" What happened?" Siquan asked.

Yurin shook her head and said," nothing."

Cupping her face, Siquan said," Then hurry up. We have a flight to catch."

Yuring pursed her lips and said," Why don't we stay here in country S? I mean we can move back to the Chen Mansion and you can take care of Chen Enterprise again. Everything will be back to normal and-"

Cutting her off, Siquan asked," So you don't wanna go with me?"

Rubbing her templates, Yurin said," I don't want to leave country S. Why don't we stay here?"

Siquan smiled and asked," Yurin do you love me?"

Yurin vigorously nodded her head and said," Yes I do I love you a lot."

" Then come with me." Siquan said.

When she did not say anything for a really long time, Siquan got and said," This is the difference  between you and your elder sister. If Singtan will ever ask Ming to leave everything and go with him and start everything all over again, she would readily agree without thinking even once and look at you." before getting up.

Yurin grabbed his sleeves and said," Please please don't leave me alone."

" Then come with me. I am ready to forget everything and start a new life with you." Siquan said.

Yurin sobbed and said," Please Please."

Cupping her face, Siquan kissed her lips and said," Take care of our baby." before slowly jerking her hands off and walking outside.

Stopping in front of the door, Siquan asked," For the last time, will you go with me?"

Lowering her head, Yurin covered her face with both and hands before bursting into tears.

Siquan mockingly smiled at himself and left. After Ming left yesterday, he thought for quite sometime and decided to give Yurin a chance. He wanted to give their relationship a chance. No matter what, Siquan thought that Yurins feelings for him were strong enough to let go everything and follow him. But he was wrong.

Who would've known that the woman for whom he did so many things and sacrificed so many things would refuse to go with him. Was wealth and fame more important to her than him?

Yes, he knew that he had also done things which he was not suppose to. He knew that he was equally responsible for everything that happened. But he wanted to let go everything and start a new life with his wife and baby. Was that too much to ask?

' Karma' Siquan thought. Now he knew how it feels when someone whom you love betrays you and chooses something else over you. Was this how Ming felt when I left her? Yes, she might've felt exactly the same how he was feeling right now or may be worse.

Taking a deep breath, Siquan tried to control his emotions. Ming had given him a second chance in which he could repent for his sins and make sure not to repeat the same mistake again. The person whom he had hurt the most was the one who gave him a second life. 'How strange can life be?' Siquan thought.

" Let's go." Siquan said.

Zechan and Songpa got up and escorted him outside.


Li Mansion.

" Where is Yutang?" Ming asked.

" Ah he went to office." Yixi said.

Ming chuckled and said," Hmm let's go and have some fun."

As they were about to board the car, a bulky man stepped forward and said," Lady Boss, we will be following you from behind. If anything happens, we will be right there."

Ming nodded her head and said," Cool."

After boarding the car, Yixi said," Ah can we stop by a departmental store? I have to buy few things."

Ming rolled her eyes and said," Yixi why now?"

Yixi chuckled and said," Sorry I just have to buy few things. I'll be fast."

Ming frowned and said," Fine."


Departmental store.

Beth was busy arranging something when few men dressed in black suit entered the departmental store.

Beth's heart raised when she realised that they were the same men who had chased her last time.

Quickly hiding behind a shelf, Beth started biting her nails nervously.

She wanted to call Songpa first but she realised that her phone was out of battery.

Placing her hand on her chest, Beth took few deep breaths to calm herself down.

After the guards entered the store, Beth quickly rushed towards the exit door which was not too far away from where she was hiding.

As she was about to step out, a man shouted," There she is."

Beth gasped and started running outside without looking anywhere else.

The guards quickly started chasing her.



As Beth was running to save her life, she did not see the car which was coming towards her in full speed.

After the bonnet clashed against her body, Beth lost her balance and fell down. The chauffeur who was quick enough to apply the brakes on time, sighed in relief when he saw that the car has stopped few centimetres away from the lady's body.

Quickly getting down from the car, the chauffeur helped Beth up and said," Miss are you- oh miss you are bleeding."

Touching her forehead, Beth said," It isn't your fault I was recklessly running. I am sorry."

Getting down from the car, Ming asked," What happened?" when she saw Beth's bleeding forehead, she gasped and said," You are bleeding a lot. Let me take you the hospital."

Before Beth could say anything, the group of men who were chasing her arrived.

Hiding behind the chauffeur, Beth said," Please save me from them."

When the bodyguards saw some strange men surrounding their lady boss, they quickly got down from their car and surrounded Ming and Yixi.

When Ming saw, Beth's scared and worried expression, she said," Save the girl."

The guard quickly nodded their heads and said," Yes lady boss.

Three guards quickly stood beside Beth protectively forming a human wall around her.

" Hey isn't that Li Singtans wife, Xie Ming?" A man asked.

The man nodded his head and said," Yes she is."