The engagement was to be held in the Xie Mansion itself.

Since it was only friends and family, the decoration was not too extravagant. Though Yufan and Ling wanted to keep it sweet and simple, Father Xie and uncle Chen insisted on decorating the hall.

" Dad we could've just prepared some homely food." Yufan said.

Father Xie frowned and said," You are getting engaged Yufan. This isn't a birthday party."

" Exactly. What is wrong with both of you? It's your engagement ceremony aren't you two excited?" Uncle Chen asked.

Ling chuckled and said," We decided to have a low-key engagement ceremony and an extravagant destination wedding."

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Yufan said," Yes I have promised her a very extravagant destination wedding so you both start saving money for that."

" But still let us do something for the engagement too." Uncle Chen said.

" Hmm Yufan I forgot to tell you that Yurin is also coming." Father Xie said.

Yufan frowned and said," I don't want her to come? And why? Why did you invite her? She is not needed here."

" Listen to me Yufan." Father Xie said.

Yufan frowned deeper and said," No she is not needed here and-"

" At least listen to Father first." Ling said.

Father Xie sighed and said," I am just calling her because she is family and-"

Yufan shook his head and said," What about elder sister?"

" Ming is okay with it." Father Xie said.

Pausing for a while, Yufan said," Fine but don't expect anything from me." before walking towards his room

" Yu-"

" Dad I'll talk to him." Ling said.

Father Xie sighed and nodded his head.


Glory Regency.

" Beth we are getting late." Songpa said.

Just then Beth came out of her room and said," I am ready."

" Ya let's-" Songpa froze when he saw Beth.

She was wearing a full black knee length off shoulder dress with a pair of diamond earrings. She had a very light makeup on and had tied her hair into a ponytail.

" Songpa." Beth said.

Quickly composing himself, Songpa said," You look amazing."

" Big sister gifted me this dress yesterday." Beth said.

" You look lovely and-"

Beth chuckled and said," We are getting late Songpa let's leave."

Clearing his throat, Songpa said," Right let's go."


Inside the car.

" Songpa I wanted to talk to you about something." Beth said.

" Hmm What is it?" Songpa asked.

" Ling, Dina and I are planning to open a cafe or a bakery shop." Beth said.

Songpa nodded his head and said," That's a really nice idea."

" So I just wanted to ask you whether you like it or not." Beth said.

Songpa sighed and said," Beth it doesn't matter whether I like it or not. You are the one who should like it. And you don't have to take my permission. I am your partner not your mom or dad."

Beth sighed and said," But still I thought-"

Cutting her off, Songpa said," You should stop thinking. You have access to my account so you can easily invest. Don't think so much, we are one right?"

Beth smiled and nodded her.


Xie Mansion.

Ling sighed and said," Stop sulking Yufan."

" I don't like her." Yufan said.

Helping him with his tie, Ling said," When elder sister and father are okay with it, you should not behave like this."

Pausing for a while, Ling said," And moreover she is pregnant now and she needs us."

Yufan shook his head and said," I am 101% sure that she is up to something Ling. She is a very cunning and sly woman."

" May be she is changing for good. Let's give her a chance everyone deserves a second chance." Ling said.

Yufan frowned and said," Fine I'll let her come but don't expect anything else from me."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ling said," Do you know how handsome you look when you are angry?"

Pulling her closer, Yufan said," You know how alluring and sexy you are looking in this dress? I just can't wait to rip it off."

Running her fingers through his hair, Ling said," This dress is expensive Mr Xie but I don't mind stripping in front of you."

" Can we do it tonight? What did the doctor say?" Yufan asked.

" It's safe." Ling said.

Yufan took a deep breath and said," What if I hurt you?"

Ling shook her head and said," It's fine, we will be okay."

" I'll use protection this time. There is no way I am doing it without any protection this time." Yufan said.

Ling nodded her head and said," Yes we have to be extra careful this time."

Brushing their lips together, Yufan asked," So Ms Yang are you ready to get engaged?"

Ling chuckled and said," Do you even have to ask?" before kissing him.


Flexi compound.

" Ma'am the car is here." The nutritionist said.

Yurin nodded her head and said," Hmm, let's go."

After boarding the car, Yurin caressed her stomach and said," Baby we are going to your uncles engagement party. Your uncle hates your mommy but he will definitely love you."


Xie mansion.

After everyone arrived, Yufan said," I think we should start."

" Yufan let's wait for sometime." Ming said.

Just then Yurin stepped into the mansion.

When Grandpa Go saw Yurin, he frowned and asked," What is she doing here?"

Father Xie sighed and said," Ming and I invited her here."

" Seriously? What is wrong with you both? How can you invite her?" Grandpa Go hissed.

" Grandpa please don't create a scene here." Ming said.

" Ming-"

Pulling his sleeves, Ming said," Please, for me."

Grandpa Go sighed and said," Fine but only for you. I just have two grandchildren. You and Yufan. She is no one to me."

Ming helplessly shook her head and said," Don't say that Grandpa. She is also going to give you a great-grandchild soon."

" I will love my great-grandchild but not her." Grandpa Go said.

" Sister Yurin, please come inside." Ling said.

Giving them a weak smile, Yurin started walking towards the couch.

Looking around, she smiled when she saw the familiar place where she had grown up.

Singtan protectively wrapped his arms around Ming when Yurin sat beside her.

To lighten the tense atmosphere, Mike clapped his hands together and said," Alright let's start the ceremony now."