When Songpa saw Beth sitting on the bed, he quickly rushed towards her and asked," Beth how are you? And this bandage? How? I mean when?" Brushing his fingers on the bandage, he asked," Does it hurt."

Beth's eyes watered after seeing his pale and worried expression. Lowering her head, she shook her head.

" Hey hey why are you crying? Is it paining?" Songpa asked.

" No." Beth said before getting down from the bed and wrapping her hands around his waist.

" I am sorry." Beth said.

Rubbing her back, Songpa said," You don't have to be sorry."

Singtans lips curled upwards when he saw Songpa and Beth together.

Turning towards Mike, Singtan said," Do you have any idea how worried Songpa was?"

Mike gulped in nervousness and said," It was Ming's and Yixi's idea. They wanted to play a prank on Songpa and I reluctantly agreed."

Ming and Yixi gasped together and said," You- when did we do that?"

" Ah Mike you are so sly." Yixi shouted.

Placing her hand on Singtans chest, Ming said," Honey he is lying. Do you think that I would ever suggest such a thing? He was the one who came up with the idea and we reluctantly agreed."

Caressing Ming's cheeks, Singtan said," Hmm I know you don't have to explain."

" Hmm." Ming said before burying her face  in his chest.

Looking at Mike with cold and vicious eyes, Singtan said," Whatever you did was already wrong but involving my wife and others was more wrong."

" You- how can you all put all the blame on me? You all were there with me and now-"

Just then Yutang entered the room and asked," What's happened? How is Songpa's girlfriend?"

Pouncing into Yutangs embrace, Yixi said," Yutang Mike is blaming me for something that I did not do."

Wrapping his arms around her, Yutang said," Hmm don't worry honey, I won't let him bully you."

" You- all of you are trying to bully me. Ah Zechan go and and call Anna." Mike said.

After sometime when Anna entered the room along with Zechan, Mike said," Babe they all are trying to bully me."

" Weren't you the one who was trying to bully Songpa? Serves to right." Anna said.

" An you-"

Anna rolled her eyes and said," Don't expect me to take your side. Songpa saved me once and I will always be grateful to him for that. I even tried to stop you but you did not listen. Now face the consequences."

Singtan sighed and said in a very low voice," Mike you know what Songpa's condition is. How could you let him panic again. What is he starts getting the anxiety attacks again? It took me two years to stabilise him after what had happened and you-"

" Okay Okay fine I am sorry but even his girlfriend agreed to this." Mike said.

When everybody looked at Songpa and Beth, Beth buried her face on Songpa's chest and slowly shook her head.

Anna, Ming and Yixi chuckled when they saw Mike's horrified expression.

" How did she come here?" Singtan asked.

When Ming told her about everything that she happened, Singtan took a deep breath and said," Zechan assign a bodyguard for Beth as well."

" I-"

Cutting her off, Songpa said," It is for you own good."

Beth sighed and nodded her head.

Singtan smiled and said," Songpa will you not introduce your girlfriend to us?"

Wiping her tears away, Songpa said," Come I'll introduce you to my big boss." before dragging her towards the group.

Cheekily smiling, Songpa said," Big Boss this is my girlfriend Beth and babe this is my boss."

Beth smiled and politely greeted Singtan.

" This is my lady boss and big sister." Songpa said pointing towards Ming.

Ming chuckled and said," We have already met before."

After introducing everyone, Songpa said," This is my small little family."

Patting Songpa's head, Singtan smiled and said," I give you the liberty punish Mike as you like."

Sticking his tongue out, Songpa asked," With anything?"

Yutang chuckled and said," Yes Anything."

" Yes I give you the permission to do so too." Anna said.

" How can you all do that?" Mike shouted.

Squeezing Songpa's hand, Beth smiled and said," There is no need for that. Dr Mike really took really good care of me today. He treated me and also prescribed some pain relief medicines."

" Mike Boss, my girlfriend saved you today." Songpa said.


After talking to each other for quite sometime, everyone decided to leave.

Before leaving, Ming asked Beth," Where do you live?"

" I live with my brother and sister-in-law." Beth said.

" Hmm have to thought about moving in with Songpa? I mean now you both are young and Songpa lives alone. Even you live with your brother and sister-in-law. So why don't you both live together? That way you both can spend more time with each other and have more fun." Ming said.

" Songpa did ask me to move in with him." Beth said.

Ming chuckled and asked," Then what are you thinking about? Just move in with him."

" Ma'am don't you think it's too early?" Beth asked.

" Don't call me that. You can call me big sister just like Songpa." Ming said.

Beth smiled and nodded her head.

" It doesn't matter whether it's too early or not. What matters is what you and Songpa want. If you both want to live together then why not?" Ming said.

Beth nodded her head and said," Thanks for helping me today and for talking to me about this too."

Ming smiled and said," It's fine. We are going out for shopping this weekend, you should join us."

Beth smiled and said," I would love to."

" I'll ask Songpa to drop you at the Li Mansion that day." Ming said.

" Okay." Beth said.

Patting Beth's head, Ming said," I have a brother who is almost of your and Songpa's age and you both remind me of him. In the future if you face any problem, you can count on me."