Guang's car

By the time Guang and Qiang left the mansion, it was almost half past seven.

"At what time does your shoot start?" Guang asked before buckling his belt.

"It's a late night shoot so may be after eleven." Qiang answered before pulling the seat belt only to realise that it was stuck. Pulling it harder when Qiang frowned, Guang chuckled and helplessly shook his head.

"What? Who are you laughing at?" Qiang asked.

Unbuckling his belt, Guang smiled and shook his head. "Not laughing at you."

Qiang was about to say something when Guang inched closer and tried to pull the seat belt which was really stuck.

"Hmm, this was okay a while ago." Guang murmured before pulling it harder but his movements froze when he felt Qiang hot breath on his cheek.

Turning his head towards her, Guang's entire body froze when Qiang's lips accidentally brushed his left cheek.

With her hands balled into a fist, Qiang gulped in nervousness when her gaze met his.

Tightening his grip around the seat belt, Guang pulled it out using all his might but his eyes never left hers. With their eyes still locked at each other, Guang buckled the belt and slowly lowered his head.

Pulling away, he awkwardly cleared his throat and started the engine.

Placing her hand on her chest, Qiang tried to calm down her wildly beating heart but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't take the look that Guang gave her a few minutes ago out of her head. And his soothing, light and mesmerising cologne which was lingering inside the car wasn't helping her in taking him out of her head.

Glancing at him who was busy concentrating on the road, Qiang couldn't stop her lips from curling upwards. She would be lying if she said that she wasn't attracted to him. His handsome face, perfect body, outstanding personality and his caring nature, who wouldn't get attracted to a perfect man like him?

Guang, who was already having a very hard time controlling his emotions, tightened his grip around the steering wheel when Qiang smiled at him. Her sweet and beautiful smile wasn't helping but was making things worse.

Apart from the fact that she was a Li and his dad would kill him alive if he did anything, Guang knew he had to control himself for Ashton. He couldn't do anything reckless or out of spite knowing that his childhood best friend had a huge crush on Qiang.

He would also be lying if he said that he didn't have a crush on Qiang but he had decided to keep it a secret because Ashton had already clarified his feelings for Qiang. How could he double cross his friend and court her?

"How long is it going to take?" Guang asked.

"Three hours max." Pausing for a while, Qiang added, "You can stay in the car and take rest while I shoot."

"No, it's alright, I'll accompany you to the set and stay there until you are done. It's not safe to leave you alone. And dad is going to kill me if I leave you alone so-"

"Uncle Songpa cares about me more than you." Qiang said.

Guang sighed and nodded his head. "Hmm, he cares about girls more than boys. Huiling, you and sister Yumi are his favourite."

"Uncle Songpa is super cute and you are cute too." Qiang widened her eyes in shock and quickly turned to the other side. Did she just call him cute? Right on his face?

Guang almost choked on his own saliva when he heard what Qiang said. He wasn't ready to be called cute, especially by her.


After driving for almost two hours, Guang had to stop the car midway when the weather started turning wild. The storm was super strong and the rain was heavy.

They were currently stuck in the middle of nowhere. They were already out of the city and were several kilometres away from the venue where Qiang was supposed to have her shoot.

"This doesn't look good." Guang murmured before fishing his phone out.

When he cursed under his breath, Qiang asked, "What happened?"

Restarting his phone, Guang said, "The network is down."

"We are in the outskirts right now so the network is always down here."

"What do we do now?" Guang asked.

Qiang vigorously shook her head and sighed. "I don't know, can't we just go back?"

"In this weather? There is no way we are driving back." How could he take the risk and drive back in such weather? Maybe he would take the risk if he was alone but with her sitting right beside him, there was no way he would do that.

"Can't we find a place to stay until the storm ends? I heard that there are many inn's in this place." Qiang said.

Just then, they saw someone passing through their car in a cycle. Guang quickly rolled the window down and called the man out. "Excuse me."

The man stopped and asked, "What happened?"

"We are kind of stuck here, so is there any place that you know where we can stay until the weather clears up?" Guang asked.

Staring at Guang for a long time, the man nodded his head m. "Hmm, but you have to pay double."

When Guang readily agreed, the man gestured them to follow him.

Rolling the window up, Guang turned towards Qiang. "I guess he knows a place."

Quickly taking out her handkerchief from her bag, Qiang said, "Wipe your face first and look, even your clothes are super wet."

Taking the handkerchief, Guang started wiping his face. "It's alright, I'll be fine."


Stopping the car in front of a small hut, Guang unbuckled his belt and said, "Stay here and lock the doors properly. I'll go see if everything is safe before taking you in. I'll come and take you in personally okay? Don't get down from the car until you see me okay?"

Clutching onto his sleeve, Qiang asked, "You'll be okay right? What if something happens?"