"Commotion? What kind of commotion?" Mike asked.

"Sir we heard a loud sound." The guard said.

Just then a car entered the mansion.

When Rose saw who it was, she rushed towards him and pounced into his embrace.

" Quin Ben-"

Wrapping his arms around her, Quin said," Ssshh it's fine we will find him. You don't have to worry."

"It's my fault." Rose said.

Quin shook his head and said," No it's not. I'll bring back our son safe and sound."

" Ming take Rose inside." Singtan said.

After they left, Quin asked," Brother is it that man?"

" Who?" Yutang asked.

" Ben's biological dad." Quin said.

" He is dead." Singtan said.

Quin took a deep breath and asked," Then who?"

" You stay here with them." Singtan said before walking towards his car.


Inside the car.

" Who do you think it is?" Mike asked.

Singtan frowned and asked," Who do you think it can be?"

" Junjop." Yutang said.

" But why Ben?" Mike asked.

Yutang helplessly shook his head and said," Ben is an easy target."

" Drive fast." Singtan aaid.

Several hours passed but there was no sign of Ben. The whole city was turned upside down but nothing could be found. The places where Ben was claimed to be seen were thoroughly checked but they found nothing.

Frustrated and angry with the results, Singtan and the rest were travelling from one place to another looking for Ben.

As Yutang and Mike were busy instructing their men about various things, Singtan received a call from the police station.

" Good evening Mr Li. I am calling from the police station. Your nephew Ben is here in the police station with us. Can you please come here so that we can discuss what exactly happened?" The policeman asked.

Singtan breathed a sigh of relief and asked," Is he fine?"

" Ah yes sir he is fine. He is enjoying his chocolate right now." The policeman said.

" I'll be right there." Singtan said before hanging up the call.

" Ben is fine." Singtan said.

" Where is he?" Mike asked.

" Police station."


Police station.

When Singtan and the rest arrived at the station, Ben rushed towards Singtan and hugged his legs," Uncle Singtan."

Picking him up in his arms, Singtan asked," Ben are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere? Do you want to go to the hospital?"

Ben shook his head and said," I am okay. Ben had so much fun today."

Yutang frowned and asked," Fun?"

Ben nodded his head and said," Yes uncle Yutang Fun."

" You brat come here. You had fun but you scared and troubled your uncles so much today." Mike said before taking him in his arms.

" Mr Li I am the head of the police department." The policeman said.

Singtan nodded and asked," How did you all find him?"

" Someone left him outside the police station half an hour ago." The policeman said.

" When we asked him who he was, he told us Mr Quin was his father, then we understood who he was and I gave you a call." The policeman said.

" Did you check the CCTV footage?" Singtan asked.

The policeman nodded his head and said," We have requested for a copy which may arrived in a few hours. I'll send one copy to you."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Hmm thank you for taking care of him." Before leaving the station along with Mike, Ben and Yutang.


Li Mansion.

When Singtan arrived at the mansion along with Ben, everyone was present and was anxiously waiting for their arrival.

" Ben." Rose shouted.

Pulling her little bun into her embrace, Rose breathed a sigh of relief and said," Ah my baby. I was so scared."

Wiping his mother's tears with his small hands, Ben said," I am not hurt so mommy shouldn't cry."

" Come here champ." Quin said before picking him up.

Grandpa Li playfully slapped Ben's cheek and said," You naughty boy why did you go out of the mansion?"

Ben chuckled and said," Big Grandpa today I met your friend."

Quin frowned and asked," Who?"

" Grandpa Mo." Ben said.

Grandpa Li narrowed his eyes and asked," Where did you meet him?"

" I saw a very cute puppy outside the gate and I wanted to bring him inside. Then I asked the uncle who was standing near the gate if I could go out and catch him, that uncle agreed and let me go. I was following the puppy and he stopped in front of a grandpa. He told me that he was big grandpa's best friend and he will take me to big grandpa. He even gave me many chocolates and played building blocks with me. He also had lunch with me. Later when I asked him where big grandpa was, he told me that big grandpa is busy and won't be able to come. Then an uncle left me in the police station where uncle Singtan came to take me."

The atmosphere turned cold and silent after Ben stopped talking.

" Rose take Ben inside." Grandma Li said in a very cold voice.

" Ming and Anna should also take some rest. Yixi you should also rest." Grandma Li said.

Ming nodded her head and left along with Anna and Yixi.

As Rose was about to take Ben away, Ben said," Big Grandpa, grandpa Mo also said that he will come back and meet you soon."

After Ben left, Grandma Li took a deep breath and asked," Did you check who that guard was?"

" We are finding him. Don't worry about him, I won't let him go." Singtan said.

" Give me Go Jeffrey's number." Grandma Li said.

Grandpa Li pursed his lips and said," Quanci."

" You shut up. Everything is happening because of you and you stupid friend." Grandma Li shouted.

Singtan smiled and said," I'll message you the number."

" Hmm now go to your respective rooms and freshen up. I'll serve the dinner and call you all down. Mike and Yutang stay here tonight." Grandma Li said before walking towards the kitchen.