" You should have let me give her some money. At least she wouldn't have bothered you in the future." Songpa said.

Beth shook her head and said," I know Julia very well. If you would give her money today, she would come back after a few days to ask for more and moreover she has to learn to be more responsible."

" Beth you know that my money is your money right?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and said," Silly Yes I know that. Now I don't want you to waste our money on hammers and shampoo bottles. Did you understand?"

Songpa laughed and said," Yes Yes I understood."

After arriving outside Beth's apartment, Songpa wrapped his arms around her waist and said," Think about it okay."

Beth nodded her head and said," Hm-Brother."

" What Brother? You should call me darling." Songpa said.

Struggling in his embrace, Beth said," Songpa leave."

Songpa shook his head and said," No first say that you'll think about it."

Glaring at him, Beth said," Songpa my brother is standing behind you."

Songpa laughed and asked," Do you think I'll fall for that?"

" He is staring at us." Beth said.

Turning around Songpa said," See there is no-" he widened his eyes in shock when he saw a man staring at them.

" That is my brother." Beth said.

Quickly letting her go, Songpa cleared his throat and awkwardly scratched his forehead.

Biting her lower lip, Beth said," Ehh brother this is Lui Songpa and Songpa this is my brother Peter."

Stretching his hand towards Peter, Songpa said," It's nice to meet you."

" It's nice to meet you too." Peter said with a bright smile on his face.

" Ehh I should go." Songpa said. Turning towards Beth, Songpa said," I'll see you tomorrow no wait I'll call you at night. Bye." Before rushing towards his car.

After Songpa left, Peter asked," What does he do?"

" Well I don't know exactly what he does but he works." Beth said.

" Hmm call him for dinner someday. So that I can have a nice chat with him." Peter said.

Beth nodded her head and said," Hmm yes okay."

" Let's go upstairs other wise you will catch a cold." Peter said.


Somewhere in country S.

" Why didn't you tell me about your secret organisation?" Simon asked.

Pouring some wine for both of them, Junjop said," because you never asked me about it."

" We are partners Junjop you are not suppose to hide anything from me." Simon shouted.

Junjop chuckled and said," Okay."

" This isn't funny." Simon said.

" Okay fine I am sorry I won't lie you from now on." Junjop said.

" Tell me what is your plan?" Simon asked.

Junjop thought for awhile and said," I am still thinking about it."

Simon mockingly laughed and said," Do you think I'll fall of that?"

Taking a sip from the wine, Junjop said," You know what is the best part of the Li family?"

Simon shook his head and said," no."

" It's their unity. The unity amongst the Li's , Yang's and Zhang's."

" You are planning to create a misunderstanding between them?" Simon asked.

Junjop shook his head and said," That is something impossible. I want to distract them so that I can execute my plan."

" How?"

" Well you'll know." Junjop said before gulping down the whole content of the glass.


Li mansion.

After talking about their high school and childhood, Yixi said," Not only in high school, our Ming was famous in college as well."

Ming chuckled and said," It's nothing like that."

Yixi rolled her eyes and said," Yes it is like that. Hey remember how you used to get hundreds of chocolates everyday and I used to eat them all."

" Who used to give those chocolates?" Mike asked.

" Ming's admirers." Yixi said.

" Ya I remember there were many who admired Ming." Yutang said.

" Oh do you think that German-Bristish boy will come for the reunion?" Yixi asked.

Yutang smiled and asked," Do you guys thing the weird cap guy will attend the reunion?"

" You should know that. Weird cap guy was your best friend." Ming said.

Yutang shrugged his shoulders and said," I don't think so he will."

" Ahh that's sad I wanted to see his face." Ming said.

" Why don't you see Singtans face?" Mike said.

Yutang and Singtan almost choked on their wine after hearing Mike's words.

Clearing his throat, Mike said," I mean you can see Singtans face because he is also weird and-"

Ming frowned and said," Hey my husband is not weird. He is not even W of weird."

Yutang chuckled and said," Yes Yes our Singtan is not weird at all."

" When are leaving for the reunion?" Yixi asked.

" Next weekend." Yutang said.

" My gown will be ready by then too." Ming said.

Anna pouted her lips and said," You guys are gonna have so much fun."

" Exactly" Robbin said.

" Hey after Anna and Ming give birth, let's go out for a vacation again." Yutang said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes we can do that."

" Sounds fun." Linda said.

By the time everyone finished eating and talking, it was almost midnight.

" Goodnight everyone." Ming said before walking towards her room along with Singtan.


Inside their room.

" It felt so nice talking to everyone." Ming said.

" Hmm you ate very little today and I am not happy about that." Singtan said.

" Mr Li I ate so many fruits today." Ming said.

Taking out her nightwear from the wardrobe, Singtan said," You did not eat because you were busy talking to Yixi, Anna and Linda."

Ming pouted her lips and said," Look at you scolding me. You shouldn't scold a pregnant lady."

" Alright come here." Singtan said before helping her change.

Covering her with the quilt, Singtan pulled her into his embrace and asked," Ming what do you think about that weird guy?"

" Weird guy from our college?" Ming asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes."

" Hmm I don't know. He is weird and I don't like weird people." Ming said.

" Would you marry me if I was weird too?" Singtan asked.

Ming chuckled and said," Well you gave me only five minutes to think at that time and five minutes is not enough to say whether a person is weird or not."

Kissing her forehead, Singtan said," Sleep." Snuggling against his chest, Ming slowly closed her eyes.