" Brother-"

" End of discussion Beth. Go to your room." Peter said.

Ruby who was standing right beside Peter, rolled her eyes and said," You were also a stranger when I moved in with you."

Peter frowned and said," That is different."

" It is not different, it is the same thing. How will see get to know him properly if you lock her up like this? She is an adult Peter and she has the right to take her own decision. If she wants to move in with him just let her do what she wants. She also has to start a family of her." Ruby said.

" We don't know who that guy is yet." Peter said.

" Well call him for dinner and talk to him. You can't just reject Beth's choice like that." Ruby said.

Peter thought for a while and said," Hmm okay call him home for dinner this weekend."

Beth nodded her head and said," Okay brother and can I go with him tomorrow?"

" Beth you can go wherever you want with him and you don't have to ask for our permission to anywhere." Ruby said.

" But-"

Cutting Peter off, Ruby said," You shut up and go inside your room."

Peter frowned and quietly entered his room.


After entering her room, Beth called Songpa and told him about everything that had happened.

Songpa widened his eyes in shock and asked," So I have come to your place and meet you brother this weekend."

" Uh-huh."

" Can I not do that?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and asked," Songpa are you freaking out?"

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes I am. He is your brother what if I fail to impress him?"

" He will definitely like you so don't worry about that." Beth said.

" Hmm okay I'll pick you up tomorrow in the evening." Songpa said.

" Alright. I'll take a shower now so I'll call you later." Beth said.

" I love you." Songpa said.

" I love you too."


After hanging up the call, Songpa called Singtan.

" Big Boss."

" What is it Songpa?" Singtan asked.

" Beth is ready to move in with me but her brother wants to meet me first." Songpa said.

Singtan chuckled and asked," Nervous?"

Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes Boss."

" Don't worry about that and I'll ask Zihao to take you both to your new place tomorrow. Now he good and sleep." Singtan said before hanging up the call.


After hanging up the call, Singtan called Zihao and said," Ask Peter Hembron to meet me in my office tomorrow morning. Also in the evening you will have to take Beth and Songpa to their new place. If they don't like something or want to add anything, change it immediately. Did you understand?"

How could Singtan let his dear Songpa suffer a loss in front of his girlfriends brother? So he decided to misuse his powers and tell Peter that Songpa was closely related to him before hand so that he wouldn't give Songpa a really tough time later.

Zihao nodded his head and said," Noted Sir. Anything else?"

" No that's it." Singtan said.

" Sir there is actually a problem." Zihao said.

" What happened?"

" Rushi Entertainment seem to be created some kind of problem for Global entertainments. Not that it is affecting Mr Quin but it seems like Rushi entertainments is forgetting few things." Zihao said.

Singtan chuckled and said," Since Quin did not come running to me for help that means the situation is still in control but you still keep an eye on the whole situation. If things become too much, we have to help Quin."

" Okay Boss."

" Alright now you can sleep." Singtan said before hanging up the call.


Next morning.

Li Mansion.

" Rose this is beautiful." Ming said brushing her hands through the gown.

Helping her with the zipper, Rose said," This is not too heavy and not to light and it is also very comfortable so you don't have worry about anything else."

Ming chuckled and said," My baby bump is looking so cute in this."

Rose laughed and said," Yes and you are also looking very beautiful big sister."

" Thank you so much." Ming said.

" We are family so there is no need of thanking me. Big brothers suit is also ready, ask him to try it once so I can alter it if there is any problem." Rose said.

" Hmm we are leaving after few days so we actually don't have much time left." Ming said.

" Big sister can I ask you something?" Rose asked.

" What is it?"

" Hmm do you have any idea who grandpa Mo is? I mean Ben was talking about him all night that day. That man happened to take care of him really very well but didn't he abduct Ben? Then why did he play with him and took care of him? I mean isn't that weird?" Rose asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," Yes even I found it weird but I really don't know who that man is."

" I tried asking Quin but he said that he has no idea about Grandpa Mo." Rose said.

" Singtan knows but he is not willing to tell me. Anyway don't stress over it. Whatever happened few days back, will never happen again. Let your big brother take care of such things okay?" Ming said.

Rose smiled and nodded her head.


Global Entertainment.

Sitting inside his office, Quin was going through some documents when his assistant entered the office and said," Sir things don't seem really very nice on our end. The second lead who got injured his creating a ruckus and the media-"

" Paul I told you this thing is not worth our attention. Just let it be." Quin said.

" But sir Rushi-"

Flipping through the documents, Quin said," Whether Rushi entertainments withdraw their investments or keep it has got nothing to do with us. It doesn't affect us at all."

" But Sir they are spreading rumours all over the industry saying that our new movie is shitty and that is why he withdrew all his funds. The other investors also want to take back their-"

" Paul do we lack funds?" Quin asked.

Paul shook his head and said," No Sir."

" Then What are you worried about?" Quin asked.

Pausing for a while, Quin said," This movie is going to create a uproar in the box office so don't worry about anything and start the production again. Change the second male lead."

Paul nodded his head and left.