Placing his tools back, Songpa did not move from his place. He kept on sitting there for a really long time.

Songpa didn't want to go out and face Beth because he knew what would happen after he stepped out of the room and he was scared. He was scared of losing her, he was scared of letting her go.

If he would stay inside the room and never go out, Beth would be his woman forever right?

Songpa mocking smiled at himself and got up, ready to face everything that was waiting for him on the other side of the room.


Beth had neither opened her eyes nor had she stopped crying.

She wanted to forget everything that she had seen. She wanted things to be as they were but she knew that could never happen. She knew that nothing would remain the same now.

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Songpa said," Beth."

Beth shivered when she felt his touch. She quickly took several steps away from him.

Tears started rolling down her eyes when she Songpa's blood stained clothes and hands.

Seeing her crying like that, Songpa's eyes turned red. Every tear that she was shedding was like a prick in his heart.

Taking a step towards her, Songpa was about to say something when he saw Beth taking another step backwards," Don't please, don't come near me."

Songpa froze when he heard her words. The thing that he feared the most was happening. His Beth was scared of him.

Covering her face with her hands, Beth said," Why did you do that Songpa? You ruined everything." before dashing out of the room.

Dropping his tool box down, Songpa supported himself with the help of the glass wall.

OVER. Everything was over. He had successfully scared the love of his life away.

Walking towards Songpa, Zechan sighed and said," We all knew this would happen."

Songpa closed his eyes and said," Make sure she returns back safe and sound."

" Songpa you-"

" Don't worry about me. Just make sure she is safe." Songpa said before slowly walking out of the room.


After Beth dashed out of the room, she ran outside.

Without thinking about anything else, Beth kept on running and running until she found her way.

After successfully coming out of the base, Beth sat on a nearby bench and started crying her heart out.

Pain,disappointment, heart ache. She was feeling everything.

She loved Songpa but this thing was really very hard for her to digest. She couldn't help but shiver when he placed his hand on her shoulder. The touch which was once her favourite was now giving her shivers.

When Zechan came outside, he sighed when he saw Beth crying. He really felt bad for both of them.

" Beth." Zechan said.

When Beth saw Zechan, she quickly wiped her tears and got up.

" I'll ask someone to drop you home." Zechan said.

Home. Wasn't home is supposed to be a place where she and Songpa would live happily together? What happened to all the promises that they had taken together? Was everything over now? So this was how things were supposed to end between them?


When Beth arrived home, she took off her shoes and entered their bedroom.

Lying down on the bed, Beth caressed the empty side of the bed.

Snuggling against Songpa's pillow, Beth slowly dozed off to sleep.


Li base.

When Songpa heard the other guards talking about how Beth was crying outside the base, his heart clenched.

Taking off his coat, Songpa started walking towards the backyard.

After sometime, Singtan arrived at the base.

" Where is he?" Singtan asked.

" Backyard." Zechan said.

Singtan took a deep breath and started walking towards the backyard.



Sitting on bench, Songpa was staring at dark sky.

Singtan sat beside him and asked," What are you staring at?"

" I am really a very heartless man Boss. I am just like everything says, a cold-blooded man who doesn't care about any feelings." Songpa said.

" Isn't this something that you wanted to do? You wanted to tell her everything and you did. You knew that this would happen." Singtan said.

When Songpa did not say anything for a really long time, Singtan moved closer. Placing his hand on his shoulder, Singtan said," If you wanna cry, then cry don't hold back your tears. Let it out."

Songpa closed his eyes when he felt a tear trickle down his cheeks.

" I hurt her boss. She cried because of me. I am responsible for doing this to her." Songpa said before bursting into tears.

Placing his head on Sintangs shoulder, Songpa cried his heart out.

Patting his back, Singtan said," Everything is going to be fine. Don't worry."


When Songpa entered his old room, it was quite late at night.

He did not remember how long he had cried over his boss' shoulder. When was the last time he had cried like this? He did not remember.

Picking up the cute little box in which Beth has sent cookies for him, Songpa caressed it for a while before smiling.

Opening the box, Songpa took out a cookie and placed it inside his mouth.

While chewing the cookie, a tear escaped from the corner of his eyes. Was this the last time he was going to taste his favourite cookies which his Beth lovingly bakes for him?

Closing the box, Songpa started walking towards his bed.

Touching his cold bed, Songpa sighed. He missed how Beth use to puff the pillows and neatly spread the blanket when they were about to sleep. He missed her gentle touch, her fragrance. He missed everything about her.

Grabbing his pillow, Songpa started walking towards the couch.

Adjusting himself, Songpa slowly dozed off to sleep.


Early in the morning.

Beth knitted her brows when she felt someone staring at her.

Lifting her head up, she slowly opened her eyes but she found nothing.

Getting down from the bed, she started walking towards the living room.

She frowned when she saw two grocery bags which were packed with her baking products lying on the table.