Yutang smiled and said," Good evening Ms Linda."

" Ahh the head of the accounts department right?" Mike asked.

Robbin helplessly shook his head and said," Well everyone she is my girlfriend Linda." Turning towards Linda, Robbin said," I guess you know how Singtan and Yutang are so he is Mike and that is his wife Anna. Yutangs wife Yixi and that is Ming."

Linda smiled and politely greeted everyone.

Ming smiled and said," Well I did not know that Yichan has a girlfriend. Ah come inside and please make yourself comfortable."

After Linda and Robbin sat down, Yutang said," Ms Linda you are such a capable and strong woman. You are the head of one of the most important departments of my company at a really young age. Then why?"

" I did not get you sir." Linda said.

" What Yutang wants to say is that, why are you with this idiot?" Mike asked.

Singtan chuckled and said," In Songpa language, what are you doing with this rat?"

Robbin frowned and said," You- stop insulting me in front of my girlfriend."

" Who exactly is he?" Yixi whispered to Ming.

Sticking her tongue out, Ming said," Oh sorry. Anna, Yixi he is uncle Chen's son, Yichan."

Yixi widened her eyes in shock and said," Oh so he is uncle Chen's son. Nice to meet you mystery boy."

Robbin chuckled and said," It's nice to meet you too."

" Ah he has Uncle Chen's eyes." Anna said.

" His brows are so perfect." Yixi said.

" Oh yes I just realised." Ming said.

Yixi chuckled and said," He looks exactly like Uncle Chen."

" I know right." Ming said.

Singtan pulled Ming towards himself and said," Even I have perfect brows not just him."

" Yeah even my brows are perfect and natural." Yutang said.

" Yes mine too." Mike said.

" Ya but Yichan has the best ones." Ming said.

As the three ladies got busy admiring a Robbins sharp features, the other three men sat beside their wives with a sulky expression.

After talking for quite some time, Linda got comfortable with Ming, Yixi and Anna. She started talking to them freely about various other things and four of them also decided to go out for shopping during the weekend.

As all the four couples were enjoying each other's company, a maid stepped forward and said," Young master there is a man waiting outside who wants to meet you."

" Who is it?" Singtan asked.

" His name is Simon." The maid said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and said," Are you sure?"

The maid nodded her head and said," Yes master."

" What is Simon doing here?" Yutang asked.

Mike shrugged his shoulders and asked," I don't know."

" We should talk to him." Yutang said.

" Hmm call him inside." Singtan said.

After few minutes when Simon entered the mansion, Ming asked," Singtan what is he doing here?"

" It's good to see Mrs Li again." Simon said.

Ming narrowed her eyes and was about to say something when Singtan said," Ming why don't you all go inside while we talk to Mr Simon."

Ming nodded her head and was about to leave along with other when Simon said," Linda."

Linda rolled her eyes and kept on walking along with Ming and the rest.

" How does he know Linda?" Mike asked Robbin.

Robbin awkwardly cleared his throat and said," Well ehh I-I don't know."

Simon smiled and said," Seems like Mr Chen Yichan and my daughter are getting along quite well."

Mike and Yutang widened their eyes in shock and shouted," Daughter?"

" Alright let's talk about this afterwards." Singtan said.

" What do you want to talk about?" Mike asked.

Simon frowned and said," I want you to help me convince Mr Xie Yufan."

Singtan chuckled and said," To allow you to resume all your business in the US?"

Simon nodded his head.

" And what makes you think that we'll help you with that?" Yutang asked.

" Help me and I'll tell you everything I know about Mo Junjop." Simon said.

" Does Mo Junjop know that you are here?" Singtan asked.

Simon shook his head and said," No."

" So you are willing to betray your partner for your company?" Mike asked.

" That company is important to me." Simon said.

" Hmm what information will you give us about Junjop?" Singtan asked.

Simon took a deep breath and said," I'll tell you about-"

Singtan helplessly shook his head and said," Junjop calls you his partner but you don't know anything about him. Do you know about his plan?"

Simon pursed his lips and did not say anything.

" Well do you know about the secret organisation that grandpa has?" Robbin asked.

" He has a secret organisation?" Simon asked.

Robbin chuckled and said," Well now you know."

Singtan mockingly laughed and said," There are many things that we can tell you about Junjop that you are still unaware of. He is hiding things from you and you still call him your partner."

Pausing for a while, Singtan continued," I know Junjop helped Harred Hui to kidnap Ling. May be he knows that Xie Yufan is Smith and he is the one who told you about this. Am I right?"

When Simon did not say anything, Singtan chuckled and said," Come back again when you have adequate information about Junjop which can you know force me to help you convince Smith to let you start your business again."

" Now please go and don't ruin our get together." Mike said.

Simon gritted his teeth and said," I want to meet my daughter."

" She is not interested to meet you. You disgust her. Now please get out and don't you dare try to come anywhere near my woman." Robbin said.

" Escort Mr Simon outside." Singtan said to one of the guards.

" This isn't over." Simon said before storming out of the mansion.

After Simon left, Mike smacked Robbins head and asked," You knew she was Simon's daughter didn't you? But you are still dating her?"

" Oh my God Simon's daughter is the head of my finance department." Yutnag gasped in surprise.

" But Simon's daughter is crazy right? The one who is head over heels for Singtan." Mike asked.

" Who is head over for my husband?" Ming asked.