The event was taking place in the banquet hall of the Dynasty hotel.

The entire hall was decorated with white and blue balloons and frills. There was a stage in front and a big white screen.

The entire hall was packed with people dressed in beautiful gowns and suits which made the entire place look more lively and beautiful. Everyone was given a seat by the organisers. Drinks and snacks were being served by waiters in their respective seats.

As soon the trio entered the hall, they quickly caught everyone's attention.

The sight of two beautiful ladies accompanied by a handsome man was enough for everyone to leave their conversations halfway and stare at them.

" Isn't that An Yixi?" A man dressed in an all-black suit asked.

" Yeah she is." Another man said.

The man licked his lips and said," God she is amazing."

" Control your emotions Tim, she is with her husband." Another man said.

" So What is she is with her husband Taylor?" Tim asked.

Taylor helplessly shook his head and said," That was six years ago. She isn't the same An Yixi now. She is different."

Pointing towards the Ming, Tim asked," Who is that beauty beside Yixi?"

Staring at Ming for quite sometime, Taylor widened his eyes in shock and said," Oh my God isn't that Xie Ming?"

"Pttfff." Splashing the entire wine out of his mouth, Tim coughed vigorously and said," What? Xie Ming? Oh God she is looking like a floating angel."

" I got to go." Taylor said.

After Taylor left, Tim gulped down the whole content of the glass before walking towards Yixi and Ming.


" Ming let's and look around." Yixi said.

Yutang frowned and said," You both stay with me. No going around here and there."

" Ah it feels great to see you again Yixi." Tim said in a very attractive manner.

Yutang raised his eyebrows when he saw who it was.

Yixi smiled and said," Ah Tim it's nice to meet you too. Oh my God just look at you, you have become so handsome."

Tim chuckled and asked," What wasn't I handsome before?"

Yixi nodded her head and said," Yes you were but now you have become more manly and handsome." before taking a step towards Tim but before she could even lift her feet, Yutang wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards himself.

" It's nice to meet you again Tim." Yutang said.

Raising his glass at Yutang, Tim said," Yes Yes, nice to meet you too." Looking around, Tim asked," Where is that weird friend of yours? Is he coming?"

Before Yutang could say anything, a man with bold yet attractive voice said," He will come. I heard that he is giving a speech today."

Shrugging Yutang's hand off her waist, Yixi pulled Ming closer and said," Ming you remember Leo right?"

Ming smiled and said," Yes of course Leonardo Beck. That's your full name right?"

With his mouth wide open, Leo kept on staring at Ming. She had become ten times more beautiful than he had last seen her.

" See he is lost again." Yixi whispered.

Ming chuckled and said," Mr Li will kill him if he catches him staring at me like that."

" Leo?" Tim said.

But when the latter did not say anything, Tim shook his shoulder and asked," Good lord what happened?"

Coming out of his dazed state, Leo awkwardly scratched his forehead and said," Oh sorry I was just-umm nothing." Turning towards Ming, Leo said," Ming you look stunning. You are looking so beautiful."

Ming smiled and said," Thank you so much."

" Oh look who are here." A shrill unpleasant voice echoed throughout the room.

Yixi rolled her eyes and murmured," Here comes the pretentious bitch."

Putting up a fake smile, Yixi said," Hey Mellisa."

Flicking her hair backwards, Mellisa said," Hey."

Ming smiled and said," It's nice to meet you again Mellisa."

" Ah aren't you Xie Ming? Hmm." Mellisa asked before staring at Ming from head to toe.

" Yes it's me Ming." Ming said.

Pointing towards her baby bump, Mellisa laughed and said," Ah looks like whatever I had heard about you yesterday was true. You indeed got married right after graduation."

Yixi frowned and asked," Who told you that?"

Leo widened his eyes in shock and asked," You are married?"

Ming smiled and nodded her head," Yes I am."

Patting Leo's shoulders, Tim chuckled and said," Not only married, she is also going to become mama soon."

Caressing her baby bump, Ming said," Yeah you are right."

That was a huge blow on Leonardo's face. He had unwilling agreed to attend the union only with one hope ' To meet Xie Ming again' but now that she was married and was also going to have a baby, Leo felt helpless.

Leonardo was a British-German with amber coloured eyes. He was tall, handsome and had a really good physique. Girls would always be ready to offer themselves to him but Leo liked Xie Ming since college. He used to send her flowers, chocolates, cards and various other things but the latter never gave him any response. He would've sent her gifts and chocolates everyday until she would've accepted him if that weird cap guy wouldn't have beaten him and threatened him to leave her alone.

" I did not know that you were married." Leo said.

Ming smiled and said," It's fine, many people don't know about it."

" So Where is your husband?" Leo asked. He wanted to see who was that man whom Xie Ming had chosen over him.

" He will come here after sometime." Ling said.

" Ladies and Gentlemen you all are requested to sit down in your respective tables." The MC said.

Walking away along with Yixi, Ming said," Bye."

Leo and Tim were about to chase them when they heard Yutang's cold voice saying," Don't even think about it. This isn't college and one of them is my wife now."

Walking towards Tim, Yutang patted his shoulder and said," I hope you haven't forgotten that punch. If you have then I don't mind giving you another one." before walking towards Yixi and Ming.


" Ming did you hear that?" Yixi asked.

" What?"

Taking a sip from the wine, Yixi said," The weird cap guy is giving a speech."

Ming chuckled and said," I think he will wear a cap and give a speech so that we can't see his face."

" Seriously is he wears a cap today, I will go right there and jerked his cap off his head and stare at him." Yixi said.

Just then Yutang arrived and said," Here Ming juice for you as prescribed by your husband."

Taking the glass, Ming asked," Where is he?"

Yutang shrugged his shoulders and said," I have no idea."


Back stage.

Pacing back and forth, Singtan was nervously biting his nails.

Pressing his templates, Zihao said," Sir will you please stop moving, I am feeling dizzy."

Grabbing Zihao's shoulder, Singtan said," I don't think so I can do this. No no I can't. I am leaving." before walking towards the exit.

Zihao widened his eyes in shock and said," Boss wait. What do you mean by you can't? Everything is already ready boss. You can't just walk out like that. You have to do this."

Singtan shook his head and said," What if she hates me after knowing the truth? Nono, I can't take that risk."

Zihao friend and shouted," Are you nuts? Why would she hate you? Boss you are overthinking. Lady boss loves you Okay and you love lady boss too. One day or the other you have to tell her the truth and today is the day."

Pausing for a while, Zihao said," You have planned so many things and everything is ready. You just have to go there and execute your plan okay."