Glory Regency.

Next day when Beth woke up, Songpa had already left.

Picking up her phone when Beth tried calling him but his phone was off.

Beth frowned and tried again only to get the same result.

Tossing her phone away, Beth took a deep breath. She was feeling a strange kind of uneasiness in her heart.

Shrugging her strange thoughts away, Beth got down from the bed and entered the washroom.


Li base.

" Think about it once more Songpa." Zechan said.

Zihao, who was on a special leave today was also there try stopping Songpa from hurting himself said," You shouldn't do this. Whatever you are planning will freak her out and there is a really high chance of her never coming back to you."

Pausing for a while, Zihao said," Why do you want to ruin everything? You are happy and Beth is happy too then why Songpa?"

When Songpa did not say anything, Zechan frowned and said," Telling her who you are is different but showing her what you actually do is absurd Songpa."

Without saying anything, Songpa got up and said," Bring Beth on time tomorrow." Before walking towards his old room.


Glory Regency.

After cleaning the entire apartment and baking his favourite choco chip cookies for Songpa, Beth tried calling him again. It was already evening but Songpa had not called her.

Beth sighed when she saw the untouched food lying on the table. She did not feel like eating in his absence.

After trying a few more times, Beth thought for a while and called Ming.


Li Mansion.

Ming was busy eating the caramel ice cream that Singtan has just brought for her when she received a call from Beth.

" Hello big sister." Beth said.

" Yes Beth What happened?" Ming asked.

Beth thought for a while and said," Actually I don't know where Songpa is. I mean that he told me that he won't be coming home tonight but then he did not call me for the entire day and his phone is also off. So can your please ask Mr Li and tell me whether he is okay or not? I am a bit tensed and worried about him."

Ming nodded her head and said," Ya sure, just give me a minute I'll call you back." before hanging up the call.

When Singtan came out of the washroom, Ming asked," Honey Where is Songpa? Beth was asking about him. His phone is also off so she is worried."

" He is in the base. Tell her not to worry." Singtan said.

" Call him and tell him to call Beth. She sounded so low." Ming said before calling Beth and telling her about Songpa's whereabouts.


Glory Regency.

After Ming told her that Songpa is okay, Beth finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After taking a few bites from her plate, Beth kept it aside and decided to take some rest.

Later at night she tried calling Songpa once again but when she got the same result, she started feeling weird.

After typing an sms and forwarding it to his number, Beth tossed her phone aside decided to catch some sleep


Li base.

Staring at his phone for a really long time, Songpa finally decided to turn it on and when he did, he widened his eyes in shock when he saw a message and almost a hundred missed calls from Beth.

When Songpa opened the message and read the content, he pursed his lips and kept it aside.

The message said: You can stay without hearing my voice for an entire day but I can't, so be good and call me as soon as you read this. I love you.


Next day, Beth woke up early in the morning as she could hardly sleep yesterday night.

She was so used to sleeping in Songpa's embrace that without him she could hardly sleep.

Helplessly shaking her head, Beth got down from the bed and entered the washroom.

After sometime she tried calling Songpa once again. This time the call went through but no one answered it.


Li base.

" He is here." Zechan said.

Songpa took a deep breath and said," Go and bring her here."

Zechan sighed and said," Songpa-"

Cutting him off, Songpa said," Please Zechan."

Zechan nodded his head and said," If that is what you want then fine." before walking out of the room.

After Zechan left, Songpa opened his tool box and started cleaning his favourite torturing tools.

For the first time Songpa did not feel overjoyed and excited while cleaning his tools and neither did he take a bath nor did he change into his brand new clothes.

He knew what the possible outcome of this would be but he had to do it. It was necessary.

He was ready to face everything that happen after this. Though his heart ached when he thought about Beth.

If the only woman he loved with all his heart and soul would leave him wouldn't his life become useless?


Glory Regency.

When Beth heard the doorbell, she rushed and opened the door thinking it was Songpa but when she saw Zechan standing there, she gave him a weak smile and said," Songpa is not at home."

Zechan nodded his head and said," I know. I am here to take you somewhere. Songpa is waiting for you there."

Beth thought for a while and asked," Where?"

" You'll know but first follow me." Zechan said.

Beth nodded her head and said," Okay give me second."


After boarding the car with Zechan, Beth asked," Is Songpa okay?"

Zechan nodded his head and said," Yeah he is fine."

Beth sighed and asked," Was he really very busy?"

" Why?" Zechan asked.

" Actually he did not call me even once after he left. So I was worried." Beth said.

Zechan took a deep breath and said," Do g worry he is fine."

" Where are we going?" Beth asked once again.

" Wait for sometime. You'll know after we reach there." Zechan said before starting the engine.

" Okay." Beth said