Li base.

When Beth stepped out of the car, she asked," Is this Songpa's workplace?"

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Oh that's nice. Is he inside?" Beth asked.

Zechan slowly nodded his head before guiding her inside the base.


Beth frowned when she saw several armed men guarding the entire hallway and several other sections of the building.

" You can wait here for sometime." Zechan said before guiding her into the waiting room.

Taking out a small tiffin box from her bag, Beth gave it Zechan said," Can you please give this to Songpa? These are his favourite cookies. I doubt if he has eaten anything."

Taking the box from her hand, Zechan left the room.


Songpa's room.

When Zechan entered the dark room, he switched on the lights to find Songpa standing in front of the window.

Placing the box on the table, Zechan said," She is here. She baked your favourite cookies and brought them with her because she thought you might be hungry."

Without looking at the box, Songpa picked up tool box and said," Bring her there." Before walking out.

Zechan helplessly shook his head before heading out of the room.


" Beth let's go." Zechan said.

Quietly following him from behind, Beth asked," Where is Songpa?"

" You will see him soon." Zechan said before opening the door of the underground cell for her.

Beth took a step back and asked," Is Songpa down there?"

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yes."

When Beth entered the underground cell, she clutched onto her skirt.

The cell was dark and very cold making Beth feel creepy and scared at the same time.

Slowly walking down the stairs, Beth asked," Where is he?"

" This way." Zechan said before guiding her towards a room.


Inside the room.

The big room was parted with a glass wall in the middle.

Beth frowned when she saw an unconscious man lying on the floor on the other side of the glass wall. His legs were tied with a long chain making it impossible for him to move or escape.

As Beth was about to ask Zechan who that man was, Songpa entered the room with his tool box.

When Beth saw Songpa, she quickly rushed towards him a pounced into his embrace," I missed you so much."

Dropping the box down, Songpa wrapped his hands around her and breathed in her intoxicating scent.

When Songpa did not say anything for quite some time, Beth let him go and asked," What happened Songpa? And who is that man? Why did you call me here?"

Without saying anything, Songpa grabbed her hand and brought her close to the glass partitioned wall.

When Beth gave him a confused look, Songpa kissed her forehead and said," Now you are about to see who I really am and what I actually do." before walking inside the other part of the room along with his tool box.

Beth frowned when she saw Songpa enter the room.

Sitting on the chair which was kept in front of the man, she saw Songpa wear a pair of gloves and open a box.

Beth widened her eyes in shock when she saw him take out a sharp blade kind of thing from inside.

" Brother Zechna What is Songpa-" Beth stopped talking when she Songpa take the blade close to the man's forefingers and then...in a swift motion he chopped them off.

Beth panicked when she saw blood oozing out of the man's hands.

Turning towards Zechan, Beth shouted," Brother Zechan stop him."

Lowering his head, Zechan did not say anything.

Beth tried to open the door through which Songpa had entered the room but the door was locked.

" Songpa please stop. Someone please stop him." Beth shouted but neither did Songpa stop nor did anyone tried to stop him.

Tears started rolling down her eyes when she say Songpa mercilessly torture the man.

Leaning against the glass wall, Beth helplessly shook her head and murmured," Please Stop."

Beth saw Songpa cut the man's toes and fingers, peel his nails off and pull out his ears. She saw everything. The scene before her was a horrific one. One that she had never imagined.


Inside the room.

When Songpa entered the room, he could feel his legs turning weak.

He was nervous, he was very nervous and this was the first time he was feeling like this.

Songpa took several breaths before sitting down on the chair and wearing his gloves, ready to do what he loved to but the moment he touched his tools, his hands shivered.

Struggling for quite some time, Songpa closed his eyes, grabbed the man's hand and chopped his fingers off.

Without thinking about anything else, he kept on doing what he used to. From peeling the skin and nails to pulling out ears, he did everything.

The screams of that man were like a stab in Songpa's heart.

What Songpa was doing was not something new. Torturing people gave him immense pleasure and happiness but it was different today. He wasn't feeling anywhere near to what he use to think pleasure is.

During the whole session, Songpa did not dare to look in the direction where he knew his Beth was standing, watching him do things which he loved, mercilessly torturing a living soul.


When Beth saw Songpa open his gloves and do something with the man's eyes, she closed her eyes. She couldn't see it. She couldn't see the vicious and heartless side of the man whom she loved and cherished.

Her sweet and loving Songpa was nowhere to be seen. All she could see was a cold-blooded human being mercilessly torturing another human being.

How should she react? How could she be with him after seeing such a brutal and inhuman side of him? How could she ignore such a big thing and move on with him?

Beth's mind was clouded. But she was sure about one thing that she loved this man and there was no doubt in that. She loved him with all her heart and soul. But after seeing such a vicious side of him, could she continue loving him just like before?