"Yu-" Ming was about to run after her son but was stopped by Singtan. "Alright, let him be. Maybe he is a little upset but I am sure he will manage and come down soon."


Placing his hand on Ming's shoulder, Singtan frowned, "Babe, I think you are thinking about the kids so much that you actually forgot about me." Pouting his lips, Singtan poked his stomach and complained. "I am having a stomach ache and I am feeling dizzy too."

Ming chuckled and helplessly shook her head. "Okay, so what do you want me to do? Rub your stomach?"

When Singtan nodded his head, Yutang, Mike, Anna and Yixi who were standing right beside them started laughing out loud.

"Oh God man, he is still the same." Mike said.

"I know right? I thought he had long stopped all of this." Yutang added.

"Stopped what? Singtan is as sweet and cute as ever." Anna said.

"Exactly, you two have turned old but Mr Li is as he is." Yixi added.

Mike and Yutang frowned and snapped, "What do you mean by old? Are you trying to say that we aren't sweet or cute?" Mike asked.

Anna vigorously shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. "What? When did I say that?"

"Yeah exactly, I didn't say anything like that too." Yixi added.

Just then, Mr and Mrs Mo entered the mansion.

When Ming saw them, she widened her eyes in shock. Weren't they supposed to pick them up at the airport?

Glancing at her watch, Ming slapped her forehead. They actually forgot to pick them up.

Turning towards her husband, Ming panicked, "Singtan we were supposed to-"

Cutting her off, Singtan said, "Relax honey, I already sent someone to pick them up at the airport."

"What do you mean?" Frowning deeper, Ning asked, "You purposely did not remind me about this?"

When Singtan shook and nodded his head at the same time, Ming pursed her lips and glared at him.

"Ahh look at you all, everyone still looks exactly the same." Mrs Mo excitedly hugged everyone. After leaving country S three years ago, Mrs Mo hadn't contacted anyone since then. So after seeing everyone after so many years, she couldn't control her tears.

"I am so sorry Shana, we couldn't pick you and Mr Mo at-"

Cutting her off, Mrs Mo said, "It's completely alright, Mr Li did send his men to help us out and it's so lovely here right now, so how could you leave?"

"But where are the kids?" Mr Mo asked.

"The kids are in the garden but Yumi and Zixin are not where yet." Anna said.

Just then, Yumi and Zixin entered the mansion hand in hand. Both of them had a bright smile on their face so it wasn't really hard to guess what might've happened.

"Ahh there they are. We were just talking about you two." Yixi said.

Mrs Mo gasped and looked at Yumi with teary eyes, "Ahhh look at you, those magazines and photographs really don't do any justice to how you look in person. You've become much more beautiful than the last time I saw you honey."

"I missed you aunty." Yumi said before giving Mrs Mo a hug.

"I missed you too and I hope you did not forgive my son easily or did you?" Mrs Mo asked.

Yumi chuckled and said, "Troubled him a little."

Wrapping his arms around Yumi's shoulder, Zixin cleared his throat and said, "We want to tell you all something."

Lifting her left finger up, Yumi chuckled. "We got engaged."


A few hours ago.

Cliff side.

Looking around, Yumi asked, "What are you doing here?"

Hugging her from behind, Zixin placed his chin on her shoulder. "Hmm, you know I had this beautiful childhood best friend. We attended kindergarten together and then school, then college. We were together all the time and she was a very important part of my life, in fact, she is still a very important part of my life."

Yumi chuckled and said, "Ahh is it?"

Zixin nodded his head and continued, "Yes and you know what? I love her lot, more than anything in this world. I always had a special place for her in my heart since the very beginning."

"Even when you were a kid?" Yumi asked.

"Even when I was a kid." Kissing her nape, Zixin added, "I started dating her as soon as we entered high school and we were together until we graduated from college but after that I had to leave and I couldn't come back for three long years."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "In those three years, there wasn't a single day when I did not miss her but no matter what, I couldn't come back to her. There were times when I wanted to hug her tight and sleep on her lap but I couldn't. I know I have treated her very unfairly but I couldn't risk her life along with me. I can lose myself but not her. But now I am back and I wish to make things right. I wish to love her and make her feel special all the time. I want to make her mine forever."

Flipping over, Yumi wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. "Hmmm, I think she wants that too."

"You think she will accept my proposal? You think she will marry me? Do you think she will agree to be my better half for the rest of our lives?" Zixin asked.

Yumi widened her eyes in shock and froze. Proposal? Marry? Better half? Was Zixin going to propose her?

Tapping the tip of her nose, Zixin smiled. "You know when we were in highschool, you told me that you wanted a love story just like your mom and dad?"

When Yumi nodded her head, Zixin added, "Well, we can't really have a love story like them because everyone is bound to have their own love story but we can at least start like they did."

Without waiting for her reply, Zixin said, "Wait for me."