She then wrapped her arms around his waist and moved closer.

Guang froze for a couple of minutes before wrapping his arms around her shoulder.

Though the weather was cold, Guang's body was unexpectedly warm. He felt like a human heater. The heat his body was emitted felt so good and heartwarming. Qiang didn't remember when was the last time she felt so peaceful and at ease.

Balling his hand into a fist, Guang closed his eyes when Qiang suddenly decided to tighten her grip around his waist and snuggle closer.

The peachy smell of her shampoo, the sweet and pleasant fragrant her body was emitting was too provoking and making things more difficult for me. The way she had her hands wrapped around his waist and her head which was placed on his chest felt so perfect. Only if he could keep her in his arms forever. But Huang knew that wasn't possible and he had to maintain his distance. He wasn't supposed to be hugging her this way and not thinking about her soft skin and her pleasant frangnat or her soft lips. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't convince himself to pull away.

At the end, Guang couldn't help but rub his nose against her hair and caress her shoulder. Everything about her was making him so weak that he couldn't think of anything else.

Qiang on the other hand was loving the feeling of being close to him. She loved the way Guang was caressing her shoulders.

Lifting her head up when Qiang met his deep yet longing gaze, she gulped in nervousness. She had always loved his eyes and right now, she was loving them even more. From his lips to his brows, everything about this man was so perfect.

When Guang started caressing her cheeks, Qiang shivered and closed her eyes.

"Your skin feels so soft." Guang murmured.

Sliding her hands from his waist to the back of his neck, Qiang gulped in nervousness.

With his one hand placed her neck, Guang lifted her up with the other and made her sit on his lap.

With her legs wrapped around his waist, Qiang let out a soft moan when Guang started trailing kisses all over her neck.

When his cold lips touched her skin, Qiang felt chills running down her spine. She had never felt the weird sensation that she was feeling before. She had never been so intimate to any other man before.

There were many men who wanted to get into her pants but Qiang knew how to turn them down but with Guang it was different. She wanted him to take advantage of her in every possible way.

Qiang always thought highly of Guang because not only was he handsome and attractive, he was a very capable man. The way he managed to start up his own company and how he was successful in each and everything he laid his finger on and rising high everyday, made him even more attractive.

Caressing her thighs, Guang started planting kisses all over her face and stopped a few inches away from her lips.

Qiang who was waiting for his lips to meet hers, frowned when nothing happened.

When she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Guang staring at her. "W-What happened?"

Lowering his head, Guang vigorously shook his head. "I can't, I mean we can't do this. This is wrong." No matter how badly he wanted it, Guang knew that he had already crossed all his boundaries.

Cupping his cheeks, Qiang lifted his face up and murmured, "Nothing is wrong."

Before Guang could say anything, Qiang pressed their lips together.

The last string of his will willpower and conscience was scrambled into millions of small pieces when her soft lips met his.

It was just like he had thought it would be,  soft, tender and sweet.

Slowly lifting her up, Guang pinned her down with the lips still sucking each other.

Qiang moaned when his wet tongue found hers. With their tongues dancing together and Guangs hands wandering all over her body, Qiang was feeling giddy and frenzy. Guang was driving her crazy and she couldn't stop her moans and groans.

As the sky started pouring heavily, the two of them kept on kissing each other without thinking about the consequences that they would've to face later.

With Guang feeling guilty for betraying his friend, how far could the couple go?

Would Guang take a stand for their budding love or would he choose friendship over Qiang?


Li mansion.

"The shoot got canceled?" Ming asked.

Nuan nodded his head and answered, "Yes, I just called people who were in charge of the shoot and they said that since the weather is really very bad that side, they had to cancel the shoot."


"Alright, you don't have to worry about Qiang. Until and unless Guang is with her, there is nothing to worry about. I am sure that he will take care of her well." Out of all the boys, Singtan had a very strong faith and belief over Guang.

"Yeah mom, don't worry about them. I am sure they are safe." Zian seconded his dad.

Ming was feeling very uneasy and still insisted Singtan keep calling the kids.

Just then Yushen entered the mansion in a very bad mood. He was still mad over Jennifer for thinking so lowly of him. Did she really think that he was like those rich spoiled brats who were always surrounded with hot cheeks?

The one thing that Yushen hated was to be called something that he wasn't and Jennifer called him a womaniser that he wasn't which pissed him even more.

"There is our other boy." Yutang said.

"We were waiting for you man, come on in we just started playing cards." Yinhai called him out.

When Yushen only gave them a weak smile, Ming frowned and quickly approached her son. "What is it? What happened?"

"It's nothing mom, I am just tired. I'll just freshen up and come down in a minute okay?" After giving his mom a hug, Yushen rushed towards his room.