Li Corporation.

Management department.

"Peter you have been called to the CEO's office." The head of the department said.

Peter, who was busy going through some documents almost tripped when he heard his boss.

" Boss are you talking to me?" Peter asked.

The head of the department nodded his head and said," Yes now go the CEO is waiting for you."

" Boss am I going to get fired?" Peter asked.

" I don't know anything. Now go quickly you know the CEO doesn't like to wait for anyone."

Peter nodded his head and left.


After he stepped into the elevator, Peter thought about all the mistakes that he had done for the past couple of weeks.

" None of them are severe enough to fire me." Peter mumuered.

He had only met the CEO during the yearly meetings. Peter had a really very scary kind of a picture about the CEO in his mind.

Cold, aloof, dangerous, merciless. Though he had heard that the CEO had become a bit lenient and soft hearted after getting married but he was still super scared and nervous.

After reaching the topmost floor, Peter took a deep breath and started walking towards the CEO's office.

" Mr Peter Hembron?" Han Zihao asked.

Peter nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Hmm come with me please."

Peter nodded his head and quietly followed Han Zihao inside.


Inside the office.

When Han Zihao and Peter entered the office, Singtan was busy reading some documents.

" Boss this is Mr Peter Hembron from the management department." Zihao said.

Placing the documents down, Singtan said," Hmm you can go Zihao."

Han Zihao nodded his head and left.

After Zihao left, Peter lowered his head and said," Good morning big boss."

Getting up from the his seat, Singtan buttoned his suit and said," Please take a seat on the couch."

Peter nodded his head and quietly followed Singtans orders.

Walking towards the couch, Singtan sat beside Peter and asked," Do you want something? Tea or coffee?"

Peter widened his eyes in shock after hearing Singtans words. He quickly shook his head and said," No boss I am fine."

" You don't have to be nervous." Singtan said before calling Zihao inside.

" Ask someone to get some tea for us." Singtan said.

After sometime, a middle-aged lady from the cafeteria brought two cups of freshly brewed tea and left.

Passing a cup of tea to Peter, Singtan said," Here."

Peter gently accepted the cup and took a sip.

' Will the CEO fire me after drinking a cup of tea with me? Is it a tradition?' Peter thought.

" Do you know why have you been called here?" Singtan asked.

Peter shook his head and said," No sir."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," I have called you here to talk to you about your sister Beth Hembron."

Peter frowned and asked," Boss do you happen to know her?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes. I met her yesterday."

" I am not understanding anything sir." Peter asked.

Singtan took a deep breath and asked," You know that you sister is dating a guy right?"

Peter nodded his head and said," Yes Sir."

" His name is Lui Songpa." Singtan said.

" Yes Sir but how do you-"

Singtan smiled and said," Songpa happens to be like my little brother."

Peter widened his eyes in shock and said," Boss you-"

" Yes I have called you here today to talk to you about them." Singtan said.

Peter heaved a sigh of relief.

Singtan chuckled and asked," Why? You thought I would fire you?"

Peter nodded his head and said," Yes I thought that-"

Cutting him off, Singtan said," Well I might fire you if you make things difficult for Songpa when he comes to your place for dinner this weekend."

Peter froze when he heard Singtans words.

As he was thinking about how he should react, Singtan laughed and said," I was just kidding Mr Hembron you are a very capable employee of my company, I would never fire you."

Pausing for a while, Singtan continued," Songpa is like my little brother. I have known him for more than 7 years now and he also works under me. So you don't have to worry about your sister. I guarantee you that she will never suffer a loss because of my little brother. Yes you are her brother and I understand your concern. Call him for dinner and ask him whatever you want but don't make things difficult for him. They want to move in together. I have already made all the arrangements for them and everything is ready. So after meeting him if you think he is the right person for your sister, don't stop them from moving in together."

Peter vigorously nodded his head and said," Yes Boss I'll listen to you. I did not know that Songpa's relationship with your was this deep and strong. If I had known earlier, I would've-"

Cutting him off, Singtan said," I know and that is the reason why I called you today and decided to tell you about this so that both of us can be rest assured."

Peter nodded his head and said," Yes Sir I understand."

" Hmm I would also like you to keep our meeting a secret." Singtan said.

Peter smiled and said," Of course Boss."

" Good. You can leave now." Singtan said.

Peter quickly got up from his seat and rushed out of the room.

After Peter left, Singtan called Han Zihao in and said," Get the car ready."

" Where to Sir?" Zihao asked.

" Let's pay a surprise visit to my other little brother." Singtan said before walking out of the room along with Zihao.


Global Entertainment.

Quin was busy hearing the audio that Ben had sent him when Singtan suddenly entered his office.

" Are you working or having fun?" Singtan asked.

Quin smiled and said," I was hearing Ben's audio's."

" There is a ruckus going around outside and you are having fun instead of solving it." Singtan said.

Quin chuckled and said," When things don't affect you, you shouldn't be bothered by them. This is something that you told me several years back remember?"

Singtans lips curled upwards," Yes."