" I thought we were going to stay here for a day or two." Ming said taking a sip from her freshly made orange juice.

" Yutang wants to leave early." Singtan said before shoving their clothes inside the suitcase.

" But why?" Ming asked.

Just then Yixi entered the room and said," Ah the door was open so I just came in."

" Nevermind Yixi." Ming said.

Yixi smiled and said," Ming I want to talk to you about something."

Zipping the suitcase, Singtan said," You both talk, I'll go see Yutang till then."

After Singtan left, Ming asked," What happened?"

Holding Ming's hand, Yixi said," I think I am pregnant. I mean I missed my periods for two consecutive months but-"

Ming gasped and said," Oh my god Yixi our kids are gonna grow up together."

Giving Ming a tight hug, Yixi said," I know and I am so excited. I just can't wait to go back and ask Anna to confirm it."

" Right right we should go home." Ming said before getting up.

" Ming." Yixi said.

" Hmm."

" What is its negative? What if I am not pregnant?" Yixi said.

Ming sighed and said," My pregnancy instincts say that you are pregnant."

" I am very nervous and scared Ming." Yixi said.

Cupping Yixi's face, Ming said," Hey don't worry okay. Even I was very nervous back then. You know how my situation was right? We did not want to have a baby back then but it still happened but it's different for you and Yutang. You both were trying to have one and here it is."

" I am just scared." Yixi said.

" Don't worry, everything is going to be okay." Ming said.


Yutang room.

" What do you want?" Singtan asked.

Leo took a deep breath and said," I wanted to talk to you both about something."

" Whatever it is make it fast, we have a flight to catch." Yutang said.

" What you guys are leaving?" Leo asked.

" That is none of your business." Yutang said.

Leo nodded his head and said," As you both know that Beck Enterprise is trying to open a new branch in country S and we are also looking for collaborations with Yang and Chen enterprise also Li Corporation."

" What's your point?" Singtan asked.

" My point is that we should not let our personal things come in between our professional dealings." Leo said.

Singtan smiled and said," And why should we listen to you?"

" See Singtan, I am the one who will be taking over the new branch and if I successfully collaborate with all the three companies, my father will start thinking highly of me and after that I will also be considered as a capable candidate for the CEO position along with my brother." Leo said.

" And what makes you think that Stephen Beck will let you live in peace in country S? I mean he is your brother and no one knows him better than you." Singtan said.

Leo took a deep breath and said," I know that he won't and that is the reason why I am here. You see I need you help. I know that you people suppress country S and I seriously need your help."

" See Leo we never mingle personal and professional affairs and if you proposals are good and can bring profit to our economy, we will definitely say yes but if they are shitty then there is no way we are saying yes just because we know you." Yutang said.

Leo nodded his head and said," You won't be disappointed with the proposals. I'll settle down in country S by first week of next month. I'll see you both then." before getting up.

" Bring souvenirs for us." Yutang said.

Leo smiled and said," Of course."


Country S.

Zhang Mansion.

" Yixi just called me." Anna said.

" Hmm."

Anna took a deep breath and said," She wanted an appointment tomorrow."

Mike raised his eyebrows and said," I have already applied for your maternity leave Anna."

Anna shook her head and said," Cancel it."

" But-"

" I swear I'll just attend two patients starting today, Yixi and Ming. I won't take any new patient I promise." Anna said.

Mike sighed and said," Okay fine but I'll go with you and then bring you back."

Anna nodded her head and said," Okay."


By the time their plane landed in country S, it was almost noon.

" We will go to the hospital from here." Yutang said.

Singtan patted his shoulder and said," Its gonna be okay so relax."

Yutang nodded his head and said," I am just nervous."

" Just relax and go." Singatan said.

Yutang took a deep breath and left along with Yixi.



" I have already sent your blood sample to the lab. We will get the results an hour." Anna said.

Yutang frowned and asked," An hour? That is too much I'll die out of anxiety."

Rolling her eyes at Yutang, Anna said," We can do an early ultrasound until we get the results."

" Let's do it then." Yixi said.

After applying the gel, Anna asked," Ready?"

Yixi nodded her head and took a few deep breaths.

Holding Yixi hand, Yutang said," Don't worry I am here."

Smacking his head, Anna said," She is not giving birth Yutang it's just an ultrasound. Now step aside or I will bang this machine in your head."

Yutang quietly took a few steps backwards.

" Her hormones keep going up and down every now and then. Last night she told me that she would break the table on my head and later started crying saying that I would bleed if she does that." Mike said who was quiet all the time.

" Are pregnancy hormones that bad?" Yutang asked.

Mike chuckled and said," Why do you think Singtan and I keep rushing here and there everyday? It's because we don't want to piss our pregnant wife's and then face the consequences. Ah but don't worry, you are about to join our club soon."

" Will you both stop making noise." Anna shouted.

Placing his finger on his lips, Mike quietly sat down.