Wrapping her arms around Singtans arm, Ming asked," Why are you so sweet Mr Li?"

" Hmm because I have a very sweet wife." Singtan said.

Resting her head on his shoulder, Ming said," We have a lot to talk about tonight."

Singtan chuckled and said," Are you sure you wanna talk tonight?"

" Hmm May be tomorrow morning." Ming said.

Intertwining their hands, Singtan asked," Tired?"

Ming smiled and said," I am happy."

" Aww aww aww ouch Yixi." Yutang shouted startling Ming and Singtan.

When Ming saw Yixi pulling Yutangs ears, she chuckled and asked," Yixi what are you doing?"

" All the time he knew Mr Li was the weird cap guy but he did not tell me anything. Even last night when I asked him about this, he did not utter a word." Yixi said pulling his ears harder.

" Ouch babe Singtan told me not to tell anyone about this." Yutang said.

Singtan shook his head and said," I said not to tell anyone but I never told you to keep this thing away from your wife. Lying to your wife was your choice not mine."

" You-Ouch." Yutang flinched when Yixi pulled his ear harder.

" Don't you dare try to blame Mr Li for this." Yixi said.

Pinching Singtans waist, Ming said," Even you deserve a good beating."

Kissing her cheeks, Singtan said," You can beat me or even kill me, I don't mind."

Ming chuckled and said," How cheesy Mr Li."

" I cannot believe that a man like you did such a sly thing back then." Leo said in a very cold voice.

Ming frowned and asked," Who are you calling sly?"

" Ming you don't know what he did back then." Leo said.

" What did he do?" Ming asked.

Leo pursed his lips and said," He threatened me to stay away from you and and he also thrashed me."

" I really think you and Taylor need some more beating." Yutang said.

Turning towards Ming, Singtan lowered his head and said," He was-Ouch."

Pinching his waist, Ming shouted," You had all the guts to threaten him and thrash him but could not tell me that you had feelings for me back then."

Pouting his lips, Singtan said," I am sorry. I was scared."

Pinching his cheeks, Ming said," Now don't make that face."

Giving her a quick peck on her cheek, Singtan said," I love you."

Leo almost choked at their behaviour. Who would've thought that a cold hearted businessman would actually behave like a lovestruck fool in front of his wife.

" Ahh Ming look Teresa." Yixi said.

Quickly getting up from her seat, Ming and Yixi rushed towards the group of girls who were happily talking amongst themselves.

After Ming and Yixi left, Singtan got up from his seat. Buttoning his suit, he smirked and said," Leonardo Beck."

Leo mockingly smiled and said," Weird cap guy."

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," I know it's hard for you to digest the truth but Ming is now my wife and is also pregnant with our baby. So you should stop hitting on her because if you don't, I'll make sure that you actually don't."

Leo gritted his teeth and said," You-"

Patting his shoulder, Singtan said," Isn't Beck Enterprise trying to open a branch in country S as well? And isn't Beck Enterprise also trying very hard to get a collaboration with Li Corporation and Yang Enterprise?"

Pointing towards Yutang, Singtan said," Yang Enterprise" pointing towards himself, he said," Li Corporation. So you better back off and stop pissing us."

Leo widened his eyes in shock when he heard Singtans words.

Seeing his expression, Singtan smirked and said," Ah what would Stephen Beck think of you if we reject his proposal because of you? He would think more lowly of you, wouldn't he?"

Gritting his teeth, Leo stormed his foot on the ground and left.

After Leo left, Yutang chuckled and said," Well that was awesome. Did you see his face?"

" Did you accept the proposal?" Singtan asked.

Yutang shook hai head and said," I wanted to talk to you about it first."

Singtan nodded his head and said," We can discuss this after we go back."

" Whatever you did today was really very romantic and awesome." Yutang said.

Singtang smiled and said," I am glad she liked it."


After talking to their old college mates till midnight, Singtan approached Ming when he saw her rubbing her waist.

Hugging her from behind, Singtan asked," Tired?"

Leaning against him, Ming closed her eyes and said," Hmm very tired."

Kissing her nape, Singtan said," Lets go to our room."

When Ming slowly nodded her head, Singtan quickly scooped her into his arms and started walking outside.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and said," Singtan everyone is looking at us."

Singtang chuckled and said," We have already kissed in front of them."

Burying her head on his chest, Ming helplessly shook her head.


Inside their room.

After helping her change and removing her makeup, Singtan placed her on the bed and quickly took a bath before lying down beside her.

Placing her head on his chest, Ming asked," Singtan why didn't you tell me about this before?"

Singtan chuckled and said," Well I did tell you about this before."

Lifting her head up, Ming asked," When?"

" You remember the day when you seduced me and took advantage of me for the whole night?" Singtan asked.

Hitting him on his chest, Ming said," Hey it was you who took advantage of me."

Singtan shook his head and said," No you were the one who took advantage of my pure body."

"No." Ming shouted.

" Okay so you tell me, who was the one who organised everything?" Singtan asked,

" Me."

" Who was the one who wore that sexy transparent lingerie to seduce me?"

" Me."

" Who was the one who said that she wanted to do it that night?"

" Me."

" You see now, you were the one who took advantage of me." Singtan said.

Ming frowned and said," So What if I took advantage of you? If not me, who is going to seduce you?"