Clearing his throat, Singtan said," Well the reason why you all never saw my face well some of you did, is because I wanted to keep a low profile and did not like interacting with people. As you all know my only friend was Yang Yutang. But who would've thought that my decision of keeping a low profile would turn out to be the worst decision of my life."

Pausing for a while, he continued," Because of that, I had to pay a very heavy price. I had to stay away from Ming who is now my loving wife, for six long years."

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

Poking Leo who was sitting dazed, Taylor said," Dude Ming married the weird cap guy."

Tim chuckled and said," Weird cap guy is Li Singtan. No wonder she was never interested in you Leo."

Leo did not say anything and kept on staring at Ming who was busy staring at her handsome husband.

Pausing for a while, Singtan chuckled and said," You know Ming when I saw you back then for the first time, I knew you were the one. Either it's you or no one else. But I was a coward back then and I could never confess my feelings to you nor did I have the guts to face you. But I did remove few flies who used to buzz around you and I also made sure that you were always safe. But because I could never gather my courage and face you, things became a bit difficult for both of us."

Singtan chuckled and continued," But no matter what, aren't we together now? You have no idea how happy and overwhelmed I was when you said Yes. Trust me when I say that you are the biggest achievement of my life. This fame, money, respect is nothing in front of you. I can leave everything just to be with you. With you as my better half, I don't need anything else."

" I know you must be feeling very weird right now but there is nothing that you can do and no way I am going to let you divorce me for this." Singtan said.

Wiping her tears away, Ming chuckled and helplessly shook her head.

Looking at her, Singtan smiled and said," I know I sounded really very mean when I asked you to marry me and I know giving you only five minutes to think was the most cunning thing that anyone can do but I had already waited for you for so many years and I couldn't wait any further. I was scared, scared thinking that if I give you a day or two, what if you change your mind and decide not to marry me? What would I do without you? I can live a life without these expensive suits, branded cars and other luxurious things but I cannot live without you."

Taking a deep breath, Singtan said," Lastly I would like you say that I loved you then, I love you now and I will love you forever. I love you till my last breath."

After Singtan finished his sweet little romantic speech, he unbuttoned his suit and started walking towards his wife who was trying very hard to control her tears which was continuously flowing down her cheeks.

Nobody uttered a single word. All the woman was busy wiping their tears and the men were still shocked, trying to take in everything that has heard.

Their were many who had tried to court Xie Ming but were threatened and stopped by the weird cap guy whom they thought was a psychopath. But who would've known that the person was none other than the infamous Li Singtan.

Leo on the other hand smirked and murmured," Tch tch so lame." Before gulping down the whole content of the wine.

" Oh my God that was so touching." Yixi said before wiping her tears.

When Ming saw Singtan coming towards her, she got up and started walking towards him.

When Singtan saw her tear stained face, he caressed her cheeks and said," Your makeup is ruined."

Hitting him on his chest, Ming took off his cap and said," And whose fault is it?"

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Singtan asked," Are you angry with me?"

Ming nodded her head and said," Of course I am."

Singtan lowered his head and said," I am sorry. You can punish me but please don't leave me."

" I can punish you?" Ming asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes I'll do whatever you want me to."

" Kiss me." Ming said.

Lifting his head up, Singtan asked," Huh?"

" Either you kiss me or I will." Ming said.

Without wasting a single second, Singtan wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ming lightly grabbed his silky smooth hair before saying," I suddenly feel so small in front of you."

Singtan shook his head and said," You'll always be the bigger one in this relationship."

Closing her eyes, Ming inched closer and said," I love you Singtan." Before clashing their lips together.

The kiss was soft and gentle completely moving and warming their hearts.

They finally let each other go when people started clapping and hooting.

Burying her face on his chest, Ming blushed and said," This is so embarrassing."

Wrapping his arms around her, Singtan chuckled and said," You were the one who wanted to kiss."

" It's all your fault." Ming said.

" My fault?" Singtan asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," You were looking so cute and handsome and tasty too. So I couldn't resist."

Singtan kissed her forehead and said," Let's go and sit first."

Just then the MC came took charge and said," Now that was very romantic and refreshing thing to see but ah it was a torture for single people like us."

Pausing for a while, the MC said," We would like to make a special announcement. Mr Li donated one hundred million dollars in the name of his wife, Mrs Xie Ming and their unborn child and Mr Yang Yutang also donated one hundred million on behalf of his wife Mrs An Yixi. We all are grateful and thankful to each and everyone of you for coming here. Please enjoy this day to the fullest."