"Ehh no one." Mike said.

Ming narrowed her eyes and asked," Singtan who is Mike talking about?"

Singtan raised his hands and said," Well I have no idea."

" We are talking about Simon's crazy daughter." Yutang said.

"Are you all talking about Kiara?" Linda asked.

Mike gasped and said," You really are Simon's daughter."

" Simon has two daughters?" Yutang asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes I knew that he had two daughters but I had heard that his first daughter had mysteriously vanished but seems like that wasn't true."

Linda sighed and said," Yes I am Simon's eldest daughter from his first wife Elsa."

"Linda is nothing like Simon. She is different." Robbin said.

" I left home after finishing my studies because I wanted to live a peaceful life away from my father's dirty deeds but it seems like Simon will never let me live in peace." Linda said.

Robbin shook his head and said," I won't let him disturb you in the future."

" We already know everything about Linda. She told us when we were inside now why don't you people tell me who Kiara is?" Ming asked.

Linda sighed and said," Kiara is my step sister and she is crazy."

" Like really crazy. She is the craziest woman I have ever seen." Yutang said.

" And she tends to like Mr Li a lot." Linda said.

Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Doesn't she know that he is married?"

Ling nodded her head and said," Yes she knows but she doesn't care and she is still crazy about Mr Li. Ready to do anything for him types."

Smiling at Singtan, Ming said," Honey you seem to attract a lot of flies these days."

" These days? Pttf you should've seen him during high school." Mike said.

Anna chuckled and said," Yes the number of love letters, chocolates and proposals that he used to get each day was quite high. Girls used to drool over him."

Wrapping his arms around Ming, Singtan said," And I drool over you. Only you."

" Hmm it better be only me." Ming said.


After having their dinner, Beth and Songpa dropped by the same chocolate place for dessert.

" You wanna walk?" Songpa asked.

Beth chuckled and nodded her head.

Intertwining their hands together, Songpa said," I hate this part."

" What part?" Beth asked.

" Dropping you home." Songpa said.

" Hmm I hate it too but we can meet tomorrow." Beth said.

Songpa sighed and said," I have to wait until you finish your shift."

" Hmm."

" Beth move in with me." Songpa said.

" Hm- wait what?" Beth asked.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Songpa said," I said move in with me. We don't have to wait to see each other or wait for weekends to eat together."

" Songpa I-"

" You don't have to answer right now. Just think about it and then let me know okay?" Songpa said.

Beth smiled and nodded her head.

" Oh wait I have something for you." Songpa said before taking out a small velvet box from his pocket.

" Here this is for you." Songpa said.

" For me?" Beth asked before opening the box.

Beth gasped on she saw a pair of beautiful butterfly shaped diamond earrings," Songpa this is beautiful."

" Like I always say, Not as beautiful as you." Songpa said.

" But you already gave me a pendant and now this I-"

" What did I tell you last time? Get used to it." Songpa said.

" Thank you so much." Beth said.

" Wear it first." Songpa said.

After wearing the earrings, Beth tiptoed and pressed her lips against his," Thanks."

Tightening his grip around her waist, Songpa clashes their lips together.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Beth deepened the kiss.

While the couple were busy enjoying their passionate kiss, two people were coughing out blood.

" God now I have seen everything." a guard said.

The second guard shook his head and said," Now I also need to find a girlfriend. This is too much."

" Yes These two people are unstoppable."

While the two guards were helplessly standing behind them eating the dog food that Songpa was feeding them with, a woman who was standing not too far away from them, was glaring at them.

Clenching her hand into a fist, Julia stormed her foot and murmured," Here I am starving and she is fooling around with rich guys." Before walking towards the couple but before she could even take a few steps toward them, the guards stopped them and said," You can't go further."

" You think you can stop me? I am here to see my sister." Julia shouted.

" Lady Boss doesn't want to see. So you go away from here otherwise we will have to use force." The second guard said.

" You-" Julia shouted.

" What's happening there?" Songpa asked.

" Songpa Boss she-" taking advantage of the situation, Julia squeezed through the guards and ran towards Beth.

Songpa frowned when he saw Julia running towards Beth. Wrapping his arms protectively around Beth, Songpa said," Stop right there."

Hearing his cold and hoarse voice, Julia stopped and said," I want to talk to Beth."

Songpa narrowed his eyes and said," Beth is not going to talk to and stay away from her."

Ignoring Songpa, Julia looked at Beth with teary voice and said," Beth please give me some money. I haven't eaten anything since so many days and I don't have money too. Please."

" Julia I don't have anything to give you." Beth said.

Julia frowned and said," You have such a rich boyfriend, you are also wearing a diamond pendant and earrings and you are saying that you don't have money? How can you be so mean?"

" Please Go from here." Beth said before burying her face on Songpa's chest.

" You heard her right? Now stop bugging us and leave." Songpa said.

" I am not gonna stop bugging you until to give me money." Julia said.

Staring at her for quite some time, Songpa took out his wallet and said," I am giving you some money but after this you'll never irritate or follow Beth."

Snatching his wallet away, Beth said," No you are not gonna do that. This is your money."

Caressing her cheeks, Songpa said," Everything that I have is yours."

Beth shook her head and said," But still I can't-"

" Just let me give her some cash and she will never disturb you again." Songpa said.

" No." Beth said before shoving his wallet inside his pocket and taking out hundred bucks from her bag.

Passing it to Julia, Beth said," This should be enough for you to eat two bowls of Ramen. Find a job for yourself and start paying for things on your own."

Julia gritted her teeth and said," You- when he is giving me money, why do you have to stop him?"

" Because that is my boyfriend's hard earned money. I don't want him to waste it on someone like you." Beth said.

The guard quickly stepped forward and took the hundred bucks from Beth hands.

" Take it or leave. Choice is yours." Beth said before walking away with Songpa.

After they left, the guard asked," Do you want it or not?"

Snatching the money from the guards hand, Julia gritted her teeth and walked away.