After almost fifteen minutes, Songpa and Zechan arrived at the hospital.

Rushing inside the hospital, Songpa bumped into many people but he did not care. All he was thinking about was Beth.

When they arrived outside Mike's cabin, Mike came out of the cabin and said in a very serious tone," It is a hit and run case. Beth was hit by a car and she has received major injuries in her head and body. We have to operate her as soon as possible but-"

Grabbing Mike's shoulder, Songpa asked," But what?"

" There are many complications and the chances of this operation being successful is very less. So you have prepare yourself for the worst." Mike said before walking towards the operation theatre.

" Hey Mike Boss wait." Zechan said.

" What happened?" Mike asked.

" How did you know the woman who met with an accident is Songpa's girlfriend? You have never seen her right? Then how?" Zechan asked.

Mike thought for a while and said," When she was brought her, she was mumbling Songpa's name so I thought may be she is Songpa's girlfriend." before rushing towards the operation theatre.

After Mike left, Songpa nervously ruffled his hair. He could feel his legs turning weak. What would he do without Beth?

When Zechan saw Songpa stumbling, he quickly grabbed his shoulders and said," Hey nothing will happen to her okay so don't worry."

Seeing Songpa's pale expression, Zechan panicked," Songpa come and sit here. I'll go and fetch some water for you."

Leaving Songpa alone for a while, Zechan moved to a corner and called his big boss to inform him about the situation.


Li Corporation.

Singtan has just finished a meeting when he received a called from Zechan.

" Hmmm stay with him and don't leave him alone. I'll be right there." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, Singtan called Mike but the latter did not receive his call.

" Zihao get the car ready." Singtan said before punching in Ming's number.



Inside one of the operation theatre.

" I think we should tell him everything." Anna said.

Beth who was very nervous and anxious, nodded her head and said," Yes let's not do this to him."

Mike helplessly shook his head and said," You woman are no fun."

Ming chuckled and said," We used to play such pranks when we were in high school."

" Ah those were fun days." Yixi said.

Just the Ming's phone buzzed," Oh you all now don't make noise, Mr Li is calling me."

After taking a deep breath, Ming answered the call," Yes honey."

" Ming where are you?" Singtan asked.

" I am ehh at the bakery with Yixi. Why?"

" Hmm don't come to my office. I am going to the hospital." Singtan said.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and asked," Wait why hospital?"

" Songpa's girlfriend met with an accident and is having an operation right now. Songpa is very sensitive when it comes to things like this so I have to stay with him." Singtan said.

" Oh that is sad. I'll also come there." Ming said.

" No need of that. You should go home and rest." Singtan said.

Ming shook her head and said," No no I am coming. How can we leave Songpa alone like that? It's fine I'll be there in like five minutes."

" That fast?" Singtan asked.

" I happen to be nearby." Ming said.

" Hmm alright. I'll be there in 20 minutes." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Placing her phone inside her bag, Ming stood up and said," I am leaving."

" Woah where are you going?" Mike asked.

" Singtan is coming here." Ming said.

Mike widened his eyes in shock and asked," Why?"

" He knows that Songpa's girlfriend is getting operated here so he is coming." Ming said.

" Now What?" Yixi asked.

" I don't know. Yixi and I are leaving." Ming said.

" Hey you can't run away like that and leave me alone." Mike said.

" It was your idea Mike now you suffer. I am out of this." Ming said before walking out along with Yixi.

Anna chuckled and said," Good luck with the prank hubby." before walking outside.

" Hey you guys how can you do that? Wait how can I deal with Singtan alone?" Mike shouted.

Biting her lower lip, Beth said," I think we should tell Songpa everything."


" Lady Boss?" Zechan said.

Ming nodded her head and quietly sat beside Songpa who was staring at the ceiling.

Poking Ming's arm, Yixi asked," Is he Songpa?"

Ming nodded her head.

Tapping Songpa's shoulder, Yixi said," It's gonna be okay."

Seeing his pale and ghastly expression, Ming felt guilty and sad for home.

After sometime Singtan arrived along with Han Zihao.

" How is it?" Singtan asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," We still don't know."

Sitting beside Ming, Singtan wrapped his arms around her shoulder and asked," Ming at what time did you arrive at the hospital?"

Ming gulped in fear and said," Few minutes ago."

Pausing for a while, Singtan said," Hmm but the guards were saying that you are here since a really long time and you did not go to the bakery shop today."

Yixi got up and said," I'll go and fetch some water."

" Ming-"

Burying her head in his chest, Ming said," Hmm my head hurts today."

Singtan sighed and said," I'll take you home soon." Turning towards Zechan, he said," Drag Mike out of the operation theatre."

Zechan frowned and asked," Boss?"

" Nevermind." Singtan said before getting up from his seat.

Walking towards Songpa, Singtan said," Get up." Before grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

Wrapping his arms around Ming, Singtan said," You also come." Before walking towards the operation theatre.


Inside the operation theatre.

Pacing back and forth, Mike was biting his nails and thinking about various ways to escape the mess.

" Why don't we go out and tell everyone the truth?" Beth said.

Mike shook his head and said," No no we can't do that. Singtan will kill me."

" I don't think so Songpa will say anything." Beth said.

" It's not about Songpa, it's about Singtan." Mike said.

Just the the door opened and Singtan entered the room along with Songpa and the rest.