" Didn't you say that this woman had nothing to do with the Li clan?"

The second man nodded his head and said," Yes that was the report that we got."

" What do we do now?" Another man asked.

Just then a bulky man stepped forward and asked," What do you people want?"

" We are not here to harm Mrs Li. We just want that lady. Handover her to us and we will go." One of Simon's men said.

The bulky man smirked and said," No."

Simon's men narrowed their eyes and were about to make a move when the bulky man mockingly laughed and said," Don't even try. I think you know who we are and what are we capable off. I strongly believe that you people are not dumb enough to mess with us."

Simon's men thought for a while and slowly retreated back.

After they left, Ming and Yixi turned towards Beth and asked," Are you fine?"

Holding her bleeding forehead, Beth said," I am fine and thank you so much for helping me."

Yixi shook her head and said," This won't do, come with us we will take you to the hospital."

" I am really fine and-"

" No you are not fine. Don't argue and come with us." Ming said.



" It's nothing that serious. The cut is not too deep and the will mark will fade away easily." Mike said.

" Thankyou Mike." Ming said.

Mike chuckled and said," You don't have to thank. I'll charge your husband for this."

Ming laughed and said," Charge him double."

" Hey what is your name?" Yixi asked.

Beth smiled and said," My name is Beth and thank you so much for helping me today."

Ming smiled and said," It's fine you don't have to thank us."

" I should go now." Beth said.

" It would be nice if you will call someone to fetch your from here. What if they come back looking for you again?" Yixi said.

Beth thought for a while and asked," Can I borrow your phone?"

Ming nodded her head before passing her phone to Beth.

Taking the phone from her hand, Beth quickly punched Songpa's number.

Beth widened her eyes in shock when she saw that Songpa's number was already saved in Ming's phone.

" Eh ma'am do you know Songpa?" Beth asked.

Ming raised her eyebrows and said," Yes I do."

Mike widened his eyes in shock and asked," Are you that beautiful girl whom Songpa is seeing these days?"

Beth blushed and lowered her head.

Yixi smacked Mike's hand and asked," You- What kind of question is that?"

" Ouch Yixi that hurts." Mike said.

" Ahh so we actually helped Songpa's girlfriend." Ming said.

Yixi pouted her lips and asked," Who is Songpa?"

" Are you guys talking about Songpa?" Anna asked.

" Yes An we are talking about him." Ming said.

Anna smiled and said," Ah that cute little boy. I haven't seen him for so many months."

" She is Songpa's girlfriend, Beth." Ming said.

" Ah my cute little brother got himself a girlfriend? Oh you are so beautiful." Anna said.

Beth smiled and said," Thank you."

Yixi frowned and said," I want to see who Songpa is."

Mike grinned and asked," So Songpa doesn't know that you are in the hospital?"

Beth nodded her head and said," Yes he doesn't know but I will call him and-"

" Wait don't." Mike said.

" Why?" Anna asked.

Mike chuckled and said," Let's have some fun with our little Songpa today."


Outside the airport.

Zechan and Songpa came out of the airport after making sure that Chen Siquan boarded the plane along with his parents.

" I really think that he is guilty and regrets for everything that he has done." Zechan said.

Songpa nodded his head and said," He better not do anything wrong this time otherwise I will not even listen to Big boss and start using my tools on him."

Zechan sighed and nodded his head. He still remembered what had happened that day when Siquan was brought to the cell. Songpa was all ready to torture him till he bleeds to death. If not for Singtans strict warnings and threats, Siquan would have been dead by now.

As they were about to board the car, Songpa's phone buzzed.

" Zechan Why is Mike Boss calling me?" Songpa asked.

Zechan rolled his eyes and said," Because he wants to talk to you."

Sticking his tongue out, Songpa cheekily answered the call. This was the first time Mike was calling him in his new phone so obviously he was excited.

" Hey Mike Boss." Songpa said cheerfully.

" Songpa." Mike said in a very serious tone.

" What happened boss?" Songpa asked.

Mike sighed and said," Is Beth Hembron your girlfriend?"

Songpa widened his eyes in shock and asked," Yes Yes What happened to her?"

" Hmm come to the hospital fast." Mike said.

" Hospital? Why hospital? Is she fine? What happened to her?" Songpa asked anxiously.

" Come to the hospital and I'll tell you." Mike said before hanging up the call.

Songpa froze after hearing Mikes words.

When Zechan saw his pale expression, he asked," Hey what happened?"

" Zechan Beth is in the hospital. Mike bro just called and he told me to come there." Songpa said.

Zechan frowned and shouted," You-then what are you thinking? Quickly get inside the car. We should leave."

Grabbing Zechans arm, Songpa asked," W-What if something happens to her? I won't be able to live without her Zechan. What will I do without her?"

Grabbing Songpa's shivering shoulders, Zechan said," Listen to me, Nothing will happen to Beth okay. She will be fine so don't worry. First let's go and find out what's wrong. Don't jump to a conclusion like this."

Songpa nodded his head and quickly boarded the car along with Zechan.



" Hahah did you hear his voice? He was sounding so-Hahah." Mike said.

Beth sighed and said," I don't think so this is right. We shouldn't do this."

Yixi chuckled and said," You just chill and relax. We are just having a little bit fun with your boyfriend."

Ming laughed and said," Poor boy I am already feeling sorry for him."

Anna shook her head and said," You people are so wicked."