory Regency because it was much safer than any other place but would she agree?

Songpa mocking smiled. Who was he fooling? An independent woman like Beth would never do that. No matter what she would definitely move out and would want to live all by herself.

When Songpa entered the apartment, it was completely silent. Beth usually has a habit of waking up early then what happened? Did she leave?

Rushing towards the bedroom, Songpa breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her soundly sleeping on the bed but he did not miss how she was cozily hugging his pillow.

Songpa took a deep breath before walking towards the kitchen. He frowned when he saw the untouched food which was still lying on the table.

Walking towards the freezer, he took a mental note of things that needed a refill.

After checking out everything, he started walking towards the bedroom.

Staring at his sleeping Beth for quite sometime, Songpa did not have a heart to wake her up but he wanted to talk to her. He had to. But how would he face her? What if she tells him that she doesn't love him anymore?

As Songpa was contemplating with himself, he saw Ben frown and slowly trying to get up. Songpa widened his eyes in shock. Without saying or making any kind of noise, he ran out of the room.


After washing her face, Beth took out her bag from the wardrobe and started packing her clothes.

How could she continue staying here and keep using his money when everything between them was so messy? Wouldn't that be like taking advantage of his kindness? Though Songpa was the only person Beth completely wanted to rely on for the rest of her life and she knew that he would never stop her from using his money and living in his apartment. She knew that he would also not stop sending her groceries. But she could not do that. Her conscious would never allow her to do that. She used to work hard before, she would work hard now and in the future as well.

Taking out her phone, Beth called one of her friends. Beth told her that she wanted a job to which her friend said that there was a waitresses job vacant at her workplace but it was in another city.

Beth thought for awhile before accepting it.

What was the point of staying in this city? Beth wanted to move out of the city a long time back but could not because of Julia and later she totally dropped the idea of leaving this place because Songpa came into her life but now she had no reason to stay.

Punching Lings number, Beth said," Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something."

" Hmm tell me what happened?" Ling asked.

Beth took a deep breath and said," I will be leaving the city tomorrow. So I don't think so I will be able to continue with what we were planning and about that investment, can you please transfer everything under Songpa's name and then later give him all the necessary documents when you meet him?"

" Beth what happened? Why are you leaving?" Ling asked.

" It's nothing." Beth said.

" Are you alone?" Ling asked.

Beth nodded her head and said," Yes."

" Send me your addr- Ahh never mind I'll find out. Just stay there Okay. Dina and I will come over soon." Ling said before hanging up the call.