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 " You- you why did you give her his number" Grandpa Li shouted.

Grandpa Go shook his head and said," God man stop shouting. Your wife threatened me okay. She told me that if I don't give her the number then she will hunt me down and give me another slap. Lingtian and I almost lost a tooth when she slapped us last time."

" But why did you give her his number?" Grandpa Li shouted.

" Mosen we all are already old, so you don't have worry. It's not like Quanci is going to cheat on you with Junjop. Just chill and I am very busy right now. I am packing my things because I will be moving to the Xie mansion today. So bye." Grandpa Go said before hanging up the call.


Singtans room.

" Singtan I'll be fine." Ming said.

Singtan shook his head and said," No I am going with you."

Ming frowned and said," I am going with Yixi. You have to go to your office."

" But-"

" I'll take dozens of guards with me so you don't have to worry." Ming said.

Singtan sighed and said," Okay fine but come back early."

" I'll come straight to your office and we can have evening snacks together." Ming said.

Singtan thought for a while and said," Okay."


Simon's villa.

" Sir we got an update about that woman who used to work her as a maid." a subordinate said.

" What is it?" Simon asked.

" She works at a hardware store and departmental store." The subordinate said.

Simon thought for a while and asked," Hmm and what about Lui Songpa?"

The subordinate shook his head and said," They haven't been seen together after that day."

" Go and and bring her to me." Simon said.

The subordinate nodded his head and left.


Flexi compound.

" Here is you hot and tasty soup." Yufan said before placing a big bowl of soup in front of Ling.

Ling sighed and said," This is too much."

Yufan shook his head and said," No be good and drink the entire thing along with the vegetables."

Ling puffed her cheeks and said," You've become so mean."

" This is for you good and-" Yufan stopped when his the door bell rang.

" Be good and drink the entire thing. I'll be right back." Yufan said before rushing towards the door.

When Yufan opened the door, he widened his eyes in shock when he saw who it was.

" What's with that expression of yours? You don't want me to come in?" Yutang asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," No no it isn't like that. I am just-Hmm nothing. Please come in."

When Yutang entered the apartment, he saw Ling obediently drinking her soup.

" Princess." Yutang said before walking towards her.

" Brother-"

" No no you sit and eat. No need to get up." Yutang said.

" Brother Yutang do you want to drink coffee?" Yufan asked.

Yutang shook his head and said," No need for all that. You both sit down, I want to talk to you all about something."

" What is it Brother?" Ling asked.

" We elders have decided that you both should get engaged first and get married in the future whenever you both want. I have already taken mother and father's permission and they are okay with it. I'll also talk to uncle Xie about this. But first I want to know what you both think about this." Yutang said.

" Actually we-"

Cutting Yufan off, Ling said," We never thought about it but we will listen to you all. Right Yufan."

Yufan nodded his head and said," Ya right."

" That's good then. We can throw an engagement party next month. Till then Ling be good and take rest okay?" Yutang said.

Ling nodded her head and said," You don't have to worry about that brother. Yufan is taking good care of me."

Yutang smiled and said," Good."


Li base.

When Chen Siquan was being escorted to the airport by Zechan and Songpa, Siquan asked," Can I talk to Singtan once?"

Zechan thought for a while and said," Okay." before calling his big boss.

" What is it?" Singtan asked.

" Good morning big boss, Mr Chen wants to talk to you." Zechan said.

Passing the phone to Siquan, Zechan said," Be quick."

Taking the phone from his hand, Siquan nodded his head.

" Singtan."

" What happened?" Singtan asked in a very cold voice.

Pausing for a while, Siquan asked," Do you know where Yurin is?"

" Pass the phone to Zechan." Singtan said.

" Yes boos." Zechan said.

" Take him to Flexi compound. Let him talk to Xie Yurin for sometime and then escort him to the airport. Make sure that he boards the plane." Singtan said before hanging up the call.


Flexi compound.

When Zechan, Songpa and Siquan entered the apartment, the nutritionist said that Yurin was taking rest in her bedroom.

" You go inside and talk to her. I'll be waiting right here." Zechan said.

Siquan nodded his head and entered the room.


Inside the room.

When Siquan entered the room, Yurin was sleeping on the bed.

When he saw her baby bump, Siquans expression softened.

Walking towards her, Siquan caressed her stomach and smiled.

When Yurin felt someone's presence, she slowly opened her eyes and when she saw who it was, her eyes welled up.

" Siquan." Yurin murmured.

" How big?" Siquan asked.

Wiping her tears away, Yurin said," 19 weeks."

Siquan smiled and said," I want a girl."

Yurin chuckled and said," Yes even I want a girl."

Siquan took a deep breath and said," Yurin I want to forget everything and start a new life with you and our baby."

Holding his hand, Yurin nodded her head and said," Yes Yes we can start a new life. We can start all over again."

" Hmm so now you get up and pack your things. We have to leave." Siquan said.

Yurin frowned and asked," Leave? Where are we going?"

" We are going far away from here. A place where we can live peacefully. We can start over everything there again. I'll work and you can take care of our baby and our sweet little family. I am tired of living in a high class society. I want to live  like an ordinary person now. You, me and our baby. Just the three of us and-"

Siquan stopped when Yurin let go his hand and lowered her head.